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"From Friday, any tinted film on car windows will be illegal" - Supreme Court

Discussion in 'Non FIAT Cars and two wheelers' started by Rituraj, May 2, 2012.

  1. eNVe

    eNVe Amatore

    Hmmm... very sad... not sure how am i going to manage having 3 months old son onboard.
    Havent been into the city for a while now...
  2. Rituraj

    Rituraj Regolare

    Jorhat, Assam
    Don't criminals conceal weapons underneath clothes? Transparent clothes anyone? :confused
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  3. Nithrath

    Nithrath Amatore

    Any such citings in hyderabad of the insistance of the removal of the tints?
  4. Loki


    Phew ...I saved myself some 7k - Thought i'll install 3M sunfilm on my car but decided to delay and now this. This Avishek Goenka's logic is out of the world. But I think the bunch of Judges at the Supreme Court who came up with this can give him a run for his money when it comes to sheer stupidity.

    Few points:
    1. "Dark glasses are OK, but having similar VLT sunfilm in not OK" - this should take the award for most stupid policy of the year / decade.
    2. Having the friendly cops peel off the sunfilm for you is very helpful. Thank you government. Now who are going to dispose off the peeled off sunfilms ? I went to the BDA complex, Indiranagar in Bangalore where peeled sunfilm was all over the place. I know its too much to expect from the traffic cops :( But I think the owners of cars should also have made sure they dispose it in a better way
    3. I read that only people having Z / Z+ level security grade will be allowed to have darker tints. What about Celebrities/ film actors? Good luck with their privacy :)
    4. This is a wonderful pay hike for traffic cops. I think all the Blore traffic cops cant wait for May 19 to arrive - when they can make quick bucks.

    For those who still haven't removed their sun films, i'd suggest to wait it out for a little while longer. This is a Stupid Ruling and I'm sure there will be a petition challenging it soon
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  5. Punter Punto

    Punter Punto Timido

    Hope the so called RULE is applicable for all GOVT VEHICLES (ministers,police etc etc)
  6. pammuluvcars

    pammuluvcars Regolare

    Incredible India:mad:
  7. sungoa2010


    Does anybody know the procedure of counter petition. Do we need an lawyer for that. The laws are so complex that common people will always stay away from it.
    India is a paradise for law breakers. Those who obey it it is a hell. poor people has to suffer the inability of courts to control the law breakers. If government/court want to wipe out the criminals where is the problem? They don't want, nothing else. The judgement is nothing but beating the bush.
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  8. pammuluvcars

    pammuluvcars Regolare

    A person called some Goenka filed a Public Interest Litigation for some cause. What he got from it, only he knows, not even God. Now probably some one else can file another PIL for genuine causes. Removal of Sun Control films can cause XYZ problems. XYZ should be genuine. Should make sense. Health concerns like skin allergies, skin cancer etc. Reasons like privacy and jewellery and valuables kept inside a car will not be considered. Consult a lawyer (I bet there will be so many lawyers also who are going to suffer from this thoughtless judgement some are probably members of TFI as well :)) for this anyways.
  9. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    Yes. Since you will be appealing against the verdict of the Supreme Court, you are required to file a review petition to the Bench of the Supreme Court through a senior counsel, whose hourly fee will run into lakhs of rupees!:)
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  10. thomman85

    thomman85 Esperto

    i spoke to a traffic police today.. in Cochin..He said so far no such order.. But all this will depend on the mood and pressure from above.

    anyways. i have decided to take it off... coz i'm planning to travel to Bangalore and Chennai some time soon..

    one question..

    Does removing sun films damage the rear defogger???

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