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Fuel Efficiency of Fiat Punto 1.2 Active Petrol - Hyderabad

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Vikram0430, May 13, 2014.

  1. Vikram0430

    Vikram0430 Timido


    i own Fiat Punto 1.2 Active Petrol 2010 model and would like to know the fuel efficiency of this version in Hyderabad city.
    I am getting 10 kmpl in City with AC on.

    When ever i asked service people during service time, they say that customer feedback is 14 and they say they will make it happen.
    After the service when i ask them, they say they have changed the Fuel filter now you will get good mileage.
    Initially i get 10.5 to 11 and after 4 to 5 months it goes to 10 kmpl and nearing service time it comes to 9 kmpl.

    please share what others are getting.

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  2. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    It depends a lot on driving style and traffic conditions. Considering the traffic in Hyd which is quite bad and full AC 12-13 should be the ideal average.

    try holding onto a gear, instead of changing every now and then plus shift gear at around 2k rpm.
    All the best!
  3. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    Hello Vikram. Welcome to TFI.

    As Abhishek has mentioned above, FE depends on a lot of factors. The distance you travel, the route you take, the time of the day when you drive, amount of traffic at that time, number of traffic signals you have to encounter, number of flyovers you take, the place you fill your fuel and most of all your driving style. I had a Punto 1.3MJD and I am now driving around in a Linea 1.3 MJD. All the above mentioned factors remain the same for both the cars and the FE I get too.

    I travel from Tarnaka to Hitech City and back to Jubilee Hills Checkpost (one way) every day which comprises of 30kms. This is during the peak hours of traffic in one of the busiest routes of Hyderabad (Secunderabad - Begumpet - Jubilee Hills - Hitech City). With the Metro Rail works inprogress in this route, the traffic has gone from bad to worse. I used to and currently getting an average FE of 13 kmpl, thanks to the traffic and my driving style. Err, my driving style is to be blamed the most though. :D

    Instead of changing parts in your car, why not trying to change your driving style and driving conditions a bit like starting early when there is less amount of traffic. Also try filling fuel from a COCO fuel station which might fall in the route you take.
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  4. Vikram0430

    Vikram0430 Timido


    thanks for the response,

    1) i fill fuel from only 1 station every time.
    2) Travel 15kms up and 15kms down every day and it takes 40 to 60 min.
    3) and coming to driving style, i dont do rash driving and speed the vechile and slow down immediately which will require to frequent change of Gears.
    Still i get 10 kmpl with AC on.
  5. pra.agar

    pra.agar Regolare

    I drive a 1.2 Punto from past 3 months. As Abhishek and Kiran has mentioned all those factors matters a lot. I can share my experience too.

    It's a 3 months old vehicle and drove 2k + kms. I fill my petrol from Shell petrol pump and use the same pump all time. I prefer filling it up at night or early hours( google for the reason). My average had dropped to 10kmpl. I used IC to monitor the consumption and don't cross the rpm above 2.5K. After that I see the average coming to 11.5 to 11.9KMPL.

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  6. kiranrv

    kiranrv Amatore

    FE in Chennai (New Car with Rookie behind steering)

    I drive a Punto 1.2 dynamic , 2 months old, 5k done, I am getting 12-13 in city and 15-16 in highway's.
    I am from hyderabad too, Chennai traffic is bad but not as worse and Hyderabad:A
    I am still a beginner :car
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