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GP Active Ground Clearance increase with R15 Tyres

Discussion in 'Tyres & Alloys' started by markan.murshid, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. I know mathematically it seems only 6mm but while sitting in the car it feels a lot though. The earlier tyre was totally worn out and second thing is when you buy a 98+100 PCD alloy

    The actual height what you are mentioning is from the center of the wheel to the edge. but the hub dia plays an important role so that can not be standard. So height from ground to center of the wheel for 15" can vary from 375mm M i right..!!

    But one thing i wanted to share with you :

    hub dia 58.1mm (punto)
    hub dia 73mm (multi-pcd alloy)

    so when you add the diff of these to the total height it actually increase your GC by another 15 mm.

    And i think thats is why i am feeling is much while i am sitting in my punto.

    I hope you got it, may be i am wrong but i understood it like this.

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    Rather the 15mm diff in the hub dia will be 15/2 for the height/GC so it will be 7.5mm

    so 6mm actual + 7.5mm hub dia diff = 13.5mm thats what i was talking about earlier.
  2. gautamkhadse

    gautamkhadse Regolare

    Markan : Did you order these directly from HRS or did you buy these alloys at a shop and how much did they cost you . These look pretty close to some OZ alloys . I love the design .

    Am sorry , I missed the earlier post saying 17k .

    What about the tyres , what size and what price ? Are you considerinf painting these alloys in a nice contrast colour , like a ferari red or black , would lok killer , silver looks plain old dull but I loved the alloys .
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2012
  3. Tyres are Yoko AVS Decibel 195/60 R15 ---- @ Rs 4950/- each

    Actually i don't like anything sharp.. so simple n sober is best for me... but i really appreciate ur suggestion..
  4. To be honest, i really did not understand where you are geting extra 7.5mm?
  5. Fixed the wobble and vibration by putting the hub rings !!

    Hey All,

    I got the tyres wobble fixed.... today!!! I fitted the Hub rings from skoda with hub dia 57.1mm by doing some scratching on the inner side of the ring by 1 mm and i reached 58.1mm of my punto... It fitted nicely and the punto got its fresh legs going without any wobble or vibration... :D

    Thanks Royj !!! for the hub ring suggestion.... I prefered to customize the 57.1mm rings available for Skoda with the alloy dealer... The trick worked...

    M enjoying the ride now... much better....!!

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