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First 110 hp petes performance remapped punto in india

Discussion in 'Engine and Drivetrain' started by Nimish antony, Apr 28, 2012.

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  1. Nimish antony

    Nimish antony Regolare

    Sorry for being late.. It was just i had gone for a heavy drive today morning and got back now.

    @ Black:- well the remap makes me feel real good now. Initially i had apprehensions as the fiat did not really respond to my liking. I expected more. But i was confident that the car would open up. As i was aware that the first 500 kms of my new car was a horrible experience to drive as the engine never really responded or behaved like a 90HP i expected. After 500 there was a slight change and after 10,000 it really felt like a 90. The remap also had the same effect. I just clocked a 1000 k after the change and now its really spot on. It drives good. There is enough power at your disposal. Overtaking is now at ease. It was strained before (to my liking). Now its like i feel the adrenaline rush. The engine revs smoother and its power at play.

    Regarding the acceleration figures i would say you need real sophisticated equipment to get it on and its not available for test as of now. It will be done soon.

    The stock 90 takes 16.4 seconds to reach 100 and i would say the remapped one can do it in 12 to 13 depending on your driving style. Well moreover the eagerness of the car to be revved hard is noticeable.
    Top speed has not been tested as there are no roads available in Kerala to do so. It will be done shortly and shall be posted.

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    I dont think there is one smart guy in TASS who could really tell you the difference between a normal and a remapped car. Why should they scan the ecu in the first place. Do they ever do it????? well im unaware of that. They dont even wash the car properly and how do i expect them to take my car for an ECU scan. :D

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    Q2, @ Black:- Do petes offer you with a chance to go back to their shop and modify the remaps in case you want it? (of course keeping everything withing operating limits) Why would you want to modify the maps? These maps are done after detailed logging so in normal conditions you would not need to change anything cause they would not be able to better it. According to them it is the best relaible set up. Ofcourse they can put back the car to stock in case you need to take the car for a warranty issue etc.

    The FGT cars anyway kick in around 2000 so you’ll get the fun from 2000 itself. The map reduces the kick in point by around 100 rpm max and that is the best they can do acording to Pete’s.
  2. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Nimish, do Pete's have a dyno curve of this particular remap as well as a dyno curve of a stock engine on the same dyno? Can you email those guys to provide one? It can tell us a lot of details.

    About the ECU scan, TASS guys can scan the ECU whenever they want ( during service or god forbid if there is any issue) . Whether their system can alert about the custom map is another thing and worth debating about.

    Abroad, remap guys generally provide a second remap for a complementary fee when the earlier remap has been erased by the dealer during service etc. I hope Pete's will do the same.

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  3. Nimish antony

    Nimish antony Regolare

    Gurjinder- A dyno is not available in Kerala for a dyno graph. I shall take a dyno test if its available in Chennai or Bangalore as i am planning a drive soon. Im checking on that.

    I had sent a mail to peter with my apprehensions on the mod and im posting the same for reference:


    Here are your questions answered

    1. ECU remap
    The base question is will it tamper warranty. YES it will if you tell them. But on a most cars (includes your fiat) they have no way of telling it is remapped unless you tell them and spoil the fun.
    Will the dealer be able to diagnose the remap on the diagnostic tool. NO

    Is it mandatory to go for a filter upgrade once the remap is done – NO the filter gives you a smoother car. If you are using the OE filter just make sure you change it every 10000kms.

    Will the car smoke ( we have seen tuning box cars with heavy smoke) – Actually this is a complete misunderstanding. The car should not smoke with the box. It is either set too high or the filter is blocked. And if you need no smoke at all we can set the box that way too. Most cars that have smoke usually have turned out that the customer has been playing around with the settings in the box and/or he has not been cleaning the filter on time. If you have a Green filter it is mandatory to get it cleaned every 5000kms.

    AND no the remap will not smoke. Again some people want max power and for that we set it just to when it starts smoking which is the max you can get out of the car. So it depends on what you feel. A little smoke under hard acceleration is not an issue at all. Your stock car will do that.

    2. Suspension
    The difference between B6 and B14. Pete's Automotive Products Pvt Limited All the details you need are there. The major difference is that the B6 is just a shock and the B14 is a height adjustable kit that has both the shock and the spring.

    Advantages and setting parameters for both

    3. Tarox
    The basic structure how Tarox works and why is it needed for performance cars Tarox brakes just increase braking efficiency by using high quality rotors which are made differently and different material of pads. It is not compulsory on any car but who does not want more brakes??

    4. Borbett alloys
    Sizes available and patterns We don’t stock many designs for the Fiat cars. But can be got on order if anyone is interested, We sell only 17 and above usually so we have only those in stock and mostly VAG cars.

    5. Muth mirrors
    Different modules of the muth. Pete's Automotive Products Pvt Limited All details there.

    6. H&R lowering springs. Yes available but minimum 35mm drop in height so usually not very usable unless you are more for show than the go.

    7. H&R spacers
    can they be used with Spigot rings as many have used it as a part of tyre up size. Yes they can be used with Spigots.

    8. Turbo upgrade
    Is is a dream which can be transformed to reality by Petes for the Fiat fan. If so do we need to change the connecting rods, pistons etc.

    It is a not so worth dream. We have tried many different options on the Swift with the same engine. It is not worth the money you spent. A normal remap can max out at around 100 bhp whereas one with a hybrid turbo may do around 15 bhp more but that system will cost anywhere between 1.5 to 2 Lakhs. I would say not worth it. Moreover you have so much more strain on the engine and we sadly don’t get uprated internals for this engine.

    Feel free to let me know if you need any further information,


  4. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    There is a dyno in bangalore(whitefield) but AFAIK they charge 4500rs for 1 hr of testing. which i think is too much.
  5. Nimish antony

    Nimish antony Regolare

    4500 is a bit too high. got to check with redrooster if they have a dyno
  6. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    What were you expecting in stock 90HP that you didn't get?
    No need to open it up, it pulls madly doesn't matter if it is the very 1st KM on it's ODO!
    Are you sure you completely exploited your 90HP before deciding to remap it during your last 25000 KMs?
    Are you sure that the difference you are noticing is because of the remap & not the situation that you have really revved your 90 HP first time?
    I hope you know that with the remap, your 90 HP can easily cross 200 Km/hr now? May be even 210-220 km/hr;)??

    I have hardly wished more performance without upgrading it's brakes. At least performance pads with stock tuning only. It's already capable of doing 190 km/hr & 180 km/hr is a breeze. I won't self advise until it's brakes are really capable of handling those 200+ speeds.. I may be wrong here Nimish but i think you didn't dig your 90 HP's capabilities completely:).
  7. CRDi

    CRDi Timido

    Installed Bilstein B6 in my Cruze. The difference is just amazing. Didn't opt for B14 as they lower GC and make the ride quality very hard.

    That's very surprising. 2500 RPM is just too high for any diesel car . I think turbo kicks somewhere between 1700-2000 RPM. Cost for remap is Rs.32000, right?
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  8. Good to read the report Nimish.
    I always felt that my stock Punto lacks that punch whenever I am on good roads. I don't know how folks can drive it on bigger and better highways in India without feeling the need for extra power. With whatever it's got in its stock form, up to 100kmph is easy cruise, and anything above makes the engine sweat a little.

    Can I expect a reasonable difference if I get mine just remapped? (It is not a 90hp one)
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  9. Nimish antony

    Nimish antony Regolare

    expectation varies from individual to individual. Well from the 90Hp we all expect power.. Is it not we expect ??? It had power i do agree but it was not the most involving to drive as the gear ratios play folly.

    As to my knowledge Fiat engines take time to open up and its almost fully in tune after 10,000 kms
    Situation varies. It might be a perception as you say coz i dont have a dyno graph to prove me right. Its what you feel from the stock to the remap.

    We at fiat vouch that the 90Hp is the most powerful hatch in the segment ... Is it really so? I guess not.
    The Swift does 0-100 in 13.65 with a 1284 cc engine and 74 Hp
    The 1-20 crdi does 0-100 in 13.00 with a 1396 cc engine and 90 Hp
    The Polo D does 0-100 in 16.69 with a 1199 cc engine and 75 Hp (note its a 3 cyl)
    Punto 75 does 0-100 in 17.84 with a 1284 cc engine and 75 Hp
    Punto 90 does 0-100 in 16.21 with a 1284 cc engine and 90 Hp

    We say we are powerful ... But are we???????? the 75 hp cant even beat a polo with a 3 cylinder. The above data was sourced from the test report of Autocar India.

    As autocar says" Strong Build, looks, features, with mediocre performance". Their verdict says " A stylish and talented alternative to established rivals but not the most involving to drive"

    Its not about driving at 200kmph. The remap gave more life to the car as Maruti and Tata have extracted more performance from the FIAT heart. The manza 90 is faster than a stock 90 Hp punto.. LOL. The mod was just to see how we could move up to the competition.

    I am happy with the brakes as of now as my car runs on a wider tire profile of 215/45/17 which does quite well to my NFS.

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    @ Crdi- Bilstein is an experience to be felt and B6 is an excellent package. Congrats on your ride

    The VGT in the 90 kicks at 2500 only thats the saddest part. just wished it opened up a little more early.. LOL. The FGT on the 75 kicks at 1700. remap costs you 32k
  10. sungoa2010


    Stock Punto is very much adequate for highway. Just need to tap it. Please understand that 75 HP punto is also much popular in Europe and they have highways 10 times better than us.
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