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Gear engagement not smooth/ Warning light

Discussion in 'Technical' started by anantashu, Jul 30, 2014.

  1. anantashu

    anantashu Timido


    Two issues

    1. Gear engagement is not smooth : KHT told me that my car's clutch is wearing out and that is why the gear engagements is a problem. Is that true. Don't we observe lower pickup when cloth plate wears out? Prior to service there was no issue.

    2. My dashboard sometimes show Engine protection system failure(sometimes not always): KHT told me that battery is weak that is why I am seeing this warning light. Any idea if this is true?

    On top of that, my Italian beauty is giving 13 km/l after servicing. I don't know what KHT has goofed up. I am going to raise a complaint with FIAT. But before that I will go to Vecto to cross check .

    Any recommendations. I am worried and need some guidance. Probably, I am not going to recommend KHT to anyone, as I am facing lot of issues post service.

  2. ccprakash

    ccprakash Regolare

    1) Try to shift the gears without switching on the engine. If gear shift is tight then its the problem with gear cable.
    2) Switch on the engine and try to shift the gear, if there is a problem. Then it could be a problem with the clutch assembly.
  3. sanfiat

    sanfiat Amatore

    Faridabad, Haryana
    faridabad Haryana
    Grande Punto 1.3
    1.For gear thing prakash has advised how you can double check.
    2. For warning light, yes, a weak battery could be the culprit most probably. So don't worry. How old is teh battery ? Even though cranking might not be noticabely bad, these sensitive electronic systems show malfunction indication when the battery gets weak. Good one way. Saves you the horror of finding the battery drained out just when you need to make important drive. All drives seem important wen the car doesn't start.
  4. anantashu

    anantashu Timido

    Thanks. I checked with and without engine on and off. The gear shift is hard.
    I visited the service centre and they said everything is fine and today morning it happend again. I can see the lights amber. May be battery, but I will revisit service centre again. The vehicle is 3yrs old and so the battery.

    Just wondering why I am seeing issues post service. May be physiological

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