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Grand Team Fiat Meet for Pune/Mumbai "25th JULY Sunday"

Discussion in 'Team Fiat Meets' started by Gmittal, Jun 30, 2010.

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  1. Chaos

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  2. Gmittal

    Gmittal Amatore

    28. :wow :dancing :dance ..Definitely we are heading towards a grand meet.
  3. rameshjoshi

    rameshjoshi Amatore

    I got a mail today saying meeting time at Wakad is 10 AM. An earlier post says 11 AM. What is the exact time?
  4. Mumbai / Pune rocks... :clap
    with frequent meets..
    way to go ..Chennai.... ! :redcar
  5. Grandeur

    Grandeur Staff Member Janitor

    Sorry about the confusions. It's just we are trying to be little earlier considering all aspects; people filling petrol/diesel, some of reaching late ..etc..etc. I request everyone to be there at Pune meeting point, max by 10:30 AM and at Mumbai Meeting point, by 9:30 AM.
  6. obliex

    obliex Amatore

    Puneites ,

    Meeting point : B U Bhandari Wakad Workshop on Mumbai-Pune Bypass Highway

    Landmarks : Opposite Hotel Sayaji / Adjacent to Garve Hyundai

    Time : 10.30AM

    I have attached a map which shows the place. Please PM me if you have any queries.

  7. Grandeur

    Grandeur Staff Member Janitor


    Meeting Point: Kharghar

    Landmark: Hotel Three Star

    Time: 9:30 AM

    Map Direction:

  8. cliffhanger

    cliffhanger Amatore


    Amidst the excitement, don't forget about safety. Keep safety as the top priority for the entire event!.

    Have a nice time!
  9. Aanand

    Aanand Amatore

    Since I cannot join you all on Sunday, I went to Big Wheels Motoring Cafe today for lunch.
    It's a nice place indeed.
    The theme ambience is as suggested by the name.
    There is enough parking space, a pool table and good food.
    I recommend:
    Starters - Honey Chilly Potatoes and Lemon Butter Prawns (the first two items in the list of Starters)
    Soup - Manchow Soup (Chicken)
    Salad - Chicken Tikka Caesar Salad
    So, go ahead and look forward to some good food in a nice place.
    Have a ball. :dance
  10. Grandeur

    Grandeur Staff Member Janitor

    Wish you could have join all of us. That would have been really gr8, but thanks for sharing your feedback. :)
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