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Free Insurance from Future Generali for Fiat Cars - bane or boon?

Discussion in 'Insurance & Loan Reviews' started by speedJet, Oct 7, 2011.


Should we stop renewing / buying policy from Future Generali?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. brandnewpunter

    brandnewpunter Amatore

    I am going to book a new Punto and can I get 0% depreciation insurance. If yes please let me know extra cost and procedure.
  2. I will not even rate Future Generali. It is almost 3 months I am running behind those people and the process is still going on .

    Reason : They are not ready to declare my car as total loss. And as per them they will replace the shell only if the car is rolled over. Now who in the world can roll over a car when it get sandwiched betwen 2 heavy trucks ? They want me to repair the deformed shell.They asked me to reshape both the right side doors so that it can fit "perfectly" inside the deformed shell. Funny or brillliant idea ? Even the body shop experts at service center is not even able to guarentee 80% perfection in this work. Then as a customer how much perfection should I expect ? 50% ?? or 70% ?? Along with this they want me to replace almost 100 parts of the car including one-third of the engine. I find it very unsafe to travel with family in such a car.

    I straight away rejected this "OFFER" from Future Generali.

    I feel pitty when I understand that they are doing all this to save a few lakhs of rupees. Now when a insurance company's main objective is to make money even by compromising peoples life, what more we can say? Just avoid it .

    Even if I get a new car from FIAT I will make sure that the insurance is not from Future Generali.

    If insurance company open up their hands when the car is un repairable, what is the point in taking "insurance" from them ? If they expect us to insurance our car for some minor scratches or dents, then why we have to pay this huge money ?

    Now I understood why every Tom, Dick and Harry opens up insurance company in India and every one is showing huge profits in their balance sheet.

    I request all my friends not to go with Future Generali. Better spend few thousands and get your car insured from any other good insurance company.
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  3. speedJet

    speedJet Superiore

    Sad to hear this Cuty Red

    Thanks for sharing this information. Dealing with most insurance companies is difficult. Till now the impression was that these guys are good. It now appears that they are also the same as others. Is Bajaj Allianz better?
  4. teky

    teky Esperto

    In such a case you're better of getting the Absolute pack and buying the insurance elsewhere, to my knowledge FG doesn't offer B2B protection and to top it up Ajit's experience with them I wouldn't recommend to anyone anymore. It's better to buy it elsewhere say like TATA AIG or Bajaj Allianz.

    For a brand new Punto expect the B2B policy to cost somewhere close to 20K.
  5. Not sure speedJet about Bajaj Allianz. I can tell which one to avoid :)

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  6. dhans4all

    dhans4all Amatore

    I had a very good experience with bajaj alliaz and Tata AIG. given these two choices I will rate Bajaj allianz little over Tata AIG.
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  7. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    I always had good experience with HDFC ERGO in my 4 years of ownership with Getz. Now, I have got my 2nd year insurance from ERGO. If you are keen on B2B, get quote from both Tata-AIG and HDFC ERGO. Both are good.
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  8. sungoa2010


    I too had taken from HDFC ERGO this time. The way FG handled Ajit's claim decided that I will never go for FG.
  9. I am with Royal Sundaram, happy with 3 claims so far, not much of paper work either.
  10. apraveen25

    apraveen25 Novizio

    My Punto Emotion Pack(2011) Insurance expired on coming 30th.

    I have following quotes with me now. I am looking suggetions from you. Price is important for me but not with the cost of service.


    Please suggest...
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