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Front Mid AC vents blowing hot air aircon set @23

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 T-Jet' started by Sandy, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. Sandy

    Sandy Timido

    Bought a new Tjet+ last month.
    Had some issues with door lock and alignment during Delivery.
    But the best part was the new car delivery was delayed due to a faulty AC Condenser(claimed by Concorde Mumbai)
    They changed the condenser and delivered the car.
    Did not face any issue till last week when despite the colder climate noticed the front mid AC vents blowing hot air
    when the aircon set @22or23 post driving for abut 20minutes.
    The Side vents continue blowing cold air.
    Have written to Fiat Service and Concorde service manager.

    Any other forum members face similar issue.
  2. FastLove

    FastLove Superiore

    Linea 1.4
    If you have ACC, n the outside temperature is lower than the AC temperature, it will blow hot (Warmer) air

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  3. Amarpreet


    Well ! this is true. I read it somewhere before and tried myself in mine that When u set ur climate control around 21 - 23 it starts blowing hot air. Also can be reason being outside temp being more cooler.
  4. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Next time, notice the outside temperature and also other factors like amount of sunlight present or time of day, and if the car was parked in sunlight or in garage.

    In north, temp. goes around 4-5*C early morning. So setting temperature at 17 or 18 will also blow hot air in the cabin.
  5. Srini

    Srini Regolare

    The auto aircon, calculates the temperature near the aircon vents. If you set it to particular temperature almost equal to or slightly less than the outside temperature; it starts blowing hot air as soon as your vent temperature reaches the setting point. You have to lower the temp setting to start getting cold air again. This is a normal phenomena.
  6. acechip

    acechip Superiore

    My auto aircon when set at 23.5, with ambient around 30deg, starts off with a huge blast, in full auto mode- I tend to tone down the fan speed. But then any manual intervention essentially changes the automatic climate control capability, right?

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