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Fuel Efficiency of Fiat cars in India!

Discussion in 'Technical' started by arishi, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. I have a doubt: It's for a total stretch of 170 km from Thiruvalla to Thrissur. And 170 km return journey as well. Similar traffic conditions, Full AC.

    For the Thiruvalla to Thrissur stretch, the first 85 km was a mixture of bad roads, and uphill/downhill twists and turns. At the end of this stretch - Muvatupuzha - , my FE was 17.0-17.1 KMPL. The remaining 85 km was a good stretch, where you could easily drive at 120 kmph, though i kept it down to 80kmph. After reaching Thrissur, once the distance covered was 170 odd km, and the total FE rose upto 18.5 KMPL.

    Now, on the way back, the first 85 km, ie from Thrisur to Muvatupuzha, the FE showed was like 23.8 or so. After the remaining 85 km of twists, turns and uphill/downhill driving, the FE settled at 21.7 KMPL. I even had a bit of offroading when i had to drop someone off at a place which had poor roads, that couldn't even admit bullock carts. Still, 21.7 KMPL.

    I am puzzled. Same road, almost similar conditions. Onward journey: 18.5 average. Return journey: 21.7. More than 3 KMPL difference. Is there any explanation for this?
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  2. The Ettumanoor-Muvattupuzha stretch happens to be an uphill climb, almost 3/4th of the entire distance... this fact could easily answer the puzzle..

    I hate driving on this stretch due to the nature and condition of the road, and the fact that I've to negotiate with all the huge trucks and KSRTC's...that come across ur path no matter its 12 mid day or 12 mid night! One of the most stressful roads to deal with in central Kerala (the highrange uphill drives are way less tiring and more fun compared to this)

    I use the Manarcad-Kidangoor-Kadaplamattom-Marangatupally-Uzhavoor-Koothatukulam route instead of MC road always. Its a narrow, but well constructed road with less traffic and for me it also save about 12kms.

    From TVLA if you bypass CSRY and KTM taking the Perumthuruthy-Thengana-Puthupally-Manarcad route nd then the above mentioned, its gonna save u 2kms between TVLA and MVPA(google says), but more importantly you escape the hellride on MC road atleast till koothatukulam, check it out just in case you haven't tried it
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  3. fiat_fan

    fiat_fan Amatore

    TSR to MVPA 23.8 is very good FE. what was the average speed showed on MID.

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    Last week we are going to TSR from TVM we have choosed MC Road bcos NH47 is very bad from kayamkulam to Alpy.
    but I felt Ettumanoor to Mvpa drive was interesting..Punto handling capabilities really comes in that stretch. Even overtaking is also good experiance as we have done overtaking many times including one superfast in that stretch..
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  4. Just a few portions are there in that portion where we can overtake safely where at least 50mtrs ahead is at sight; and at some turns I often have to crawl behind overloaded, struggling timber trucks headed to Perumbavoor. And the worst is we've to look out for nasty potholes too...too many in number. And talkin' about KSRTC's those in our same direction is never a problem but its the ones that come from the opposite side that's trouble :D they're flyin' like crazy.. The alternative I use is just like MC road in topography, but the roads r smooth (zero potholes) though too narrow, and traffic is scarce...

  5. I don't remember the Ave speed shown that day, but usually the ave speed i do in that stretch is around 56-58 kmph. My average speed rarely goes beyond 62-63, though i hit the 90s often. There are enough slow moving patches in perumbavoor, kalady and angamaly.

    From angamaly to maybe Ollur in thrissur, one could easily touch 25 kmpl.

    But of course, the MC road is good for its twists and turns. The traffic is the worrying factor, due to the KSRTCs and trucks who never give way.
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  6. Don't forget the gutters..!!! That's what I hate the most...
  7. saroshmk


    I have always wondered what the stop and go traffic and long queues did to fuel efficiency? I looked at the stats last night in two conditions and have found some outcomes that i thought i'd share for comment.

    I did a 25 KM trip from my office to my parents place in peak Hyderabad traffic yesterday and returned when the bottlenecks had cleared. Here's what i found:

    Outbound Trip at peak traffic condition:
    Distance: 25 KM
    Average Speed: 25 KMPH
    Time from Start to Finish -- including queuing: 1:44 m
    Fuel Efficiency: approx 15 KMPL

    Return Trip, the same route
    Distance: 25 KM
    Average Speed: 30 KMPH
    Time from Start to Finish: 40 min
    Fuel Efficiency: 22 KMPL

    Spent almost 60 mins in long queues -- switched off the engine a couple of times when i saw the queue wasn't going to move very soon. Inspite of that the drop in efficiency is pretty radical (~30%).

    Does this corroborate with your own experience of city driving?

    NOTE: The conditions for the experiment weren't exactly the same on both routes, the outbound journey was more downhill (my perception) than the return journey.

  8. Its quite natural. I've experienced differences that are much higher than this. Very difficult to get 15+ in cities even if you can get 23-25 on good conditions.

    And switching off the engine does good only if the wait is longer than 15 seconds.
  9. rsinfo

    rsinfo Regolare

    New Delhi
    My average city speed rarely exceeds 25 kmph even when I drive at night. This translates into a top efficiency of 12 kmpl. On highway, I have got 21 kmpl. That's a huge difference, but that's to be expected and is normal.
  10. prashantgupta84

    prashantgupta84 Regolare

    New Delhi
    Grande Punto 1.3
    I also get around 13.5 kmpl in city day to day running and on highways >19 kmpl.

    I even got 27kmpl on a straight road for a 11 km journey..........

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