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Fuel Efficiency of Fiat cars in India!

Discussion in 'Technical' started by arishi, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. mo1

    mo1 Timido

    Just a friendly request to all those who are going to post Fuel Efficiency figures:
    Please also post
    1. Distance traveled
    2. Average speed
    This helps in putting FE in perspective. Thanks in advance!
  2. fiat_fan

    fiat_fan Amatore

    yesterday we had a trip to calicut
    total 410 km traveled in 8hrs 30 mins. in some places there was heavy traffic and max speed was 100km. we were at 70-80km/hr most of the time(because in the day time roads are much crowded in Kerala).
    got 17.4kmpl as per the MID with 100% A/C..
  3. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    This is from yesterday's Chandigarh-Gurgaon-Chandigarh trip. Mostly highway and around 80 or so km's in Delhi traffic. A/C on 50% of the time.

    And since I idle the engine religiously after a cold start and before shutting off when warm, so the figure dropped a bit due to that too.


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  4. Flywheel

    Flywheel Regolare

    I recently got 20.5kmpl on my trip to Bangalore and back. I constantly maintained my speed between 90 to 110 kmph on the highway.

    I covered 750kms overall with 100% AC usage. The average speed was 43kmph.

    In Chennai I get an average of around 14.5 kmpl again with 100% AC.
  5. What is the best speed for maximum economy? Is it around a constant 70, or 80-90?
  6. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    There really are loads of factors to consider if we wish to extract the maximum fuel efficiency from our vehicle.

    That said, i've witnessed 24 kmpl at a constant 70-80 (over 150+km's) AND at a constant 110-120 too (over 200+km's).:confused: I don't really know what speed is best. How we drive is more important.

  7. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    The key here with the MJD is that, it doesn't like the hard accelaration. If you take your car to the speed of 100-120 gradually without any hard acceleration, it will reward with better FE. I have witnessed this multiple times.
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  8. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    It's more about keeping it constant & you will get it in high figures despite of high speeds. I don't mean 160-170 kmph for high speeds here but somewhere in the range 100-120 kmph. Keep it constant with least variations in throttle & it will settle down at 24-27 km/ltr:p.
  9. fiat_fan

    fiat_fan Amatore

    Return from Calicut was in the night.

    . pic2.jpg pic1.jpg pic3.jpg pic4.jpg

    18.7km/litre... the If I could have keep average speed around 60km/h efficiency might be over 21kmpl...

    sorry for the poor clarity pics taken from my mobile ;)
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  10. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    Last saturday (24-03-2012) I had made a short trip of 450kms to Sri Gnana Saraswati Temple at Basar along with my family for my daughter's Aksharabhyas.
    The route taken was NH7 to Dichpally and take a diversion to Basar via Nizamabad.
    We planned to leave at 5.00 Am, but asusual had to start late around 6.00 Am.
    I told my wife that today I will be driving sedately and will check the max amount of milage I can get.
    For 50kms everything was fine, empty and neat roads tried to test my patience. But I kept my cool. But once we approached a toll gate,a Figo and an i20 who seem to be racing, cut my lane and entered the toll gate before me.
    There was a slight bit of road rage in me, but again wanted to stick to the sedate driving.
    After the toll gate we passed couple of kms and my wife said, its quite boring going at this speed (80kmph). Can't we go a little bit faster?
    Instantly all my patience and the will to drive sedately went into the drain.
    I hit the pedal and in no time I overtook both the speeding Figo and i20 which disappered in my rear view mirror and were never to be seen again.
    The only time some one overtook me were these 2 cars at the toll gate in the whole trip.

    The statistics are as follows for 1 way trip

    Distance covered : 225.8 kms
    Time Travelled : 2 hrs 50 mins
    Average Speed : 79 kmph
    Fuel consumption : 16.3 kmpl





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