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Fuel Smell inside cabin.

Discussion in 'Technical' started by bibin, Nov 4, 2014.

  1. bibin

    bibin Regolare

    i had serviced my fiat punto @43611 for the 4th paid service on September 29 2014. A small issue had poped out after the service from next day on wards.

    1) there is fuel smell in the morning when i open the door after over night parking and the smell goes away as soon as start the car and it doesn't reappear for the rest of the day, it just appears in the morning when i open the door and enter inside the cabin. i park my car under the basement where limited air circulation is there and it appears only when i park the car with all the windows fully closed.

    2) last week my a/c was not working when i started the car after parking in the sun but after switching on/off for 2 to 3 times it started functioning normally, it occurred again in the evening.

    i went to FASS (Hyson motors ) and reported the issues , they kept the car for whole day and checked but couldn't find any issues.

    As of now a/c is working fine without any issues but the fuel smell still persist in the morning but the intensity of the smell has come down.

    what may be the reason for the fuel smell only in the morning for a few seconds only.

    looking forwards for your advice on this.

  2. manishgarg921

    manishgarg921 Amatore

    Hi Bibin,
    in context to your problem,
    I assume its the fuel pump located below the rear seat,
    So i would request you to flip over the rear seat completely and check for signs of fuel spillage on ignition or something.

    (P.s: you may need to remove the carpet below the seat in order to reach out to the fuel pump)

    link to the image: http://www.myfiatworld.in/showthread.php?3689-Fuel-pump-for-linea-1-3-multijet

    Also can you check if you get smells while on a bumpy road ?

    I faced a similar issue with my Palio 1.2 Petrol, figured out the fuel pump was damaged at the top ( slight crack) and hence the smell when the car went over bumps.

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