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General Route Query Thread

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by obliex, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. Ravi_M

    Ravi_M Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    Its almost a week since I posted my query, but only one reply!
    I was about to make the observation in that post that I now make. It appears that TFI forum has members / active members mostly from the southern part of India (Maharashtra and down) except a few from rest of India. Apparently very little from Gujrat.

    I learnt about another route that starts on NH3 and then turns right at Khalghat and passes Alirajpur to reach Vadodara and then to Dwaraka via Rajkot.

    Can anyone here from Gujrat comment about this route in particular and roads in Gujrat in general?
  2. whitepunto76

    whitepunto76 Regolare


    Just now got the confirmation of my leave and my cousin family is also joining.
    Want to decide on good trip for family n kids.

    Option 1 was:
    Day 1 - Madikeri
    Day 2 - Udupi
    Day 3 - Kollur
    Day 4 - Murudeshwar-Gokarna
    Day 5 - Sagar-Jog Falls

    But, seems like all decent hotels are booked in above places. Very difficult to get at this time.
    Hence, still deciding where to frame the trip. The objective is to enjoy with kids. Few places but should be soothing/relaxed experience. Mix of temple and leisure.

    Option 2:
    Day 1 - Gangapura/Pandarpur
    Day 2 - Kolhapur/Belgaum
    Day 3 - Goa visit - budget stay
    Day 4 - Goa - Stay near Jog
    Day 5 - Back to Blr

    Option 3:
    Day 1 - Jog falls - Sagar+ Varadhapura
    Day 2 - Honnavar-Murudeshwar - Stay Kumta/honnavar
    Day 3 - Gokarna - Sirsi - Sahasra Linga
    Day 4 - Pattadakal-Aihole
    Day 5 - Return to BLR

    Option 4:
    Day 1 - Hampi - TB Dam
    Day 2 - Pattadakal-Aihole
    Day 3 - Savadatti-Badami
    Day 4 - Jog falls - Varadhapura
    Day 5 - Return to BLR

    I have to visit Jog falls on the way. Please suggest on route/conditions/stay options.
    Or I am giving a big thought of staying in some homestay in dandeli/chikmaglur/kudremukh/western ghats.
  3. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    This seems to be good option, and few others are visiting Kudremukh on weekend, may be you can find few TFI'ns there :).
  4. 5u3zEr0

    5u3zEr0 Regolare

    Linea T-Jet
    I would suggest going to one or two places so that you get a relaxing holiday like you have mentioned instead of rushing through four to five places with the kids. Option two looks good to me as you will get places to stay easily in Goa.

    Or you could just visit Chikmaglur and it's surrounding and the Jog falls.


    Linea T-Jet
    There is a COCO pump of BPCL, its named as BP Sikandra, its after Auraiya. Check it on google maps.
    I don't know the condition of NH-2 before auraiya but after auraiya you will find diversions. But still it won't be a big issue. Wish you a Happy & Safe Journey.
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  6. Ravi_M

    Ravi_M Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    Hi, I am back from Gujrat. Disappointed somewhat as no Gujju member of TFI responded my query and unexpected lack of vibrancy in 'Vibrant Gujrat'. Though we definitely felt the vibration at garba pandaals at Porbandar.

    I shall try to write a separate travelogue soon.

    Here some details:
    Onward - Indore-Pithampur-Badnavar-Petlavad (MP)-Godhara-Nadiad-Rajkot-Jamnagar-Dwarka (Gujrat)
    Return - Dwarka-Porbandar-Gir-Junagarh-Rajkot-Ahmedabad-Vadodara-Godhara (Gujrat) -Dahod-Meghnagar-Thandla-Petlavad-
    Badnavar-Pithampur-Indore (MP)
    Total distance covered: ~2100 kms, Travel days - October 2-3-4-5-6
    Halts at Rajkot, Porbandar, Rajkot,Vadodara
    Not a single problem - not even flat tyre

    Hope I can advice about the route now.

    Wishing all a happy festival season.
  7. Paresh

    Paresh Timido

    Hi All,

    I am taking my TJet for a ride just after Diwali to explore South India. I will be accompanied by my wife and two sons ( 6 and 9). I want this to be a fun trip specially for my kids. Here is my plan.

    We are leaving on 24th Oct early morning from Pune for Goa. We are going to take a break at Amboli (near Kolhapur) for a hill experience. We will enjoy nature, waterfalls, greenery. We will then head to Panaji for our stay. We will spend next day in Goa (planning to do the GTDC cruise and evening at some beach). The stay will be in the same hotel.

    Next day, we will head to Mangalore. En route, we will take a stop at Karwar to visit warship museum, Tagore beach and aquarium. I am also planning to visit the hanging bridge at Karki, near Honnavar. From there we will go to Murudeshwar, and then reach Mangalore in late evening. Next day we will do Mnagalore sightseeing. We are planning to go to Pillikula Nisargadhama and water park. After that the plan is to cover moodbidri temple and St Mary's island before reaching to hotel.

    Next day we leave for Wayanad. En route we will take a halt at Madikeri and we will do local sightseeing there like Raja's seat, Omkareshwar Temple, Abby's falls etc. I have a question here as I have read a lot about bad roads between Mangalore and Madikeri. Is it still true? and how much time I should expect between these two? We won't go to Kushalnagar as it will add to distance and time. We are planning to spend 3-4 hours in Madikeri. We will then continue our journey and visit Iruppu Waterfalls and Thirunelli Temple, before reaching to our hotel in Mananvathady for the stay.

    Next day, we will start from our hotel towards Kuruva Island. After that we will do some local sightseeing like banasura sagar dam, meenmutty falls / soochipoora falls (need advice here) and finally pookot lake. From there we go to our hotel for night stay in Vythiri.

    Next day we leave for Munnar. I am planning to take a halt at Guruvayoor for 2-3 hours before reaching munnar for stay. Next day, we will do local sight seeing in Munnar. I would like to visit tea factory and top station. I am also planning to see Kathakalli show and martial arts show.

    Next day we leave for trivendrum. We will stop at Periyar Lake for boating en route for 3-4 hours. We will have stay at Trivendrum. I do not know if we have anything else en route to visit. Next day, we will visit Padmanabh Temple, Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary (lion safari, crocodile park, etc.), Poovar islands. The stay will again be in Trivendrum.

    Next day we leave Trivendrum for Madurai. We will stop at kanyakumari for 2-3 hours before reaching Madurai. Madurai is a halt.

    Next day, after visisting Madurai temple, we will go to Pondicherry for stay. I have not done any study on what to see en route. That will come soon. :).

    We will do Pondicherry sight seeing next day. The next day's stay will be in Chennai. From there I am planning to go to Bangalore to visit some relatives. I will spend two nights in Bangalore. and then will come back to Pune.

    Please let me know if you have any suggestions on route to take, places to see, tips for my travel, let me know.
  8. limraj

    limraj Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    In general, plan is great, but may be cramped.

    Boating at Periyar lake : If you want to spot wild animals, you will have to go with the 1st (7AM I guess. This could be earlier) or the last (around 4PM, I do not remember correctly). You would need to do booking or be in Q for a lot early, as there will be heavy rush for these 2 rides. It's better to stay the previous night in KTDC guest house which is inside the premises. The last entry to the park is at 4:30PM.
    You may contact them at http://www.periyartigerreserve.org/home.php for exact details.

    From Thekkady to Trivandrum is about 240kms, Google may say 5 hours, but it will take 7-8 hours of drive. Because of hilly region plus heavily crowded roads. But the drive is scenic.

    I would suggest you stay in Poovar instead of Trivandrum on the 2nd day. Poovar is best enjoyed in the mornings for the boat ride or in the evenings.
    Or since you come from Periyar wildlife, you may skip Neyyar as well.
  9. Ravi_M

    Ravi_M Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    I assume that you may be taking the route via Vadodara. You may be taking Bhavnagar Veraval Dwarka route or Rajkot Jamnagar Dwarka route. There may be other routs too that I don't know about. Our Gujarati members may guide better. I have done Indore Dwarka Indore trip (2100 kms) during Dussera weekend and can tell the following:
    1. Roads in Gujrat are generally good, but not 4-lane. They are narrow and at many places work may be in progress.
    2. I found very bad road between Nadiad-Rajkot around Dholka-Kheda while driving towards Rajkot and between Gir-Junagarh (very bad) while returning from Veraval to Rajkot. Route from Porbandar to Rajkot may be good (I didn't take that).
    3. Veraval to Porbandar route must be done during day time, as you see sea along the route and can go to beach at some places (be careful, one family of Indore was washed away last year or before that).
    4. I took Rajkot-Ahmedabad-Vadodara route while returning and it is 4-lane all through. Didn't dare anything else since I had no assurance about where the road may be bad.
    5.At Dwarka, the temple is closed between 1230 and 1700 hrs. We didn't know this, but luckily managed darshan even after reaching at 1130 hrs. Restaurants don't serve food after 1500 hrs (we reached at 1600 hrs and saw people eating behind downed shutter).
    6. Visit Prabhas Kshetra near Somnath where Krishna and Balram are said to have done deha-tyag. We missed it due lack of time. Good you are staying for 3 days.
    7. Unlike our MP, where we find villages in close distances that break the speed, you will find in Gujrat, cities at close distances.

    Doing 966 km on day ! is ambitious, if you are taking 4-lane via Vadodara-Ahamedabad, it may give some benefit.

    This was my first road trip to Gujrat and my impression is just that. Get better and expert help.

    All the best.
  10. Ravi_M

    Ravi_M Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    Visiting Vellore soon. There, I am visiting Puduchery during Deepawali. What is the best route?
    Are 2 days enough? Suggestion for comfortable stay?

    Distance indicated by Google map is ~170 km. Can be done in 3.5 hrs?

    Members from Puduchery / TN, help please.

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