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From car hunt to booking Grande Punto 90 HP - 10,500+ kms review (pics included)

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP' started by drarvindc, May 20, 2011.

  1. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    In my Punto it was bent, so I changed it to Wooden Tray.
  2. mayurbhatia


    Great write up - loved the way you described the dilemma one goes thru before buying a car. The pics are amazing - Punto BNW is just beautiful.

    >>Satguide C230 navigator - works amazing

    Where did you get this from and what was the cost? This sure is a great utility!
  3. drarvindc


    Another advantage of being alive and active on this forum. Got the link to the guy who removes dent and i had been waiting for such stuff for over 2 months. This trip to Pune was fruitful, got huge Dent fixed from the Front Bumper, Let the pics do the talking :

    A. Wife hit a boulder while parking at a construction site:



    Really nasty one.. TASS wanted to keep the car for 3-4 days to remove it (wierd right?).

    B. Called this guy for fixing it up (link found in Kedar's thread)


    All done within 20 mins.

    C. After Fix :


    D. Guy who did it :
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  4. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    :wow thats great Doc...

    Does this guy work on fiber parts only or on metal parts also?

    Hay Arvind are you in Pune?
  5. drarvindc


    Hi kedar,

    Yes, he works on metal parts too. Yes, i am in Pune, going back to Nagpur tomorrow early morning. The car looks good again, after removing the dent.

  6. drarvindc


    Update on 20,500 kms and recent issues (minor) :

    Had few niggling issues with my Punto over the past 1-2 months :

    Last week on saturday 28/01/2012, took appointment at Jaika Motors, Nagpur and waited for my turn. All familiar faces and greetings around felt like home. Explained the issues and jobcard was made, waited for my turn. Got the best of the treatment, here are the issues faced and solution provided :

    1. Speakers and Blue & me issue : Just as it happens in fairy tales : One fine day for no reason the speakers went dead... no more music no more blue & me. rest all seemed to be working great. Checked & shook every visible wire, nothing. Drove to market hit a pothole and bang the speakers are back.. but then the same thing in the morning, all silent. Drove for few more days looking for potholes and it worked.. eventually the potholes jump was also rendered useless. Thought of taking the car to TASS was inevitable.

    >> Experienced driver (must say that) took the car from me and while parking took the car through their bumpy drain covers. Bingo the speakers are back after a month of silence. Then it took me a while to convince them that the problem is present for long and just today it somehow got fixed. Their diagnostic monitor was attached to system and all was good. No issues observed. However, being convinced they took out the Bosch made audio system and they classified it as Delphi make(not sure what that is).. Took pictures of the system, confirmed the Bosch system Code (printed on system card) and filed it for replacement. Hope to get the replacement in 7-10 days. They say, it cant be repaired only replaced and what looks like a loose connection is more of a audio system failure.

    2 & 3. MID error about airbag failure & Car Protection system failure light : Airbag failure started popping up almost every morning and used to go off later, checked around in forums and it was supposed to be due to dying battery. Since the car is driven around in the city for now, so it was not an urgent issue and so was to be taken care whenever, the car goes in for checkup. One fine evening, while coming back home, i started car and the icon (car + lock) stayed amber all the way, checked the manual and it was Car Protection system failure. Afraid of what else may popup in the coming days, decided to take the car in for checkup last saturday (28/01/2012)

    >> No error on diagnostic. All hinted on getting the battery changed in near future and there is nothing to worry about the errors for now.

    4. Left front mud flap was broken for few weeks and the car was getting really really dirty due to that, so this was to be taken care too.

    >> Mud flaps and one perfume Rs 375/. purchased and fixed. Did not get the original mud flaps though.

    5. Dancing Steering wheel : Steering wheel had the whobbling since the second services, when they rotated the tyres. had got that checked the very next week after the second services too, that brought the whobbling down a little, was told to run in car for some time, so that the wear and tear is uniform, that was supposed to take care of the issue. Inspite of running 5,000 kms after the second servicing, it only worsened. For once, i thought i will have to live with it.

    >> Left front alloy wheel was bit bended (courtsey probably the pothole i hit last time on my nagpur-pune trip). So it was placed to right rear. Front wheels balanced and aligned. Wow! that did the trick, no more dancing steering wheel. Had to drive that way for 2-3 months.

    6. She loves 15 : Yes, this has not improved since day 1. The average in city is 15 km/l and highway is 18km/l .

    >> There are no settings for milege in the car. advised to push to 4th / 5th gear early.

    Time spent on car in the service station : 3 hrs
    Charges : 375/- Only for mud flap and perfume.
    TASS Experience : Absolutely excellent. I am satisfied.

    Shook hand with almost everyone who touched my car there and drove home, listening music and a steady steering.

    Next on line are battery change, vaccum cleaner purchase and accept the sweet 15 milege as standard.
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  7. Relativity

    Relativity Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Why do you need a vacuum cleaner?
  8. drarvindc


    To clean the interiors. We have a dog too, so her hair is everywhere, plus the smaller stones, its hard to pick them with fingers and need to be sucked out.
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  9. Crazy_Eddy

    Crazy_Eddy Novizio

    Having the same issue - Car Protection system failure. Did you get this resolved finally?
  10. prasen123

    prasen123 Amatore


    I am thinking to buy wooden parcel shelf to fit my Sony Speakers, as the stock speakers are soooooooo good that I need to shift to better speakers. :devil. As you have already installed the speakers by cutting the shelf and keeping the steel rod intact, does this hamper the sound quality?

    What you suggest, cut the original parcel shelf or opt for the wooden shelf?

    Proud to be Fiatian....

    ---------- Post added at 05:37 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:17 PM ----------

    Hi Kedar, was looking into your Get Featured - Kedar Bendre and His Fiat | MotorBeam - Indian Car Bike News & Reviews reveiw.. Awesome ... need help..

    Where did you buy BASS FX wooden parcel tray for Punto? I need to fit it to my car too.
    And also, the Abarth steackers... need white one.. please tell me how to procure?


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