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"From Friday, any tinted film on car windows will be illegal" - Supreme Court

Discussion in 'Non FIAT Cars and two wheelers' started by Rituraj, May 2, 2012.

  1. puntosat

    puntosat Superiore

    SUpport people who are ridiculing SC order above...

    Its a pathetic order...

    SO many problems....

    If they wan't to avoid illegal activities...they will fail..ppl can still use curtains,clothes etc

    Tdy near manyata tech park I saw a Ford figo with an old lady & kid at back seat they had used news paper to block the heat....:) :) :)

    And when the car turned in the next curve and sunlight direction shifted ..they changed the news paper to other window :) :) lol!!!

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  2. pammuluvcars

    pammuluvcars Regolare

    Bala and Jummu,

    Let me tell you my story. I bought this car in 2010 Nov. That means more than a year and a half now. I always disliked films on the clear glasses, for that matter even small stickers these service people paste there. I always loved originality and the classy look of plain glass. It looked awesome. 2011 summer gone by without much damage, then came 2012 summer. In Bangalore summer is not that cruel, but elsewhere it is not the same. In March of 2012 I drove to my native in Kerala along with my wife, her mother and two other friends. I was aware of the scorching sun in Kerala, so we had stuffed our boot with water bottles, big cans full of water melon juice and a box full of watermelon cubes. We started around 5 in the morning and by mid day we entered kerala. AC was on full blow and still passengers in the back bench complained about poor AC. They were very uncomfortable through out the journey. The temperature inside the cabin started to rise even before we entered kerala coz when we drive from KA to KE, the most stretch of the journey is in TN. But once we entered Kerala Sun was already in full blow directly above us. Now sunlight is all over inside the cabin coz all glasses allow maximum sunlight at this position. By the time we reached our destination we all were like half dead.

    We returned to Bangalore 2 days later. Again the same story. Even though we started early in the morning, by the time we finished quarter stretch, sun was up n shining getting more closer to the globe. Once we got back home in bangalore, my friend declared "I will never travel in a car anywhere in the day time" I cant blame him, what he told me was the truth. Even I realized it. He blamed me for not having tints. At that point I was not very sure about the heat reduction these sun control films could give. Then again in April I had to go to my native. I decided that before this trip I will install sun films and see. When I drive from Kerala to Karnataka early in the morning sunlight hits the right side of the vehicle when it comes up. By 8-9 AM sun light starts piercing the right side glass and directly hit my right hand. This continues till it goes up for 12 PM services :D. Every time i drive from kerala, I felt that my hand is burning. I bought the 50% from 3M for side glasses and 70 for front glass. The result is amazing. This time the trip was very comfortable. I did not have to put the AC in full blow. Saved on fuel and my skin. During my return trip I was continously checking the temperature level on the driver side door pad. You know why? Coz before the film, the door pad used to get very hot. I am not telling after installing sun film the cabin is extra cool or anything. It still allow heat in, but a lot lot lot lesser than before. After films, I get a feeling of safety, false it may be, but that feeling of too much exposed is not there. You probably have a point which you want to prove, but what I am trying to tell you are facts. It is not about privacy. I still can see the inside of my car clearly even in night time coz mine are the most transparent sheets.

    Well whatever, every one have their own story. Banning anything for inefficiency of the existing system is running away from hard facts. Just 3 or 4 days ago there was an incident in delhi, in which a woman was gang raped inside a tempo. Now how is that going to be controlled? By passing another ruling that tempos, vans, buses and any vehicle of the sort with opaque walls should be made of glass without sunfilms? I will not call this judgement as ridiculous, stupid or the like wise. But I will call it immature and inappropriate. About this girl who was gang raped, I dont understand one thing in here. She was offered a lift by a stranger late in the night and she accepted it. She lives in the infamous Delhi and she probably must be aware of these sort of activities, still accepted the offer from a stranger. Men in Delhi has more sex drive or are they sex starved? Why all this abduction and gang rapes are staged in Delhi and other northern parts of this country?

    Sun control films are not at all a luxury, please realize it.
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  3. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    Abdul,LOL.yeah am getting real good tips now!!!,it's always the experienced guys who guide the others you know!!!
    Guys who will be really affected by the ban on films would be the ones who had been doing hanky panky things inside the car!.For that,now they will have to seek theatres showing really bad Ram gopal varma movies!!,for some privacy.Even then they will have to think twice if hanky panky pleasures overweigh RGV ka headache!
    Jokes apart,in the rural areas it's not expensive sunfilms with visibility which were installed,they are the local ones which are totally dark and black,so,better they are removed.
  4. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    Any such ruling will always have protests.

    When the compulsory helmet rule came in years ago, there were so many protests so much so that the ruling was deferred, deferred and deferred. One can also argue that putting on a helmet in scorching sun is a kill. Even I felt so that time & even today when I'm buying a helmet today for our Activa which is used only in our society but still I was using a helmet that time & will be using it now.

    If one wants to reduce sun effect on car AC/ cooling, there are several ways- Buy those rectangle nets with suction point. This can be used during noon time when sun is at his very best ! or if you are that sensitive to AC & sun exposure, there are cars with powerful AC e.g. Ford Figo !! Always park the car under shade and not directly under sunlight. If shade is not available & there are no trees, too bad that one is so sensitive to heat or lack of chilling cooling. In any case, even under scorching sun, 7-8 minutes AC on full blower makes the cabin manageable in terms of cooling, if not chilling.

    And neither this ruling or nothing else will wipe out or remove crimes for criminals will find ways.

    @pamuluvcars - Your experience is quite bad. Have you checked AC of your car? For I never experienced nor heard of such an extreme experience. And I travelled in my Linea to Gujarat which is extremely hot.
  5. amitp

    amitp Amatore

    Pune, Maharashtra
    Hi All,

    Kindly fill the basic data form at the end of this write up. The data will be helpful for the writer to substantiate his arguments when he files for the amendment of CMVR 100 (2). Hoping that all of you are aware that originally the VLT (Visual Light Transmission) permissible was 70/50 % and the recent Supreme Court ruling made it to 70/40 % if the glass is provided by manufacturer of the vehicle. (“No black film or any other material can be pasted on the windscreens and side glasses of a vehicle.”)

    UV Rays - A killer just let loose in India

    This data form does not capture any personal details and will help that person who is willing to take some action as against people like me who are unable to do so.

    Also it will be very helpful if anyone can get details of the right person in Saint Gobain or Asahi, both of whom manufacture automotive glasses in India. I hope that a lot of people would be interested in purchasing 40% side glasses [tinted laminated safety glass within the appropriate AIS (Automotive Industry Standard)]. This option flouts the only legality that the glass is not supplied by the manufacturer of the vehicle.

    Thanks and Cheers!!!

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  6. pammuluvcars

    pammuluvcars Regolare

    @Vahanpujari: No comments
  7. swamibshankar


    It should be followed with consistency. This rule came 5 yrs back also but vanished. Will this be applicable for VIP / political parties cars ??????
  8. Nope. VIPs are excluded . They are allowed to do anything inside their respective cars.

  9. jumu

    jumu Superiore

    UV rays emitted by the sun are at safe levels always. A big hue and cry has been let loose by the medical and cosmetic industry to help sell Sunscreen lotions. You will see that the SP rating of the sun screen lotions increasing by the year thereby installing more fear into them. Fear and caution are the new marketing mantra be it in defence industry or pharma industry . If UV rays are so bad then all the people who work in the open should be dead and gone in a month or so while at work

    As @vahan mentioned everything good for the people are shot down for the flimsiest of reasons. Tamil nadu is the worst in implementation. I was on bikes for close to 16 years and I really enjoyed wearing a helmet. It gave me riding confidence kept my face fresh as a bonus than being filled with dust and grime. I am so thankful to the helmet as I had fallen off 4 times from my bike and twice I hit my head and it was all fine. I find many of the riders fall and I make it a point to tell them to wear a helmet and some of them have abused me. Well I have nothing to lose and they have everything. My logic was that I could afford only a two wheeler my life was balanced on two wheels and was striving how best to make it safer, and wearing a helmet was the closest answer i got for my question.

    The Supreme court I am sure would have pored over all views before arriving at this decision and we have to respect that.

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  10. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    If one is diagnosed of CANCER or AIDS does he die immediately? some live for 3 days ,6months ,10yrs . But the damage is done. DO you agree or not?

    Do you have proof for this? Please visit the supreme court website and see if you can find the judgment proceedings and help us enlighten ourselves about this fact

    CDC - UV Radiation - NIOSH Workplace Safety and Health Topic
    Please go through this website.
    if you dont know what CDC stands for , it means "Center for Disease control and Prevention.. Pay not to the .gov domain also
    "Unlike many websites selling skin care products which talk about ill effects of UV rays ,this one is actually interested in health and safety only....."

    More info here..
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I'm tired of listening about baseless accusations..
    If anyone hates sun-films and loves lying under the sun let it be... We have no problems..
    If anyone is re-quoting statements and entering a debate PLEASE PLEASE provide facts.
    Let this esteemed forum NOT be another assembly session...

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