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First Car Dillemma

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by omzworld, Aug 20, 2011.

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  1. omzworld


    Present offers in bangalore

    Hi Team, Yesterday went to Ford, Maruti and Tata-Fiat and compared - Figo (Titanium), Swift(ZDI) and Punto (Emotion and 90HP).
    As I had told earlier I havent learnt driving completely yet and these are remarks based on observations only.
    My observations:
    1. Figo not at all as spacious as it is made out to be. May be width is little more but leg room. Nooo. Plastics not upto mark. Dashboard did not feel good. Gray one placed in showroom looked really dull. No one in family really interested
    2. New Swift - Very diificul to distinguish although paint quality looked better. Best seat to sit in this is the Drivers seat. Everything felt good. Plastic quality, the new dashboard really liked by everyone. Then tried to fit 3 people (my family is really thin but tall)- Uncomfortable, Felt similar to little worse than Figo. Boot smaller than Figo. But for some reason the the driver seat felt best of the lot. Price of 6.8 for VDi and 7.8 for ZDI - Not value for money. Plus 5 months waiting period. At 7.2-7.3 I might have seriously considered.
    3. Punto - Ticked all the boxes. Plastic qualities and dashboard definitely felt good at same level of swift or better. To my surprise people at back felt this is the most spacious of all three (Although Vista standing next to it made the interior space of Punto ashamed). Even boot space felt adequate(in league of Figo). And there is no competition as far as looks are concerned. Everyone was floored. Only point BNW or Red.
    Now confusion is on variant - Emotion 6.85 and 90HP 7.9 on road after all discount. EXTRAS - (6.5K diesel voucher + mud flaps + floor mats+ Perfume, Idol + Sunfilm + (probably body cover)+ Lucky draw.
    Discounts given - Insurance (17.5) + Cash (10) + Corporate (7) = 34.5K

    Emotion fulfills everything I wanted (ABS + Punto:D) but the possible amazing pull of 90HP in highways is difficult to ignore.

    Two questions for everyone:
    1. New driver, 1st car - spending 8lacs and getting powerful hatch. Does it sound all right:eek:. Feels a bit too much to spend and the power may be dificult to control for a new driver
    2. Rs 8000 Extended warranty + RSA is extra - can it be made as a freebie. Should I tka the freebies from the dealer or haggle for discount and buy these stuff outside? Is it that all discounts need to show the same amount in invoice(Same final price)?
    3. MAJOR QUESTION - Are we waiting for new versions of Punto in next 3 months? Will discount on existing one be even more during that time?
    Thanks everyone for your support here in bringing my confidence to FIAT
  2. samurai84

    samurai84 Amatore

    Dear omz,

    Recently I purchased punto EP from PRERANA... This is my first car. First is the Best :) So I went for PUNTO after doing all the TD's like SWIFT, FIGO etc.... Go for PUNTO.. u will never regret for this :) I paid 5k for Extended warranty and RSA is free.. please cross check with ur dealer..
  3. karan desai

    karan desai Superiore

    Morbi, Gujrat
    controlling the 90hp is not at all a task. it is just powerful not at all a beast. and in fact i feel that when you have power and use it wisely it is much safer than an underpowered car.
  4. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    omz, nice formatting of the post. Didn't feel I was reading a long post. :)

    Few points from my side:
    1. Boot space of Punto (280 liters) is almost same as Figo (284 liters) while that of Swift is way behind.
    2. Seats of new Swift felt good to you because they are FIRM and the backrest is narrow so that it sort of grips your back. Same set up is there in i20 as well. BUT these seats a bit uncomfortable on long journeys and with regular use. Inside the showroom, you just sat on them for maybe 10 minutes.
    3. Space in FIGO is as much as in Punto. But the back seat has got lesser underthigh support.

    PUNTO 90hp, yes it's an awesome machine. I would have taken more loan to buy it had they offered the same August offer as on the 75hp at that time. But there was no discount on 90hp.
    There is nothing like a new driver unable to handle the 90hp. You can even handle a 150bhp Cruze. The difference in BHP figures is experienced towards the top range or the top speed in easier terms.

    Torque= pulling power or acceleration in simplest terms.
    BHP= Pushing power or top speed in simplest terms.
  5. omzworld


    Thanks all for advise!
    Its getting really difficult to convince myself to get ready for ~8l for first car. Havent bought even anything which costs even 20% of this. It will deplete all savings plus 14-15K per month (3 years loan) as emi.
    Let me be frank here me n wify draw about 80K in hand and spend about ~35K per month. No other loans. Send about 5-10K home every month.

    Do you think I should still go for 90HP? Most of my friends havent bought a car yet so cant discuss with them ( I m 27).
    No plan for house till the loan is repaid.
  6. Phew

    Phew Esperto

    New Delhi/Mohali
    Grande Punto 1.3
    either way u cant go wrong but the premium over the 75 bhp is on the higher side, just incase u feel the lack of power u can always add a tuning box, and I can assure u, u wont b disappointed by that either(using one myself).
  7. shams

    shams Esperto

    house vs car is a classic dilemma. mind says buy a house, heart says buy a car. Its always more practical to buy a house before you spend that much on a car.
    I am assuming you have already decided to postpone buying a house for couple of years. (thats like Fiatian's who always go by what their heart says ;) )

    So about which variant to go for,
    even the 76 bhp emotion pack will give you loads of joy and you may not notice the difference initially atleast considering you are new to driving
    However if I were u, and in the market to buy a punto now, I would have spent that little extra and got the 90 hp.

    You might have more money at your disposal in the next few years, that time you should not feel that i should have bought the 90 hp.

    I would suggest do not look at emotion. if you have that extra penny, do not compromise on safety features(Airbags). Decide between 90 hp and 76 hp emotion packs only!!
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2011
  8. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    omz, go for 90HP. No harm in spending that little extra. 90HP is an absolute blast on highways. I have owned it.
  9. OMZ. Me too in the similar situation with ~80 K/Mnth. The extra burdens I have are a Home Loan and the decision to retain the old santro for my wife. But I thought I will do all the expenses at one time so that the planning for the coming months and years will be little precise. So Closed my eyes and Booked 90 HP Punto. I have booked a Exotica RED. ER 90 HP population in TFI is less and ER looks HOT. So go for Exotica RED :p He He. Deciding on Punto matters and any color on a punto looks good. Since I am planning to have the car for many years, I thought if the car at the age of 5 years / 1 lac KM starts loosing its muscle then 90 HP would come to the rescue (My assumption). The same happened to my Dads 8 yr old indica which lost all its strength and really felt like it is begging us not to press the accelerator. Happy Puntoing.
  10. Go for 90 HP Exoica RED

    Mods I double posted the above message. Please Delete this post.
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