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Gonna book my Punto Emotion 1.3 this week...

Discussion in 'Pre sales query' started by rahul24jam, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. Rahul congratulations..
  2. thank you kedarbendre and ferrari1234. i am planning to do my PDI this evening, and as i'll be handing over a cheque, it'll take 2 days to process. so registration will be done after that. so do i need to do a PDI before taking delivery as well? cuz the car will be with them for 2 days, until the funds are cleared in their account.
  3. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Ideally, you need to do a PDI before making full payment.

    But you can go ahead and schedule a PDI before the cheque is processed. I suggest you take this route.

    Always a good practice to undertake a PDI.

  4. Rahul ,
    Do the PDI today evening , if you find any issues ask them to solve it .Let them solve the issue .Verify it .Then give the cheque .Even if they promise that the isseus will be solved before delivery and they force you to pay cheque , dont do it untill you are satisfied .. Because once the money is with them , they will never solve the issue .They will say that those are small issues and can be rectified during first service . Dont fall for this ..

    Take your time , even if it is delayed by few days , be satisfied in the car and then hand over the cheque .

  5. Hello my dear Fiatians, Did the PDI today. The car was covered in dust. but satisfies with my tuscan wine in all respects. will post in detail later.
  6. These are pics taken using my mobile, and shrinked in size. the tuscan wine is the one, covered in dust. You can also see the SA at Concorde, Arjun, in the last pic.
    2012-03-08 11.23.38_512x384.jpg 2012-03-08 11.23.44_512x384.jpg 2012-03-08 11.23.51_512x384.jpg 2012-03-08 11.25.22_512x384.jpg 2012-03-08 11.59.44_512x384.jpg 2012-03-08 12.00.09_512x384.jpg
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  7. Congrats ! Beautiful TWine.
  8. What a nice car and the colour and i will buy Punto 90HP after 6months.

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