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FOG LAMP - Retrofit Blazzer / Morimoto Matchbox HI

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by Manilruben, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. Manilruben

    Manilruben Amatore

    Earlier i had fitted the Blazzer Fog by just making a Plate and fixing it on the OE for assembly. The outcome and problems i faced.

    • Aim of the projector was not correct
    • Condensation of water inside the fogs

    So after lot of studies i was convinced that the fogs need to be retrofitted like the same way as i did my headlights.

    Started my work 15 days earlier

    Things you would require :
    • DREMEL TOOL - 300 /30 Series
    • Star tool kit
    • Anabond 555 - 100 ml
    • M seal / JB weld (which i imported from US)
    • WACKER GP silicones which can withstand 250 degress Temperature
    • Heat Gun

    The Blazzers very dirty cleaned it but yet the lens inside was foggy so i removed the front lens cap and removed the lens very tricky please take utmost care . You also have a cutoff sheild which can be removed and cleaned (if you need a sharp blue cut off you can slightly push it towards the bulb for a clear sharp cut off)

    Next remove the OE fogs from the cluster. Using the HEAT GUN remove the front glass so that you can get hold of the reflector gently push the reflector from behind after removing the bulb from the holder. Lastly remove the alignment screw this will give space to fit in the projector fogs inside the housing.

    Once you done with it measure the DIA of the Blazzer Fog which is 2 inches and using a DREMEL cut the reflector so that reflector can hold the blazzer. Dont hurry yourself since if you over do it your aim of the projector might get shifted.

    Please cut away the holders in the Blazzer fogs. since there is no sufficient space for the PROJECTOR FOGS.

    Once done fit the projector on the reflector and do a trial run whether your fogs are fitting in the housing, this is very very crusial , since i had to repeat 4 times to get the housing fit properly else aligning the fogs will be an issue. Now you can seal the gaps using Mseal or JB weld healing time is almost 8 hrs
    1373641940162.jpg 1373641964320.jpg

    Once done you can fix the front glass by using anabond 555 and seal the same using the WACKER GP SILICONE.

    2013-07-16 11.08.45.jpg 2013-07-16 11.09.19.jpg 2013-07-16 11.10.06.jpg

    Now refit the fogs on to the cluster. you need to aim the projector by parking the car at about 25 Ft away from the wall. There is no rule at what height you need to aim it is personal choice unlike your headlamp projectors which is my next project.

    OK OK the light output yes i will surely post it i am on the other project of color mod for MINI H1 Morimoto once done i will post both together.:D
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  2. Manilruben

    Manilruben Amatore

    Now the light out put

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