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Fuel Efficiency of Fiat cars in India!

Discussion in 'Technical' started by arishi, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. nav75

    nav75 Amatore

    Re: What's your car's Fuel Efficiency

    With me using the car daily for commute now, the FE in city with a/c on all the time is between 11.5 to 13 (depending on how much pressure I put on the pedals).
    On highway the best I have got is 19.6, with a/c being off for almost the entire trip and this was on a Pune - Mahabaleshwar - Pune run. Otherwise the FE hovers between 14-17 depending again on if I push the car hard/just cruise.
  2. Re: What's your car's Fuel Efficiency

    19 for 1.4 Petrol. That's OMG ::OO . I never thought 1.4 would go beyond 15.
  3. kaps

    kaps Superiore

    New Delhi
    New Delhi
    Linea 1.4
    Re: What's your car's Fuel Efficiency

    13-14kmpl consistently in city with 70% ACC and 19-20kmpl on highways with 100% ACC. Speed maintained between 80-90 and no abrupt accelerations.
  4. rameshjoshi

    rameshjoshi Amatore

    Re: What's your car's Fuel Efficiency

    I can't believe this. Are you sure, it's a Petrol?
  5. johnny

    johnny Regolare

    Greater Noida
    Greater Noida
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Re: What's your car's Fuel Efficiency

    On my 1.3 MJD with AC on full time - the weather has been really hot & humid - my car computer shows an average of 18.8 kpl. This is with mixed mode of driving.

    I also keep a track of the consumption by checking distance, tank full to tank full. The figure I get is 16.91 kpl.

    In my opinion, the car computer is more accurate. In the tank fill method, after the refuelling stops due to the auto-cut out, one normally puts in more fuel to make the total payment a round figure. This will make a difference in the calculation. The car computer on the other hand is summing the instantaneous consumption, and co-relating that with the distance covered to get the figure. This method would be more accurate.

  6. Re: What's your car's Fuel Efficiency

    got 17.5 kmpL(shown in MID) while going back from office to home yesterday 10PM night, inside city !
    Of course, I was light footed, but still couldn't believe " I " can really get that out of my 1.4 Petrol !
  7. Vroom

    Vroom Amatore

    Re: What's your car's Fuel Efficiency

    I did a trip to Mumbai-Pune last week. With city driving within Pune (notorious traffic..) and back in Mumbai, I got a decent economy of 20.5 kmpl. I was pretty impressed..

  8. extr3mex

    extr3mex Amatore

    Re: What's your car's Fuel Efficiency

    Well with ma kinda driving i get around 16 overall.

    city :12-15
  9. NAREN64


    Re: What's your car's Fuel Efficiency

    Yesterday filled Diseal Tank Full 39 Liters for my Linea. MID shows a reading of 640 Kms from last tankfull.

    FE 16.4 Kms/Liter.

    This is only driving inside town. FE has increased by 2 Kms/Liter.
  10. infernal


    Re: What's your car's Fuel Efficiency

    after going through this thread, it seems my punto has got the least F/E

    on a good day, the average consumption turns out to be 15-16 tops, rest of the times its somewhere around 10-13, its dropped as below as 9 sometimes

    but then, im driving around in the city most of the time with ac on all the time
    and when i hit the highway, the engine is revving at no less than 3000-4000 rpm

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