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"From Friday, any tinted film on car windows will be illegal" - Supreme Court

Discussion in 'Non FIAT Cars and two wheelers' started by Rituraj, May 2, 2012.

  1. sungoa2010


    Correctly said. This will get added to that list.
    I have a doubt. Incase if the rule taken back by supreme court by observing the drawback. By this times crores of money of indians might have already wasted.
    What is the difference between the cases against ministers in scam and this one. Does this a scam. Will there be a legal action against the judge?
    If police person,a defense person, a minister etc are answerable to their mistakes why not a judge answerable when he does mistake in his judgements.
    First look at the existing rule. Find the loop holes. How they can arrive at conclusions without implementing it. It is called escapism. If this is the kind of quality in such a small issue what about the bigger national issues. who will monitor the judiciary if they go wrong.
  2. fiatlover

    fiatlover Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.4
    What's going to happen is this:
    Fearing the law and the fines, we all will get our films removed, primarily because a vast majority of us are law-abiding citizens. Once the removal excercise subsides, the sun film companies themselves will move supreme court and obtain a stay against the order, or get it nullified. Then, it will be time for us, the same law-abiding citizens, again to go back to the sun film companies to get the films done again.

    Don't ask me where all the peeled of plastic will be disposed. Who cares?
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  4. mayank

    mayank Amatore

  5. pammuluvcars

    pammuluvcars Regolare

    Am asking again....like TFI meets why cant we organize a mass protest against this rule? No media, mass are coming out with any kind of protests on this issue so far. Some one from TFI should take the lead and organize a mass protest against this discriminating rule. At least TFI will be the first one to come in protest against a totally anti-people law. We all know that this nonsense rule is going to affect health, safety and money for the common man. Not just for a few people, but for the whole country we should stand united. Please start a thread on Peaceful Protest Against Carpet Ban on Sun control films. We should not only think about car owners but those people working in this industry as well. Those people who earn a living applying sun films. How many will go jobless. How many will go out of business. A ruling like this is not the sort which should be imposed in a day or a month. At the least 3 to 6 months should be given so as to study the consequences of enforcing this law such as health hazards, theft etc.
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  6. ramjn

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    Protesting against a court order is unconsitutional. Only way to challenge this is to file a review petition with the so called honourable Supreme Court of India.
  7. Did they forget about boot? Boot is a good place to hide a kidnapped person, weapons, black money… SC should order that no one should keep the boot closed. Lolz.
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  8. singh

    singh Amatore

    Almost every car has Glass which is 99% UV resistant and at-least 20% tinted by default. Dark tint do keep the thieves away from stealing as visibility is low. Front Glass Film Adds to safety also.
  9. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    Glass is 99% UV resistant???
    Do you mean glass as a substance can sustain up to 99% of UV ray battering or do you mean that if anyone is on the other side of the glass he is prevented from UV rays hitting him by 99%
    Please explain, They there would be no need for tints apart from plain privacy...

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    I signed up as well..
    Thanks for the link , hopefully there is a stay on this decision before May 19th, at least

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