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FIRST CNG LINEA IN DELHI,hell in india (CNG'ed MY LINEA) !!!

Discussion in 'Engine Compartment' started by anish_707, May 18, 2011.

  1. Madan


    Need feedback/advise on CNG/LPG installation in Hyderabad for my Fiat Linea Emoton Pk of 2010. I drive daily 100 kms, mostly in Hyderabad suburbs.
  2. anish_707


    impressive no of cng users
  3. has anyone faced any EXCESSIVE ENGINE OIL CONSUMPTION issues after installing a CNG kit in either a 1.2 or a 1.4 FIRE?

    I recently got my Linea 1.4 emotion pack converted to LOVATO Sequential Injection kit (having a separate ECU for CNG, separate CNG injectors & a separate map sensor). The car has run only 2500kms on gas & has consumed 4ltrs of Selenia.
    Observations on gas after 2500kms:

    1. Not much of a performance drop when compared to petrol, but, the car definitely runs heavier & this can be felt by the throttle response.

    2. Mine is a superbly maintained car with no rattles even after 2 years & 45000kms on running on petrol, but all kinds of sounds have started cropping up after 2k kms of running on cng, mainly because of the weight placed on the rear shockers for all the time, hence they seem to have working inefficiently in an otherwise superb ride this car had.

    3. ABS is not working. Yes, even after running continuously on petrol & not switching to gas. ABS just is not working. This is the most important feature of my car to me & has got me worried.

    4. 'Check Engine'-- This message is displayed every time I start the car. (The car always starts on petrol, under any circumstances whatsoever)

    5. 'Insufficient Engine Oil Pressure, Stop, & turn off engine'-- Being displayed very recently. When it first came up, the car had only done 2200kms on CNG. I stopped immediately, let the car cool for a while, checked the Dip-stick only to be searching for even minutest drop of Engine oil on it. Yes, it was all consumed. Last time the oil was changed was 4000kms prior to this message & of these 4000kms, the first 2000kms were done on Petrol without any issues & then CNG installed.

    Got the car to Him Motors Patparganj, where they did the following inspections:

    Any Black soot in the tail pipe- NO
    Any leakage below the car-NO
    Any visible leakage on the engine-NO

    They filled new oil & asked me to let the car under observation for 1000kms & then the oil level would be checked again. Meanwhile, I continuously started getting the 'CHECK ENGINE' message on the MID after this new oil was added.
    I made sure to check the oil level before every cold start & I could see that the viscosity of the oil was gradually decreasing.
    I didn't have to wait for 1000kms to be clocked & only after 300kms of driving over 5 days, the car displayed 'INSUFFICIENT ENG OIL PRESSURE' message on the MID again & the engine stalled by itself(it was running on CNG). I stopped, let the car cool & checked the oil level to find it to be seriously insufficient.

    Where did the oil go in just 300kms of driving?
    Complete 3.5liters of new oil(Selenia) was poured in front of my eyes at the workshop & now very less(about 1 liter) of it is left after just 300kms.

    Guys, I am in serious trouble & need every possible help from your side ASAP.
    Please let me know if you have been facing any similar issues with your petrol FIATS, with CNG or even without it & what all can be speculated to be happening inside that otherwise brilliant motor.
  4. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    There is some oil leakage. Take it on the lift at TASS & check it out where exactly the oil is leaking from.
  5. FastLove

    FastLove Superiore

    Linea 1.4
    Congrats to all who have successfully converted to CNG and enjoying it!

    I drive almost everyday in CNG car and its not my Linea.

    Its my friend/ business partners ANHC automatic.
    Few details:
    1. We both were doing 22000km per year since last 3 years.
    2. Most driving was in city in Mumbai.
    3. He has a Ford fusion which was considered for conversion but the automatic city was better suited for city drives.
    4. Cost was 55k for sequential kit.

    1. My linea does about 1000km per month with average of 12+ kmpl due to the easier non-congested roads I get to drive in my local commute.
    2. The ANHC has done 5000+km in close to 2 months with cost of less than 2Rs. Per km
    3. The biggest negative IMO is the regular visit to Gas station queuing alongside cab drivers.
    4. The boot space is compromised too.
    5. Car is very smooth but boring to drive. No punch and now Linea feels like a sports car after driving the ANHC.

    Its helped us cut cost. I had clocked 60000km till February 2012. As of today its at 63500km since the cng was fitted in the ANHC.

    I will never convert my most loved possession, my linea, to CNG whatever price I have to pay to keep it running ;) its my only indulgence and at the rate I m driving now,I should be doing 12000km a year which makes sense now compared to the 22000km earlier.

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  6. Well, the last time they examined, no leakage whatsoever was found externally.

    Now the main culprit that I can think of after reading on the internet are the Piston Rings/Valve Seats/PCV/Cat-Con. How much is the possibility of any of these going wrong in a 48000km FIAT engine, subjected to CNG for just 2500kms?

    Has anyone ever faced such oil consumption issues in their 1.2 or 1.4 FIRE (RUNNING ONLY ON PETROL) irrespective of the no. of kms on the odo? Is this a generic issue with the engine or something specifically gone really wrong after CNG installation?(The installation was absolutely top-notch & the kit is fully imported from Lovato, Italy).

    It would be of great help if CNGed Linea & Punto owners could also please come to my rescue & share their maintenance details, issues if any after CNG installation.
  7. FastLove

    FastLove Superiore

    Linea 1.4
    I have reported earlier along with few others that oil consumption is higher on our 1.4 engines. I would regularly top up about 700ml atleast twice in between 15000 service interval.

    Last 2 oil changes I have started doing @ 7500km and no topping up required now.

    Infact, I changed the oil seperator as suggested by TASS at 60000km. Oil level is fine now as of 63500km

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  8. So, the problem seems to be generic with this engine. Is consumption of 700ml over 7500-8000kms a reason to worry as well or is it justified by the heavy traffic conditions Indian cars have to face?
  9. sungoa2010


  10. karan desai

    karan desai Superiore

    Morbi, Gujrat
    only issues i am facing is starting problem. I have to gently tap the accelerator when the switch over to cng happens on starting. And the bigger concern is that the car does not drive properly on petrol after running on cng. It gets normal only after driving it 15-20 kms. If i get a chance i disconnect the battery and then switch to petrol that way it runs perfectly.

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