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General Route Query Thread

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by obliex, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. soccerfan

    soccerfan Regolare

    Re: Ramakkalmedu, Valparai or Rameshwaran for a 4 days and 3

    Valparai without any doubt. I will PM you the accomodation details
  2. Klub Class

    Klub Class Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Re: Ramakkalmedu, Valparai or Rameshwaran for a 4 days and 3

    After making my parents read your inputs, we have made changes in our plan. I'll share the details in my next post.

    I received your PM. Thank you. :)

    Sadly, we won't be visiting Valparai this time.
  3. Klub Class

    Klub Class Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Re: Ramakkalmedu, Valparai or Rameshwaran for a 4 days and 3

    Updated trip plan!

    The Route.

    Calicut - Aluva - Rameshwaram - Madurai - Ramakkalmedu - Calicut

    The Plan.

    Day 01 : 04.04.2011 :

    • Start from Calicut in the evening/night.
    • Stay at our hometown, Aluva.

    Day 02 : 05.04.2011 :

    • Start our journey from Aluva to Rameshwaram, in the early hours of the day.
    • Stay at Rameshwaram

    Day 03 : 06.04.2011 :

    • Visit to Madurai.
    • Might stay at Madurai. If time permits, will be heading towards Ramakkalmedu the same day.

    Day 04 : 07.08.2011 :

    • Stay at Ramakkelmedu

    Day 05 : 08.04.2011

    • Return journey.

    Few pointers.

    • After making my father read some threads in the 'Travelogues' section, he has promised that we'll be covering this stretch - 'Rameshwaram-Dhanushkodi'.

    • Seriously we need your advice on the route details(if possible, with Google maps) and the must see places along the way and near our destinations.

    • We will have only ONE driver. So driving for really long stretches continuously might be an issue.

    Any other suggestions and advices are really appreciated.
  4. Klub Class

    Klub Class Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Re: Ramakkalmedu, Valparai or Rameshwaran for a 4 days and 3

    A note to moderators :

    Please change the title of the thread.

    The new title : Calicut - Aluva - Rameshwaram - Madurai - Ramakkalmedu - Calicut. Need some pointers.
  5. Viny

    Viny Esperto

    Re: Ramakkalmedu, Valparai or Rameshwaran for a 4 days and 3

    For Danushkodi, you can take your car upto the Coast Guard check point, from there you have to either hire a 4X4 or take a shared seat in the tour trucks. Need to negotiate very hard. Your details will be registered at Cost Guard Check Point. A trip to dhanuskodi from the Checkpoint takes around 2-3hrs, if done properly. There isnt much to see at Danushkodi other than some old ruins left over from the 1970's Tsunami, beaches are beautiful, lots of blue and green water to enjoy :) Carry your eatables and drinking water as you wont find any in the trip.

    Two events to watch out at Rameshwaram are the Evening / Night Aarti and early morning 5:30 "Maani Darshan" and Morning Aarti.
    At rameshwaram temple, there is belief of taking baths from 7 wells a lot of people go through the same. One needs to take bath at Sear first, and then walk down to temple in wet clothes and go through 7 wells across the temple courtyard, pull out the water from wells and drop a bucket on yourself :) watch out for those big black fishes in those wells :p Alternately Panda's are there who would arrange all this for you at price. Again bargain hard and make the deal clear at start. Ask the panda not to push things on fast track, otherwise you will miss the enjoyment. At temple you can get special darshan tickets by paying upfront. A ticket window with rates have been set there, other than this various pooja's rates are also defined. So the pandits cannot charge you hand and legs. Be conservative otherwise you will be taken for toss :p

    Do carry insect repellents, it would come very handy :)

    Also while driving towards Rameshwaram, you will find a very long bridge just before rameshwaram, make sure you stop at the bridge and see on the left side. You would see a small railway bridge along side. This is the only railway bridge in india which as gates for passing boats, that is a part of bridge lifts up like london bridge when a boat passes under it :D


    At Madurai, if you plan for night stay, you would get cheap hotels near railway station, hotel near Madurai temple have exorbitant prices and have very little to offer. In Madurai temple try to move around in group, its very easy to get lost :p Its huge and confusing with for big exit ways.
  6. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    Jaipur-> Chandigarh-> Himachal
    Jaipur->Ahmedabad->Pune->Hubli->Bangalore->Mysore->Coorg - This would give me halts at my desired places (Pune- Brother, Hubli my schooling town, Blr My Sis, Mys-Parents, Coorg -My Favourite)

    Google Maps shows a very good route via Arabian Coast Line - Lovely Scenes all along, anyone done this stretch?

  7. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    I plan to drive to Kochi on 22 April 2011 [well after the elections in TN/Kerala] in my Linea with my family, leaving my Basaveshwara Nagar home by 4 am and reach Kochi in the afternoon. I will be taking the NH 7/47 route. I had travelled in the same route some 5 years back. Kindly advise me on the following:

    1. The inter-state check post at Walayar. Will it be a hurdle to cross it during the morning time?
    2. Good places of stay in Kochi and Alappuzha within a maximum budget of Rs 3000/- per night for a double room. I need secured parking for my Linea.
    3. Good petrol pumps in Kochi and on NH 47.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2011
  8. deepu


    Hi Ravi...
    First of all Welcome to 'Gods own Land'
    It will take 9hrs for a volvo bus to reach kochi from bangalore(Take L&T bye pass in Kovai).Upto walayar the road is superb and will take 7 hrs for u if you go an average 80 kmph.Walayar to Palakkad is around 50 kms and take nearly 45 minutes..buddy please be very careful in this road as driving habits in kerala esp trucks and buses are horrible.Walayar check post might not be a problem as you may cross it around 12 pm(peak time here is night 11 to morning 6).From Palakkad to Ernakulam its around 160 kms and out of this you have 50 % great road(thrissur to ernakulam) rest is ok but not upto mark.Let Me know your travel plan sothat I can help you out for a comfortable stay.
    1.No of days you plan
    2.Places you going to visit ets

    As I live in kochi I can defenitly help you .
  9. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    Red carpet welcome to TFI and thanks, deepu, for detailed report. I have already reserved my accommodation at The Senate, M G Road North End through makemytrip.com. We will be staying there on 22/23 April. On the next day, we will leave for Kayankulam, attend a marriage and return to Bangalore via Alappuzha/Kochi. Please inform me of good vegetarian restaurants in Kochi/Ernakulam.
  10. Gmittal

    Gmittal Amatore

    I am planning to visit shirdi on coming weekend.
    Bit confused on which route should I take via Nagar or NH50. Need your valuable inputs.


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