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Fitst Servcie for Punto : Oil Change only at 15000Kms

Discussion in 'Pre service query' started by sadanandbondade, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. FastLove

    FastLove Superiore

    Linea 1.4
    Its 15000km or annually whichever is earlier.

    And yes... Indian conditions may need oil to be replaced @7500km as I have started doing after my 45000km service.

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  2. I have clocked 8500kms in my linea mjd
    ill be changing the oil tomorrow..
    As regards the oil colour people with previous experience with diesels know that oil turns black as soon as you pour and start the vehicle..its not an issue
    just maintain correct oil level and change it every 6 months/@ 7-8K intervals
    It will keep your engine in good health.
  3. niranjan_81


    How much did you pay for the first servicing? My first servicing is also due shortly. Do let us know the overall servicing experience.
  4. Guys..sorry for the delay in updating this thread..

    I checked it with the service personnel and found that the oil colour should be OK.
    But anohter problem which i had mentioend during my first service (about turbo not kicking in) was not fixed..I mentioend this to the feedback call..and decided to take the vehicle again to the service station.

    Initially, the guy started to fool me by giving some strange explainations about turbo " Sir, turbo in Punto kicks in as soon as the engine starts " " In punto the turbo activation is controlled by ECU but in other fiat cars it is controlled by RPM". When i gave him a nice explainaiton and told him that i work Bosch...his attitude totally changed...
    I asked him to connect the service tester to check if the boost pressure varries accordingly...I was expecting to see a graph..but unfortunately he showed me some values in service tester on desired and actual boost pressure...but were matching quiet well for all the RPM range...so, No result!!! Then i took him for a test ride and asked him to fell the turbo kick..he could not understand much (or may be he pretended that he is confused) then he looked into the engine bay and said there are no loose hoses or pipes or any other issues with turbo...He took me for a test ride after check up and i did not feel any major change...
    I am really confused as how to deal with this ???

    One information has any one information on what should be the boost pressure build up as per engine RPM for Punto 75bhp.

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    @Moderators : Can you please change the name of this thread as "First Servcie for Punto : Oil Change only at 15000Kms, turbo kick-in problem" and move it to technical section.

    It started up as a service information but it is turning out to be a tichnical one now.
  5. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor


    Do try driving another Punto 75hp. The "turbo kick" in the Punto is very, very subtle as per my experience in driving it.

    Also, how well is it pulling in the 3-5th gears?
  6. Niranjan, I paid nothing for first service. No oil change !! It was only a visual checkup and inspection and a car wash.

    The mechanic explains that if turbo is not activating then you will not be able to cross 100+ mark and the mileage will drop substantially...I am able to do 120+ easily on my punto.
    What i observed is when i was driving one way for a log trip for around 3000 RPM the mileage was 19+ but on the retuen trip when i tried to maintain the car at 2000RPM mark the mileage was around 22+.

    I have read some members who had turbo complaints and found either a hose leak or turbo changes..can you guy helps me with this observation. if it is TRUE as explained by Mechanic.

    Initially from my car the kick was impressive and evident.
    As you said i will try to check this on the demo car this weekend.
  7. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    I reckon your car is perfectly fine. Worry not. Without the turbo running as it should, the little 1248cc diesel engine would've struggled to reach any speed. :)

    Do an ECU reset+spirited drive. The car might wake up a bit more. But with time, it'll again get back to the daily driving routine.

    Cheers. Enjoy the drive.
  8. zoombiee


    Any oil degrades over time. Synthetic oil degrades a little slower. API-SM spec oils usually last a year. So even though the manual says 15k kms it is 15k kms or 1 year whichever is earlier.
  9. speedJet

    speedJet Superiore

    Does that mean that the oil shall have to be changed in those cars that were lying with dealer or Fiat for more than a year and then sold off by dealer?
  10. My guess is yes,btw this almost year old thread.

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