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Ford Launches Its OpenXC SDK And Hardware Specs To Let Developers Access Its Cars’

Discussion in 'Non FIAT Cars and two wheelers' started by ketankhairnar, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Viny

    Viny Esperto

    Very interesting and this opens up a big platform DIY guys who where as of now just relying on OBD data's

    Some DIY Example:

    1. If its 6pm, start the headlight after i start the car automatically :)
    2. On starting the car, do a auto screen wash and wipe :)
    3. Check all the matrixes at the start of car.
    4. Record driver based in car preferences, like audio volume, honking style, in car light preferences
    5. Integrated with GPS it can give details about car performance in a given type of terrian, thus a better planing can be done on basis of terrain.

    There are many things that can be done based on what all the api allows to do, weather its just oneway or two way interaction.
    Good for industry at large :)
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  2. Surya

    Surya Superiore

    Namma Bengaluru
    Also .. Start playing songs at a scheduled time, share info and status on FB, get to know others status, Vehicle diagnostics upload to Service database similar things, Recently there was a event for developers from Ford

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