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Goa Trip with 2 loves of my life ;-)

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by thefiatguy, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. thefiatguy

    thefiatguy Novizio


    I am planning a road trip to South Goa from Pune with my wife and my 90HP. We are planning to start from Pune at 4:00 AM in the morning and reach Goa by lunch time. We plan to goto South Goa near Palolim beach. Please suggest the best route and good breakfast joints on the way.

    I hear that the belgaum Ajra route is good, but I have no idea about the road conditions.

    Please suggest

    Thanks in Advance
  2. mangeshtendulkar

    mangeshtendulkar Amatore

    @thefiatguy Had been to Goa recently in Nov 2014. Don't take Nipani/ Sankeshwar - Gadhinglaj - Ajra route as road condition between Gadhinglaj - Ajra - Amboli - Sawantwadi is not at all good. I followed Pune - Belgavi - Chorla - Sanquelim - Panaji route. Road condition is very good on this route. If you search on google maps then select route via Chorla as default one provided by Google maps is via Ponda and ghat section on this road is more than pathetic. While going to Goa I followed Google map route and journey after Belgavi was hell there are no roads or even potholes there are huge craters :arghh:. Thankfully Linea's high GC helped me and escaped whole route without scrapping belly :cigar: but lost out on driving fun :(. While returning I followed Chorla ghat route and this section was simply amazing, Ghat section is simply awesome and you will benefit on both front (driving as well as sight seeing) as route passes through dense forest. Enjoy the trip!!!
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  3. abhishek643

    abhishek643 Novizio

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  4. rahulvfx

    rahulvfx Amatore

    Just to share last year March I visited Goa from Bangalore. Made a small moment short of the trip ...

    Please check-out in HD, looks good ... ;)
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