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Focal Integration series in my Jet

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by eyeguy, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. hirenmistry

    hirenmistry Amatore

    I'm game, ICE'd or not :)
  2. johnny

    johnny Regolare

    Greater Noida
    Greater Noida
    Grande Punto 1.3
    I hope to be in Mumbai by 15 April (maybe a few days earlier). After that I am game.

  3. Herbie

    Herbie Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.4
    @ eyeguy

    i would like to listen to your setup, as i want to have a comparison with regards to the the focal components that i have installed in my punto running via stock headunit.
    i am contemplating a aftermarket headunit in near future. but first i wanna check any difference in SQ with regards to components/coaxials......
  4. dj.nish

    dj.nish Superiore

    @eyeguy - When can we meet in Thakur Village? I have to make a decision on buying Focal and auditioning your speakers is the only way to decide for me!
  5. SoumenPaul

    SoumenPaul Regolare

    Please help in selecting speakers for Linea MJD Em PK

    I own a Linea MJD em pk since 2009 sept and clocked 45K till date.
    From the day 1, I wanted to upgrade the speakers but did not do it till date !
    After reading the posts in teamfiat beacme interested for upgrade and searching for decent speakers to upgrade the stock ones.
    As I have no plan to add amp or sub basically trying for good and VFM speakers.
    Currently I am in US and there are good offers on speakers in amazon and buy.com.
    I have zeroed in on a set given below, any advice on whether the set is fine and better than the stock (expecting 30% better sound with some bass effect, as the stock spk bass is very dissapointing) would be greatly appreciated, also comment whether the prices are ok.

    1.Front Doors - Power Bass S6C 6.5", 4 ohm, 35w rms, depth 2.25" - Price 40$- Inr 2K
    2.Rear Doors - Rockford Fosgate Prime R152, co axial, 5.25", 35w rms, 4 ohm - Price 40$- Inr 2K
    ( I have checked the spec of the OEM - 4ohm 20 Watts in some forum and advice that not to go for higher wattage speakers )

    Total it will cost me 4K, Are this good enough for the price.
    Pics attached. any comments are welcome.

    PB_S6C_6-5in_4ohm_35wt_rms_depth2-25Inch.jpg RockfordFosgate_Prime_R152_5-25inch_35w_rms_4ohm.jpg
  6. Herbie

    Herbie Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.4
    i think any speaker from a known brand will give better sound compared to the oem craps being bundled with fiats in India. You can go for all coaxials in doors if you dont intend to stick or screw the tweeter on your dash. ( especially when you are not looking to upgrade to an amp or a sub later)

    in all probability you might end up screwing the tweeters on dash as the 2 sided tape may come off due to heat etc. (it generally doesnt hold good for long)

    as far as for your desire for an 30% increase in sound quality :-? ...... well will be easily surpassed as mentioned above by using any entry level speakers from known brands..to be safe.

    experts correct me if i am wrong.

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    i also suggest you buy stuff from india coz the online thingy as i have heard cud be from not so genuine sellers!! then there are those warranty issues aswell :(

    try this indian link for price understanding etc... they hav got couple of speakers in 2.5k range

    JBL India, JBL Speakers, JBL Car Audio, JBL Amplifiers Delhi

    best thing is to drive down to your fiat authorised seller...they usually have blaupunkts etc near about in the same price range u are looking at...plus your warranty void concerns are also taken care of incase you are tat concerned nd ol.
  7. SoumenPaul

    SoumenPaul Regolare

    @Herbie, thank you so much for your comments. U r right to say that 30% increase any upgrade will give.
    yes I will not get any warranty in India for these.
    Thanks again for the suggestions.
  8. I am planning to replace the OEM speaker with Focal Integration for my new Punto Emotion as well. I wrote a mail to Focal support in USA to check about the difference between IC 165 and ISC 165 and the response is

    "The ISC is the new version of the IC, that's really the only difference. This is why you will see a lower price on the IC, as it is a discontinued model."
  9. rahulvfx

    rahulvfx Amatore

    Hi Soumen,

    Recently to celebrate 1yr of my beauty I have also upgraded my ICE and many more (will put a separate thread for that), but the point here is, while up-gradation I was put RF Prime, but after several reviews from ICE installer I steped back from RF Prime. The reason I found was, the top mounted tweeter int his particular series is not to for high bass sound-tracks, after some month this tweeter starts rattling (even I saw the demo)... So finally I changed the HU to JVC and front Polk comp and back Polk cox ... now it's like PUB .... only one think I skipped which need to do is the dampers ...

    Polk was my fav coz, for past 2 yrs I'm experiencing Polk HT, and it never gave me any chance to complain...

    Anyways it all depends on what kind of track you will be playing ...


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