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"From Friday, any tinted film on car windows will be illegal" - Supreme Court

Discussion in 'Non FIAT Cars and two wheelers' started by Rituraj, May 2, 2012.

  1. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Wow. If this is true, what I said about this whole drama will become true.

    "It looks like a collective scam of judiciary, govt. and the manufacturers to rip off the common man."
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  2. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    When the manufacturer stamps "Minimum Transparency 70%", the glass is already compliant with CMV rule 100(2). The 70% minimum for front/rear and 50% minimum for side windows is in the darkest conditions, not in bright sunlight. Ergo, application of any film will reduce the minimum to less than permissible limits.

    Even if it does not, our enforcement agencies do not have the necessary equipment to measure the actual VLT and decide if it is compliant or not. It is not as if this equipment is very expensive. It would probably cost a fraction of what our esteemed leaders have scammed. It is our lack of perspective that leads to such decisions being made. For example, drinking and driving is an offense. However, there is a permissible limit - meaning a measuring device is required to determine if one is within the permissible limit. But we more often find an overworked, tired cop, sticking his head into the window and trying to smell the driver's breath. Fortunately, this scenario seems to be changing now.

    As I have been saying time and again, the VLT limit is prescribed to ensure visibility FOR the driver and not OF the driver. To a great extent, the car owners are also to blame, as most of them look at sun control film as a cosmetic accessory and choose the darkest film available, which definitely reduces the VLT to way below the prescribed limit.

    Solution to this problem, IMHO:

    1. Manufacturer should print the actual VLT of the glass and not minimum
    2. Film vendors must provide a certificate of the final VLT of the glass after application of film

    Will this really work? Maybe, maybe not. We do have PUC certification done by independent vendors, which is accepted by the enforcement agencies. So why not this? After all, a vehicle that pollutes the environments is far more harmful than a vehicle with glass below the prescribed VLT. The sad fact is that most of us are focussing on crime rates, women getting harassed, etc. and totally ignoring the very purpose of these films - sun control. In a tropical country like ours, where the mercury hovers around 40 degrees during summer months, sun control film does help a lot. It is unfortunate that we are faced with a situation like this. What is more unfortunate is that we are focussing our energies on calling the SC names for this ruling. I believe this energy will be more fruitful, if it is focussed on getting an amendment filed and passed in the parliament allowing films, that do not reduce the VLT to less than permissible limits.

    Sun control films never contributed to any crimes, so it is unrealistic to expect the crime rates to fall, once the film is removed. At the same time, ogling and passing lewd comments against women has always been happening and will continue to happen, as long as we continue to remain a society with a major patriarchal mind set. I mean, what about all those women who use two wheelers / public transport? What has changed for them with this ruling? Sadly we live in a country where very recently, as a matter of fact days before the brutal Delhi gang rape, a sexual assault bill was introduced in the Parliament that perpetuates the notion that a man is entitled to rape his wife. Are we still living in the stone age?

    It is not the ruling that has to be reversed. It is our mind set that has to change. Also, our politicians should stop wasting their time and resources on mundane issues and focus on keep the law of the land to be suitable to the times we live in. Reading the IPC and the constitution of our country, it would take a very few people with a single focus and time on their hands to make living in our country like living in hell.

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  3. sungoa2010


    Why dark film is allowed in AC compartments in Train. The privacy requirement of a women travelling on road is much more than this.
  4. fiatlover

    fiatlover Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.4
    The law and order situation in India is a mess. Selectively implementing something is difficult or impossible. The only workaround perhaps is a blanket ban. When dark filmed cars move on the roads, law and order machinery cannot or is difficult to differentiate between law-abiding citizens and criminals. Solution: Ban films in toto.

    In spite of the ban, I see at least 3-4 cars everyday plying with black films in east bangalore roads. They include santros, i20s, Puntos, Audis and so on. They choose to be violators.
  5. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    All are violators in this country. This include our Government too. I can quote many example of state Government not respecting or implementing the order of SC. Example - HSRP Implementation, Wearing of helmet, Ban on smoking in public places. I am wondering why this particular verdict has taken precedence all over. We may need to wait for some more time to get to know the conspiracy behind this drama by our lawmakers and the judiciary.
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  6. dj.nish

    dj.nish Superiore

    So guys whats the update for Mumbai? Cops still active in fining, or removal on the spot, or dormant?

    Any specific areas / roads / timings to avoid?

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  7. caffeineam

    caffeineam Amatore

    Spotted a Porsche owner being challaned near Worli Naka this morning. In the suburbs there are plenty of cars with tints driving around. From what I hear, Malad near the malls is a popular spot for catching motorists.
  8. Guys!!
    I have some news!!
    Had a chat with a glass agenccy in hyderabad yesterday!!
    He seems to be working on a solution with a japaneese firm!
    The thing he'll do is remove the glasses from the car!!
    And apply a special coating of some sort on the glass itself!
    Meaning there would be no film visible and the glass would like OEM tinted from within the glass!

    Some reprieve atleast!
    He was telling me it is RTA approved since there is no gilm involved!!

    Hopefully it'll do the trick and these cops wouldnt pester us!! Since there is no film visible and the glass is tinted ;)

    This thing is being started in the next few weeks!!
    He was telling all the equipment would be ready by march 1st week!
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  9. mvb4u

    mvb4u Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    So, soon we are going to get some relief from sun burns!
  10. Arkin

    Arkin Amatore

    Can you please PM me the Contact details of the glass agency.

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