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First car - punto?

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by drvanc, May 21, 2013.

  1. Pauleralil

    Pauleralil Regolare

    GC in 2012 and 2013 vehicles would be the same.
    Interiors may have slight changes which i thing can be ignored conveniently :)
    Aircon: again 2012 models onwards fiat has strengthened AC output. Not very sure how exactly 2013 models have improved :) May guys who have bought 2013 models can comment
  2. Nadeem Ahmed VR 46

    Nadeem Ahmed VR 46 Esperto

    No changes to interiors,air con and GC in 2013 models..except for a new vocal(pearl)white colour,remote control for audio system,new grey colour fabric seats with soft cushioning and gun metal finish alloys for Punto..
  3. sidindica


    My Punto has completed 8 plus months now and is of the later 2012 batch.

    It has been through gentle use, drag racing, track day, mountain driving, congested city driving and fair lot of abuse. Till date, no major issues except the prematurely worn brake pads (got it replaced in warranty) and issues with service which is mediocre here,but depends on the dealer and how the rappo is built with the ground staff. I have the 75 hp version and found it to be more than adequate if you are a first time user. Its all about the right blend of optimal value and the punto excels in that, its the hatch with the least compromises.

    Still not convinced, test drive all the 10 diesel hatches that are on sale in the market and then make your own decision. The AC is brilliant, GC is a boon, interiors are easy to clean and maintain, carpets are easy to vacuum, seats are comfortable (except for cramped rear but so is the swift), boot space is a boon, safety engineering is wonderful and nifty touches like the "my car", double crank prevention (I was shocked to see this in an uno) etc make it ideal.
    Decent handler (the figo is better) but steering feel and body control is top notch, all that Indian conditions demand, plus now 3+2 year warranty also.
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  4. imranshks

    imranshks Superiore

    I have a Jan 2013 Punto 90HP. There is no difference in 2012 and 2013 GC, also I believe the air conditioning unit 2012 onwards models has been bettered to a lot extent.

    Other than that everything remains same. April 2013 has a bit more of changes like the interiors and gun metal colored alloys :)

    Further, a test drive of Fiat Punto is enough to convince you to buy one !!

    Good luck :thumbup:

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  5. drvanc


    Thanks a lot. Would 75hp be enough for my use? Most of the use will be in the chennai city and once or twice a month weekend drives to Pondicherry. And then twice a year 3-4 day drive trips on highways. I am not able to see or estimate how much of difference would 15hp make. If 75hp can do very well for my needs I would take that as I can save some money :) no plans to change the car for next 5-7 years. Or will extra 90hp actually be easier to drive?

    I read somewhere that punto being a heavy car, 75hp seems less to pull it
  6. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Ill not comment anything on 75Hp as i do not have much info about it. But Man o man the 90Hp is a beast to drive. Fun to be with. Its heaven inside. 2 TD's in it, i am baffled by its charms and crazy to drive it.

    Since for next 5+ years your not changing car, if i was you i would have not worried about the money and go ahead for 90HP beauty.
  7. I also went for Punto for the same reason as yours,have no doubt about pulling, as torque of 197 Nm is more than required for the pull.
    newer Punto's are are diat they are almost in the same league of competing cars in terms of Weight +/- 50 kgs.
    But seriously i am not happy with weight reduction effort by FIAT,that i feel going the Japanese way .
  8. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Rest assured, 75hp is enough for any task you can throw at it. I like the 75 a lot and is more than enough for any scenario - highway / city. Punto might be a heavy car but you can stuff 5 people + luggage and the 75 will do duty without any worries. I've done it.

    I've said it many times here - the difference between 75 & 90 is not day and night. It's very subtle.

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  9. imranshks

    imranshks Superiore

    In my opinion, difference between 75 & 90HP can only be felt on highways when you are cruising at triple digit speeds.

    Not that 75HP can't cruise or it is less powerful, 90HP makes cruising at higher speeds quite effortless.

    If you are city usage is going to be the most, I would definitely recommend you a 75HP. It undoubtedly does its job well in all the departments :)

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  10. Mohankv

    Mohankv Amatore

    But if u are in a 75 hp punto everytime u see a 90 hp u would and will feel - WAT IF ?!!

    Your presence will always be felt in a 90 hp!
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