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FIRST CNG LINEA IN DELHI,hell in india (CNG'ed MY LINEA) !!!

Discussion in 'Engine Compartment' started by anish_707, May 18, 2011.

  1. It will hardly take few seconds for them to check it. During the last free service camp, the mechanics at TASC checked whether the CSC is metal one or old, by accessing it by bare hand from the engine bay. Take your car to TASC (even you can park the car outside to avoid getting struck in the crowd) and ask them to check.

    Today, I went to enquire about LPG kit for my Punto. The shop is close (2 KM) to my residence. They deal with Lovato brand (from Italy). Once I stepped in, they showed me the gas tanks. There are two types of tanks available with them. One is cylindrical, can fill 60l of LPG, and need to spare boot space. Another one can fit in spare wheel space, can fill 30l of LPG, and cost 1k more than cylindrical one. First the person asked about the car. He does not even heard of Fiat Punto (He should be really from mars). Next guy came and he seams to know about Punto. He asked me whether Punto is having the Swift's engine. I had a mixed feeling at this moment. Then I explained him Swift diesel having Punto's engine and Punto has it's own petrol engine. He showed me the conventional gas kit, which costs 16.5 k. For circular tank 1K extra and for another 1.5k they can take responsibility of endorsing in RC. I asked for sequential injection kit. It costs 47K-50K. The person is advising me to go for conventional one as it is sufficient for 1.2l car. He showed me an Elantra fited with conventional kit. While leaving, a i10 iRDE came there. They fit the LPG kit yesterday and it came there for some tuning. It looks like after fitting LPG kit, we need to visit them for fine tuning for few times and the kit needs servicing 7-8k kms. I am in two minds. Need some advise, whether to go for it. If so, whether the conventional kit is fine.
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  2. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor


    Be aware that aftermarket LPG kits do cause damage over a long term. It is better if the manufacturer comes up with a dedicated LPG model of a car,

    Have had no experience with CNG so cant comment on that.

  3. karan desai

    karan desai Superiore

    Morbi, Gujrat
    hey anish great news from your side. i had started the cng forum before but it did not gather much momentum. but after the recent fuel price hike i was sure we will see a cng linea in this forum soon. so hows the experience apart from the hard clutch??
    hows the performance?
    does the real bounces more than before when loaded??
    and since u paid 47k is it the sequential kit??
    in case of any major problem(which i wish u never face) is the kit reversible??
    do post some detailed pics.
  4. anish_707


    performance is same as petrol...much much better than conventional kits.accelaaration is now smooth.no lags which used to haapen in petrol.i paid 45k which includes RC and yes its sequential.
    kit is reverseable.
    @sounder..get cng instead of lpg .its more economical and safe as well. i have seen punto with normal cng kits .works grt.
    as far as the clutch problem is concerned,i never face the problem in morning,only in afternoon or after the car has driven a while.i think it starts when the car gets hot.
    does it have some kind of oil???
    the installer told me "OIL KAM HOGAYA HOGA slave cylinder ka" is it possible.told me check it up from local mechanic cause tata will some a good amount even for looking at the car since its out of warranty.i am driving the car as it is cause its not such a big problem.just the gear has become a little stiff that too sometimes(only 1ST GEAR)
  5. joshuaitalianbull


    hello guys i'm joshuadaniel tagged as joshuaitalianbull ,i'm new to this site we recently purchased a fiat grande punto 1.3 diesel and its a ltd edition it feels awesome i'm very happy to see u all as a part of fiat community i'll attach my car photos later
  6. I am not sure whether CNG is available in Chennai. Even, LPG filling stations are quite rare here. Anyways, I am not jumping into it. I am still to find confidence about the installer.
  7. anish_707


    hmm..no option then..go with LPG

    UPDATE: filled Rs 302 worth of gas yesterday and drove 162km till now with a/c on all the time,still gas is left(1 light is still left on meter) ..i think i can do 20-30km more on that.
    i left the car for 4-5 min on with a/c while i shopped a couple of times also.
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  8. Dilip_dmk

    Dilip_dmk Superiore

    Delhi, India
    New Delhi
    Grande Punto 1.2

    My advice is to get it checked asap ... U dont want any major problem to crop-up in the future , just because u neglected it now ...

    Waise bhi TFI par CNG bashers kaam thodi na hain !!!!;)

    We r still waitng for some install pics !!!

    How do u fill in CNG - open boot/bonnet or thru a hole on the body ?

    OT - Sir , could we meet ?? Would like to see ur install !! Wer r u in Delhi ??
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  9. anish_707


    thru bonnet.
    west delhi,vikaspuri
  10. where is the tank located?

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