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First Owner of Linea Classic Plus 1.3 MJD - Hip Hop Black

Discussion in 'Linea Classic 1.3 MJD' started by sriks84, Dec 24, 2013.

  1. sriks84

    sriks84 Amatore

    Hey Guys,

    I'm a new member of this forum and I was thrilled to know that I'm the first person to own a Linea Classic Plus :) Thought of opening my ownership forum to explain the features of the car.

    In Short I would say Classic Plus 1.3 MJD is the cosmetic trimmed version of the Linea Dynamic and emotion models .. and trust me being an owner of Classic Plus makes you feel so great as you get this awsome car for a very cool price with all the main features retained in the car in today world. Now let me explain the differences between a classic plus variant and an emotion variant below.

    Some of the main Features Trimmed off in this car are given below

    1) Streeting controls and Blue and Me - not a good option for iphone users like me as iphone doesnt connect to blue tooth so no use for me here !!

    2) 16 Alloy wheels - can always be upgraded anytime

    3) Airbags - missing feature but works only when it is fatal ...

    4) Automatic climate control -- Im really happy with manual ac vents as I get awesome ac effect in the car, the difference is again cosmetics and styling here :)

    5) Remote keyless entry - can always be done for 4 K or 5 K anytime but i prefer manual central locking as I hate someone tampering Fiat genuine wires and cables !!

    6) Chrome plating on doors, bumpers, windows - Hmm again was going through 99rpm.com today and i can get all of this for 20 to 25 K anytime but Im happy with my car !!

    7) Ofcourse a slighlty detuned engine that churns out 78 PS power compared to 93 PS- I absolutely cannot see any difference, I have driven a normal linea and in fact the handling quality of this car with R14 tyres is so damn easy compared to the normal lineas, but the biggest disadvantage is that the tyres look a little small and odd when seen from outside. As said earlier it can be fixed later.

    Main Features retained in the car

    1) ABS wih EBD - which is of prime importance !!
    2) Power steering with AC
    3) Power Windows for all 4 doors
    4) every inch of this car is the same as the normal linea
    5) music system with 4 speakers
    6) Reaer Arm rest which makes the car look royal for this price
    6) Good tyres with wheel caps
    7) trip meter , mileage calculator etc.
    8) remote Boot opener
    9) Remote Fuel opener
    10) vanity mirrors with lights near front seat
    11) bottle holder etc etc

    I carefully analysed the features that were trimmed off in this variant and realized that its worth going for this car which costed by 8.61 lakhs on road with few accessories free compared to 11 lakhs on road Linea emotion., From my perspective I did not have a need to go for those cosmetics by paying 2.4 lakh rupees more and went for this car and its awsome .. really awsome.


    1) Ride quality is excellent, so easy to turn the car with r14 tyres .. no hassles what so ever
    2) Engine doesn't seem to be under powered , with me, my wife, dad and mom on nice road and normal traffic with ac knob on 4 , the engine did not even shake for a second, same power and after you cross the light turbo lag it cruises all the way..
    3) All features like inner chrome handles, rear defogger, trip meter, excellent music system with 4 speakers are all very nice for the price.

    So this is my first review of Linea Classic Plus 1.3 MJD and I would encourage to grab this beautiful italian beauty for this great price if you are not too concerned about some extra look that emotion can offer you, or else Classic Plus 1.3 MJD = Linea Emotion - Alloywhells, chrome strips, steering controls, digital Ac, 93 ps engine and few more cosmetic features in short.

    As of now in one week, I have already driven 300 odd KM's with this beauty and as Fiat says " ADMIRATION IS ALWAYS GUARANTEED" for this car.

    Will post more on my experience every now and then !!

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  2. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    I suggest get the rim changed to 15" steel rims, and take Linea Active's rim cover, looks pretty good. Change the tyres to 195/60 R15.
    Other items are not required as of now, you can keep adding things with time.
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  3. sriks84

    sriks84 Amatore

    Thanks a lot Ravi. I would certainly do that at the earliest...
  4. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    happyanim.gif Welcome aboard. Congrats on getting a REAL sedan in this price segment.

    Do show us lots of pics of the Classic.
  5. nkrishnap

    nkrishnap Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Congrats on getting the Linea Classic home. Did you buy this from Vecto Motors? I saw one HHB Linea Classic being prepared for Delivery last week.

    Enjoy many more happy miles with the classic. Do post pictures and share your experience with the Classic.

    OT: I feel the sales of classic will pick up once the new Linea is out.
  6. sriks84

    sriks84 Amatore

    Yes i got this from Vecto Motors on Dec-15 ( last Sunday ) !!
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  7. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    sriks84 many congratulations for new Linea Classic and welcome to THE TeamFIAT India. :up
  8. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    Welcome to the forum. Congrats for buying the Classic Plus 1.3 MJD.

    To be honest, I have hated Fiats decision of stripping off the extra fat from the Linea. But after reading the detailed specs I felt that; Yes, the classic plus is the only variant that people should buy among all the classics, else only buy a pre-worshiped version of regular linea on a budget, with whatever glory it has.

    Whatever reasoning you have given above is 99% correct except the Airbag bit. While your logic isn't completely flawed in the same, a car with airbag and abs-ebd is top priority and should be standard in all cars (in an ideal world), unless one is restricted to driving in and around cities or metros, where speed would not exceed 65-70 even on a holiday. Once on a Highway everything changes and everything that has possibility to work to keep passengers safe is worth it, if only all of us can afford it. :sad:

    However, God (Nature) has given us the best brakes that no car can ever have. It is right there in the mind and if used constantly (no wear and tear also), then no ABS and EBD or Airbag is ever needed...:wink:

  9. Lunafiatic

    Lunafiatic Amatore

    Sriks, Congrats on this purchase and welcome to the TFI family. Please post some pictures of your beauty. Also, please be an active member of this group as much as possible and provide your inputs as per your areas of expertise.
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    Grande Punto 1.3
    Congrats. Please get those chrome stuff and R15 Linea Steel wheels .Please post some pics buddy.

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