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Full scratch in left hand side door

Discussion in 'Exteriors / Body' started by samsongomezm, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. samsongomezm


    Hi I am from Bangalore yesterday I got minor scratch in the left hand side door and it looks awful can any one tell me who in Bangalore does good job for touch ups and give its orginal finish. Kindly let me know the contact person name and number as I can get it fixed soon.

  2. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    the scratch looks pretty deep.. if so then there is nothing you can do about it.
    If you take it to any body shop they will tell you to get the whole panel painted ..
    Where is this scratch ?
    Can you take photos from a bit farther away ?

    If you're too keen on getting it removed then either buy a case of com-paint and do touch up yourself
  3. Fiat-Yamaha

    Fiat-Yamaha Superiore

    I don't think touch up can be done. Even I had a small dent on the door, when enquired touch up does not looks perfect on large surface area.

    When I had to get my car painted after a minor accident, had checked with these 2places below and finally went for Carz. Good work done with reasonable price.

    Check the quotes for painting the spot/full door at these two places.

    Carz - sarjapur junction
    Ramkumar. Mob 8892957166.

    Sai Colorium
    Barath. Mob 9986045726.

    If possible visit the places to check out the quality of work they do.

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  4. punto_emotion

    punto_emotion Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Just couple of days my beloved ride also received a dent on the boot door due to morons on the road! :A Patch work wont look good. Hence got the entire boot door painted after tinkering job. Got it done at Aadya motors body shop. Since I took the car also at Aadya, knew the body shop manager. I am satisfied with the quality of work. In case you decide on Aadya, contact Mr. Ranganath 9480839022

    Yes, have heard good reviews about Carz also from couple of them!
  5. harshaldhote

    harshaldhote Guest

    Me to got similar scratch on my brand new beauty (Fiat line - minimal gray) and deep scratch on my heart.. after doing lots of R&D and checking work done by different body shops, Finally i did it at KHT motors, the guy Vishwa is good, he will listen to your concerns and his personal touch will be there while giving the service .. I will suggest you KHT is good for sure than Sai calorium ..

    after doing the coloring work get the 3M paint protection coat done at official 3M station only and everything will be absolutely fine.
  6. samsongomezm


    Thank you... I will check with Aadya guys as I too bought the car there...
  7. samsongomezm


    Hi Harsha, can you give me the contact person name and number of KHT as I can get the quatation from them too...Thanks.

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    Hi Thanks Sunil let me check with them...
  8. Torpedo

    Torpedo Amatore

    If you want to stick with a TASS, you can try KHT (ask for Vishwa) or Concorde - I have experience with both and they did a good job with the body work although the KHT guys screwed up my Child Lock (fixed at Concorde later).

    Not much can be done over the phone though, you have to take it there to get a proper quote
  9. Anish_A


    +1 for Sai Colorium
    Barath. Mob 9986045726.

    I have got work done from him for my Scorpio and does an good Job and is alss cheaper than the showroom.


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