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Gadgets Thread

Discussion in 'Gadgets / Electronics / Laptops' started by Bala, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    From purely technical pov, I am really interested in finding the chipset on motorola e.

    On lava 406q it is 8610 which is 28nm fabrication making it a pretty good SOC. I think motorola is using 45nm. Those technically inclined please comment. ::D

    Apart from that Motorola also compromised on front camera and some will find it a must have for skype etc. Here too lava has provided entry level cam.

    Still at this price moto e will sell much more than lava 406q due to brand recognition and other top quality hardware including gorilla glass 3.

    :p heartsent for our mutual benefit .. !
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  2. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    Missed Moto E by 3 days :A

    Was in market for a budget phone and brought Lenovo A526 last saturday.
  3. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    iphone and Nexus Killer... One Plus One..a new phone from China..!

    [h=4]Basic Parameters[/h] [TABLE="class: table-data-short"]

    [TH="align: left"]Color[/TH]
    Silk White/Sandstone Black

    [TH="align: left"]Dimensions[/TH]
    152.9 x 75.9 x 8.9 mm

    [TH="align: left"]Weight[/TH]
    5.71 ounces (162 g)

    [TH="align: left"]Operating System[/TH]
    CyanogenMod 11S based on Android 4.4

    [TH="align: left"]CPU[/TH]
    Qualcomm[SUP]©[/SUP] Snapdragon™ 801 processor with 2.5GHz Quad-core CPUs

    [TH="align: left"]GPU[/TH]
    Adreno 330, 578MHz

    [TH="align: left"]RAM[/TH]
    3 GB LP-DDR3, 1866MHz

    [TH="align: left"]Storage[/TH]
    16/64 GB eMMC 5.0, available capacity varies

    [TH="align: left"]Sensors[/TH]
    Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Proximity and Ambient Light

    [TH="align: left"]Battery[/TH]
    Embedded rechargeable 3100 mAh LiPo battery
    [h=4]Connectivity[/h] [TABLE="class: table-data-short"]

    [TH="align: left"]Connectivity[/TH]

    • GSM: 850, 900, 1800, 1900MHz
    • WCDMA: Bands: 1/2/4/5/8
    • LTE: Bands: 1/3/4/7/17/38/40

    [TH="align: left"]Wi-Fi[/TH]
    Dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4G/5G) 802.11 b/g/n/ac

    [TH="align: left"]Bluetooth[/TH]
    Bluetooth 4.0

    [TH="align: left"]NFC[/TH]
    65T (software card emulation, payment methods and multi-tag support)

    [TH="align: left"]Positioning[/TH]
    Internal GPS antenna + GLONASS
    Digital Compass
    [h=4]Ports, Slots, Buttons and Indicators[/h] [TABLE="class: table-data-short"]

    [TH="align: left"]Ports[/TH]
    Data & Charging: Micro USB 2.0
    Audio: Jack 3.5mm

    [TH="align: left"]Buttons[/TH]
    Power Button
    Volume Rockers
    Capacitive / On-screen buttons

    [TH="align: left"]SIM[/TH]
    1 slot - Micro SIM

    [TH="align: left"]Indicators[/TH]
    1 LED notification light (multicolored)
    [h=4]In The Box[/h] [TABLE="class: table-data-short"]

    [TH="align: left"]1x OnePlus One

    [TH="align: left"]1x USB Cable

    [h=4]Display[/h] [TABLE="class: table-data-short"]

    [TH="align: left"]Size[/TH]
    5.5 inch JDI

    [TH="align: left"]Resolution[/TH]
    1080p Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels), 401 PPI

    [TH="align: left"]Type[/TH]
    LTPS IPS with TOL

    [TH="align: left"]Protection[/TH]
    Corning[SUP]©[/SUP] Gorilla[SUP]©[/SUP] Glass 3
    [h=4]Cameras[/h] [TABLE="class: table-data-short"]

    [TH="align: left"]Sensor[/TH]
    13 Megapixel - Sony Exmor IMX 214

    [TH="align: left"]Lenses[/TH]
    6 lenses to avoid distortion and color aberration

    [TH="align: left"]Flash[/TH]

    [TH="align: left"]Aperture[/TH]

    [TH="align: left"]Front Camera[/TH]
    5 Megapixel - Distortion free

    [TH="align: left"]Video[/TH]
    4K resolution video with stereo recording Slow Motion: 720p video at 120fps
    [h=4]Audio[/h] [TABLE="class: table-data-short"]

    [TH="align: left"]Speakers[/TH]
    Built-in Stereo Speakers

    [TH="align: left"]Microphones[/TH]
    Tri-microphone with noise cancellation
    [h=4]Multimedia[/h][TABLE="class: table-data-short"]

    [TH="align: left"]Audio supported
    Playback: MP3, AAC, AMR, OGG, M4A, MID, WMA, FLAC, APE, AAC, WAV
    Recording: AAC, M4A

    [TH="align: left"]Video supported
    Playback: MP4, H.263, H.264, RMVB, FLV720P
    Recording: MP4

    [TH="align: left"]Image supported
    Playback: JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP
    Output: JPEG, RAW

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    PRICED AT $300 for 16GB and $350 for 64GB.

    - - - Merged Post - - -


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  4. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Great pricing and I like the design too. Very attractive.
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  5. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    1-OnePlus One - OnePlus.net - Mozilla Firefox 5212014 30515 PM.jpg
    1-OnePlus One - OnePlus.net - Mozilla Firefox 5212014 31632 PM.jpg

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  6. snck

    snck Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    great specs... Snapdragon™ 801 with adreno GPU unlike the mediateks seen normally in chinese and indian makes...
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  7. kaps

    kaps Superiore

    New Delhi
    New Delhi
    Linea 1.4
  8. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    Your advice needed guys.
    Got an Ipad (the earlier generation) for free, installed and it worked,immediately there was a message that an update is available and I accepted.
    After the update that took 8 hrs to get done the tablet has by itself set a number lock to unlock which I did not set up.
    Now am unable to use the ipad since I do not know the number code to unlock
    I googled for a resolution,was told to connect to itunes and get it unset.
    I do not know to download Itunes,am new to IOS
    Now what to do?
    I prefer android which is more user friendly for non tech savvy people like me.
  9. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    I dont think we have ARM SOC manufacturers here. So Indian make is also chinese by and large. Everything buyable for Massmarkets is chinese esp. in gadgets.

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    Ipad is superior Tablet than most Andriod ones. You will love it more than Android. Try this link..

  10. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    Am not able to view you tube videos or videos from websites like igyan.in in Safari in my new Ipad,any reason, solution?
    Galaxy tab 10.1 gets hung and is impossible to shut down at times and the only way is to let the battery drain and recharge,restart again. Any reson, solution?

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