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GP 1.4 Emotion Pack oscillating engine sound

Discussion in 'Punto 1.4 Fire' started by Sumit Simlai, Sep 23, 2020.

  1. Sumit Simlai

    Sumit Simlai Timido

    For my Grande Punto Emotion Pack 1.4, I would like to post some serious problems that I’m facing with my car. It’s a 2010 registered BS3 (2009 model).

    After considerable long distance driving between Delhi and Lucknow (540 km each way, total 6 times) over a month or so, I felt the car has enough grit to stand the torture. But then of late a few problems have arisen:

    1. Brakes going hard and requiring pumping a couple times to get them working.

    2. Gear change from lower to upper gears not very smooth.

    3. During normal running with no traffic, the engine sound seems like oscillating instead of a normal constant drone.

    I have given the car to Landmark Jeep Delhi yesterday. Later supervisor called, giving me a quote for INR 26k for items 1 and 2:

    - Brake booster
    - Front brake pads
    - Both gear shifter wires
    - Clutch overhaul

    A brief chat with their GM sort of convinced me that brakes and clutch are not to be played around with, so I said YES.

    But then came the real shocker on problem no. 3. They said it’s because of compressor bearings, and this is not repairable. Replacement costs about 30k. When I freaked, the GM advised not to get it replaced because it’s only a sound issue. But then he also said two somewhat contradictory things. First he said that since winters are round the corner, I won’t need the AC, so it’s a relief for now. But then later when I asked whether the sound is still there when the AC is off, he said that the sound will always be there because the compressor bearings are always working as long as the pulley belt is working.

    I’m suspecting that something isn’t quite right.
    Then it’s also true that I don’t really understand the mechanicals.

    Any advice would be helpful.

    With regards,
    Sumit Simlai
  2. naruf1

    naruf1 Regolare

    Namma Bengaluru
    Would it be possible to share kms driven of your ride?

    Bearings are generally sealed and chances of them going bad are fairly uncommon.

    Although, I cannot accept the fact and explanation given by service team.

    The drive belts from engine are connected to alternator motor as well which moves continuously to charge battery. Have they checked the alternator bearings?

    Oscillation and any noise are very difficult to diagnose.

    Is the noise present as soon as cranking the engine? Or does it appears only after reaching specific rpm?

    Compressor have clutch arrangement which engages and disengage the motor to compressor based on the temperature controller. Hence, compressor does not run continuously.
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  3. RaviInTfi

    RaviInTfi Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.4
    Just my two cents here:

    1) Mostly air leak. Not having sufficient vacuum. Most likely brake booster sealing issue.
    2) Many causes, but maybe service centre has got this right.
    3) Generally engine oscillates when there is some high varying load on the engine. Loads on the engine can be electrical or mechanical. So the ECU will try to generate more torque by increasing engine speed. E.g. when you turn on the AC the ECU will add that to the additional torque to be generated. When that load is no more there, the engine speed drops.
    If this really the cause, then have to find the root cause of this varying load and fix it..

    Btw, I also own a 2009 Punto 1.4 and its a BS4 ..

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