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Fortune Panvel: Clutch Slave Cylinder and Alloys free replacement

Discussion in 'Technical' started by puntoharry, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. puntoharry

    puntoharry Timido

    They say that Car is your trusted companion and if you take care of it properly it will never desert you.

    My Punto showed today that why it can be trusted today. After the euphoria of India’s victory yesterday we left for our house in Panvel back from Daman. As soon as I hit the highway my clutch suddenly got stuck. My worst fears came true. I had known of the ‘CLUTCH SLAVE CYLINDER ISSUE‘ hitting the early Fiat Puntos. I was among the early Punto’ers’ and was among the first to check if my vehicle was one among the affected. I had called the official Tata Motors official workshop and verified them about the same. When I gave my car for second service from Fortune motors in Nerul, I again cross checked and they told me that a replacement was not required. I had to go by their word and the vehicle went on and on. For 14000 kms my Punto was operating with an organ failure but it did not complain.

    Coming back to Daman, I was stuck in the middle of the highway. I had my friend with me who has his own workshop and we decided that we will check out the nearest FIAT service center. The first person whom I called when this happened is Sandeep Rathod. He is the man whom I blindly trust and will continue to do so. He advised me the same.

    We somehow brought the vehicle back to Panvel where I called Mr Rane of Fortune Panvel and he told me not to worry and he will do the needful.

    My Punto did not ditch me and I can now proudly say that I am a proud Punto’er once again.

    LEARNINGS: First of all be active on TEAMFIAT.CO.IN

    Secondly, when you get a feeling that your vehicle is behaving differently, remember it is trying to say something.

    This morning I gave my car to Fortune Panvel Guys for a recheck. I dropped the keys and set off to office. At around 11am I get a call from the dealership informing me that during test drive, my car got punctured and when tried to repair it, they found out that my Alloys were cracked. I was shocked to hear this. I called Sandeep again and asked his opinion. As always he gave me his valuable time and advise. I told the service guys that when I gave the Car everything was proper and I cannot buy the fact that an alloys can get cracked. They told me at that time that their Manager, Mr Rane is not available today and we need to talk to him before we decide. I then contacted Mr Rane and he assured me that he will look into it once he is back on Monday. He told me to take the car and trust his words.

    I reached the Service center at 5.30 pm and Mr Sandesh, with whom I was talking all this while tells me that these guys have spoken to their MD and have managed to replace my Alloys because they accepted that it was their mistake. I heaved a sigh of relief and thanked god because justice was done. However I will have to pay some amount for the new tires as the old tires have been damaged. Will meet Mr Rane on Monday and decide the further course of action.

    Learnings: Please ensure that everything is proper when you give the car for servicing/repairs and ensure that the guys agree with the same.

    However the clutch cylinder issue still seems to persist as I can hear a small sound when I shift to the third gear.

    I appreciate the service by the Fortune guys inspite of the mental agony I had to suffer but as they say all is well for the moment.

    <End of my first post on TFI. Sandeep, I promise to be active now>

    Update: Met Mr Rane. Have to cough up Rs 3200 for the new tires as the new tires cost Rs 4500 according to TATA Motors and the remaining amount will be paid by the dealers. At the moment I do not have the time to fight and get justice. I tried to mail Mr Mangesh but he has not responded as well. Hope the FIAT guys are reading this post and will help me out on this. I am among the guys who trust FIAT blindly but after this incident I may just have to be a bit wary."
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  2. subin


    My punto is manufactured in August 2009. I checked with the concorde and they told me that replacement not required but my friends punto that also manufactured in august 2009 was stuck in the middle of road due to clutch slave cylinder problem and got replaced under warranty. Is there any way to identify the vehicles comes in the replacement list with fiat?.
  3. puntoharry

    puntoharry Timido

    @Subin It is better you tell them to check and do the needful.
    @Chaos. Bhai, where is the remaining post?
  4. BeeGee


    I luv my Punto. Enjoy every time i drove it.

    I didnt face any major issue since i had this (2009 Dec).

    I had a full battery drain due to unknown reason once (May 2011), and thankfully it worked after recharging completely by the service center.

    After that, today morning I got a CLC (clutch slave cylinder). right in the middle of the traffic, my 2009 model punto 1.4 EP broke down due to clutch slave cylinder issue.

    Thanks to fiat roadside assistance, they reached the spot (infront of Big Bazar Old Madras Road, Bangalore) within half an hour and took me to the nearest fiat service center (Concord Motors Hosur Road).

    My Car was under Warranty. The service adviser informed that he will replace the CLC without any charges, and the replaced piece will be metallic one, and i shouldn't have any problem regarding this. There was a nominal charge towards the clutch/break fluid replacement (Rs 100-200).

    I hope it works fine after the replacement, as apart from these two, my punto never ditched me.

    In a way Im happy that all these small issues are happening within the warranty.
  5. fiatlover

    fiatlover Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.4
    Mine is also Aug 2009 manufactured. I got the clutch slave cylinder replaced under warranty a few months back form Concorde, bangalore. CSC replacement is a FIAT campaign and I think it applies all Puntos manufatured till Aug 2010.

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