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Got hit by another car from back

Discussion in 'Exteriors / Body' started by kb10, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. kb10

    kb10 Amatore

    Friends from Pune ,any good or bad experience withMillenium drive.Just called them up for appointment for tomorrow to show the issue.I was not able to reach Pandit workshop so called them meanwhile.
    Do you suggest Pandit over millenium?

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    Friends from Pune,any good or bad experience from Millennium drive? I got a appointment from them for tomorrow since Pandit workshop was not reachable.
    Do you suggest to go to them ot stick to Pandit?
  2. puntosat

    puntosat Superiore

    Go for insurance...

    Otherwise buy one from 99rpm and get it painted from a good paint master...
  3. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    If you are planning to claim insurance, get it done from Fiat workshop. If you are trying to get the repairs done at your own cost then visit the nearest FNG whom you trust. One request, can you post some of the daytime pics. But as others said, seems like a minor bumper job.
  4. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    Since no service center will keep a track of your car's body works its not going to be possible for them to know anything if done well.
    Secondly modifications to the body work won't void warranty in my books. You don't touch any inner workings of the car anyway.
    So take a call

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  5. Pran

    Pran Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Just read in some other thread that someone while buying a used Punto he checked the service history and any body and paintshop work is logged as accident repair.
  6. kb10

    kb10 Amatore

    Thanks puntosat,ghodlur,theblack,Pran.
    Just visited Millenum Service today and got an estimate of 7272/-( if Iam going to pay from my pocket).If its insurace they will quote more,sort of business tactics as the insurance company will reduce it.
    However if I claim insurance I need to pay Max 3000/ ( Bumper 50%) and Insurance company fees - 1000/-
    I will scan the estimate soon as my internet at home is not working.

    While coming from there I visited local guy ( car cupid) and the person at the showroom told to take it to workshop.He checked that told that the bumper locks at the top seems not broken and can be fixed.However the one at the bottom seems broken and should be able to fix.He told that the fog light assembly breaks when the bumper locks break.
    But as per him this can be fixed and if just about removing the fitting back, it expense would be just about labour charge which might be close to 500/- or even less.
    I have taken few more daylight snaps and upload soon as my internet starts working.
    Iam planning to visit another fiat workshop ( pandit auto) this weekend and get their estimate.Maybe on the same day I will visit the local guy workshop.
    The only point from above which keeps me thinking is what if the local guy opens up and then says Oh....this broken and not be fixed as we had expected initially.
    Also as royj mentioned if any damage to other part,how can we notice.The FASS are smart and not ready to give through inspection and say will only know when they open the bumper!!!

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    BTW there are cracks at the bumper - one at the left side bottom near the wheel.Not visible from distance and another near the fog lamps.
    Also one more thing I noticed that when I start A/C I can hear the noise of the compressor starting.Is this normal.I thought I had never heard that before but believe me I hear all sorts of noise now in my car!!!
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2013
  7. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    From what we have read here on TFI based on owner experiences - Millenium is not the place to go. Visit Pandit.
  8. amitp

    amitp Amatore

    Pune, Maharashtra
    Hi, my car visited Pandit bodyshop twice, not my mistake either time. They have the BEST body shop in town for Fiat, no two ways about it. I do not mind taking a look in real time at your car. Also I need to dig details but probably can also find a guy who is a champion at reshaping plastic bumpers or doing PDR for minor dents. But from these picture your fender lining seems to be broken. Other things from inside the bumper may also be broken as the bumper is misaligned. PMed you my contact details.

  9. kb10

    kb10 Amatore

    Thanks Amitp,I will give a call sometime today
  10. kb10

    kb10 Amatore

    thanks amitp,it was nice talking to you
    @royj,some additional pics IMG_20130806_124744.jpg IMG_20130806_124804.jpg


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