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Got hit by another car from back

Discussion in 'Exteriors / Body' started by kb10, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. kb10

    kb10 Amatore

    Today must say the worst day.We ( myself ,wife and 1 year old kid) were returning home after some shopping at MG Road Pune and when we crossed Shivaginagar flyover and just some distance before aundh signal,I had to brake and stop my car as the car in front of me stopped.THere was enough time and suddenly one car ( guess zen or alto k10.....all seems same dumb box to me) hit me from behind.The guy could not brake on time.THe hit was hard and I could not believe he was so fast!!!!( his baby sitting on the front seems jerked or hit ,donno what happend ,at dashboard and was crying).It was not a sudden stop and the guy had I must say enough time to brake.Moreover I dont understand why the hell he was driving so fast!!!!.
    Result,my rear bumper got damaged and you can see the outcome in the posted images.For him his front onnet was bent and I must say a good amount of dent.I wish he had more damage on his car and pray nothing happend to the baby and other occupants.

    Now please suggest the next steps:
    - Seeing at the damage I guess I need to replace the bumper.I dont know if it can be corrected with heat treatment and aligned.
    - Last week I had already enquired this with the FASS and those guys said it has to be replaced.And that was for the minor damage and misalignment,which I though could be corrected.
    - he had quoted approx 7500 - 8000 for the entire job and if I go for insurance I still end up shelling close to 3500/-
    - Iam also not sure if the new bumper will entirely be matching the body color( tuscan wine),although they claim that.

    Please suggest me the next steps.
    - Should I got for replacement with FASS? Any experiences for anyone?Somehow I was not comfortable when I spoke to them.They were always talking of replacing completely and not even willing to give a thought for correcting the mislignement when I went to them last week for the minor damage.After looking at the present one,they will sure ask to do the same.

    - Is there any good and reliable local guy whom I should contact and show him the damage and get it corrected?Is there anyone whom you can suggest in Pune?

    I started this new thread hoping to get some good responses.Mods please let me know if you feel this has to be merged with another one.











  2. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    I cannot make out from the pics whether the bumper is cracked or not. Just seems scuffed and mis-aligned.

    If it isn't cracked, just get it repainted at an outside shop. Italia-Linea can suggest some good shops.

    Truth be told, from the pics the bumper is looking fine to me. Just misaligned. I'd get it polished once and aligned right and drive like this. :D

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  3. kb10

    kb10 Amatore

    Thanks gurjinder.bumper has some cracks.a small one from this accident and another little bigger one from a previous one where biker hit me.I think I should still be I'll with it as its not so visible.I spoke to a guy here(car cupid -pune).he said that if the locks are not broken then it can be fixed or else need to replace them.I do nor think locks are broken as bumper is still intact.one more thing of what do am not sure is if there is any more damage which might be visible when bumper is opened.just on the side note immediately after the accident I felt my gear shift was really smooth.maybe just my feeling.the local guy whom I spoke is off tomorrow and will be available Tuesday.so to sum up just in case I go to local guy and he opens the bumper to fix it and find some more damage,will that be covered under insurance? Honestly UAM not clear how to Proceed from here.
    Italia-linea,please some good contacts in pune
    Just to add misalignment is to the fact that mudflaps rub agains wheels.also a slight dent on exhaust tip.you can see in one of the images
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  4. kb10

    kb10 Amatore

    any suggestions for good solutions for the same?
    Also can you please explain me the concept of no claim bonus as to what is the exact amount which is discounted if say Iam paying a premium of 10k 1st year.I spoke to FG call center and they asked me to contact local office.
    For the above damage,would it be beneficial to go for insurance or not?
  5. Please get you rear sil plate checked, it takes all the hit during a collision.
  6. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    what is needed is a good long range shot to precisely decipher what's gone wrong.
    Can you post some pics of the same
  7. kb10

    kb10 Amatore

    Thanks Sat-Chit-ananda.I will get that checked.
    Coming back to my question getting this fixed by local guy void any insurance for me in future?As I said previously,when I enquirer with FASS last week when the damage was comparatively minor ,they said that it needs to be replaced and quote around 8k.One local guy told me that after inspection he can say if its possible to fix and told me that it is normally possible to fix such cases provided the locks for the bumper are not broken.

    For me the confusion is :
    - going to FASS and replace the bumper or get fixed with local guy.I can check again with FASS if they can repair instead of replace.
    - What will be the impact on insurance status if I get it fixed by FASS ( remember I need to fix the parking lights and number place lights as well)
    - Will it be wise to claim insurance when the expense is less than 10k( Iam payed aroung 10500/- for the first year and the car is just to complete 6 months)
    Please help

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    @theblack.I will try to get one of the same.

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    few more observations.
    Boot door is not closing as it was before and I need to give an additional force.maybe due to bumper misalignment issue as I do not see any visible damage to boot door and locks.
    - experiencing some noise as I stop and start ( something like glass churning)
  8. svvickky

    svvickky Amatore

    Hi ,
    I had a similar hit by honda jazz, I escaped with minor misalignment, and parking light broken.
    I would suggest a local shop than FASS. I had a bumper misalignment which the FASS guys didn't fix me during my regular service. they are just too lazy to remove bumper and fix again properly.

    I still drive with slightly misaligned bumper, never faced any issues so far.
  9. royj

    royj Esperto

    Can't make anything out of the noise, however the boot door not closing shows a minor dent to that area, nothing that any good mechanic local or otherwise can't rectify.
    Going to a local guy will not affect any future insurance claim. But for current work, if there are any hidden damages, it will be better to get it inspected by some one knowledgeable and assess the damages properly.
    My personal opinion is that if the total damages is less than the premium you pay, then don't bother trying to get it covered under insurance.
  10. kb10

    kb10 Amatore

    Thanks svvicky and royj.Tomorrow Iam planning to get appointment with FASS to show them the damage and get an assement.Ayway my number plate and parking lights are gone and need to get it done from them.Let me see what they suggest.Will come back from there.

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