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Finally 1st phase of ICE upgrade done to my Linea

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by absahu, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. absahu


    Title: ICE upgrade
    Place: Sachin's Auto Shop, Koramangala
    Time: 8 hrs
    Lead Installer: Niaz Bhai
    Items used:
    1) Infinity Primus PR 6500 - Rs 6200
    2) JBL GTO 1004 4 channel Amp - Rs 10500
    3) Coaxial stock retained
    4) Infinity Reference 1260 sub - Rs 5800 (with enclosure)
    5) Scosche Amp kit and Scosche damping kit - 1800 + 3500 (for front 2 doors)
    6) Raptor HI Lo converter - 2200

    Outcome: Awesome clarity with deep bass...

    I seriously was in total confusion and 2 minds whether to go for an upgrade or not. Started today morning for office and thought will just have a discussion with Sachin after learning from several blogs that he is very professional and reasonable in this business. After talking to him thought will change my OEM speakers for now and do the later in phases since I am very low on M. But you there is an inner voice which keeps telling just go for it. Still I controlled and thought I will listen to the speaker in my car without amp and then decide if I need to add an amp/sub or not. I was planning for kappa series but since the kappa series's tweeters were very big for the stock location and it had to adjusted outside I told no to it. Then he suggested me this primus series ones and they were pretty good for the cost. Then Sachin told that 6 1/2 coax cannot be fit on the OEM location as with speakers it will touch the door pad and since I thought of adding a sub in the next phase I thought I will continue with the OEM in the rear.
    The installation I would say was impressed. The installer took his time but outcome is super clean. Damping was also done very carefully. The stock speakers were so light and looked dead to me Made in Poland lol. Then heard them and obviously it was better than before but....
    Amp which he was suggesting before was JBL GTX 646 which was 6500 but I was not sure about it and he had no choice in brand other than JBL and Infinity. I saw a GTO 1004 kept there and asked him about it. He told it is one of the best at 10k range and I immediately googled and found out that very positive reviews about it.
    Inner voice rules and I went for the amp with Infinity Sub as they provide a very deep bass (googled and found out). Again the installer who was doing a B&M enabled Linea for the first time didnt fail to impress me. Every step he was taking double time but I would say the outcome superb. He apparently has 20 yrs of exp in this field, very patient and always smiling. Sachin is also very nice, humble and patient with all my dumb questions. They are also in this business since 2002. I would any day recommend this shop over any other shop in Blore.
    Since I was there for almost 8 hrs I saw a Linea getting Sun filmed and Ritz getting Seat covers. They also looked pretty neat. Then came the tuning and Sachin himself did all that. I was sitting on the front seat and telling him whether he needs to tune more or not. I was mighty impressed and satisfied by the outcome. One of my colleague after hearing about the upgrade came running to my place to audition the setup and he was mesmerized by it.
    There were lot of customers who inquired about my beauty and I was very happy to answer them :p. Total money spent was 30,500. I will be sharing the pics soon.
  2. Akshay4384

    Akshay4384 Superiore

    Nice-Some W.I.P pics will be appreciated.
  3. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    I'm also planning on getting an ICE upgrade.
    was looking for front and rear comps , what is you're idea on that?
    Do you think the stock co-axials in the rear will do any good with bass output if i go in for front comps only?

    Please consider that I'm not going in for an AMP just yet. I want to take it by stages.
  4. absahu


    The picsssssss

    Please find the pics below. Mobile camera so low quality :)











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  5. absahu


    As per him installing a 6 1/2 coax at rear will be not neat and it will touch the door pad so for 5 1/2 Co-ax i dont think it will give that much bass. Parcel tray is one more option to fit 6 x 9 but I dont like that. It will rattle as well. So for bass pukka need a sub and for sub u need an amp.

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    Second phase for me would be a Sound processor or an after market HU. He showed me MS8 and it was mind blowing I would say. MRP was some 44k but I dont know how he was willing to give it for 28-30k. It looked tempting and I will retain my OEM HU(which is not bad after all. figured out after the setup upgrade today) and B&Me. Since I will take some time I might arrange some fund as well or maybe source it from outside.
  6. vijays777

    vijays777 Regolare

    Linea T-Jet
    Its a nice setup , Good that you haven't put coaxial, it disturbs the complete sound after you cross some volumes in your HU, i Have removed the plug as it was more disturbing.
    you can keep the fader @ front +5 bcoz the woofer is enough @ back with the existing coax will act as a tweeter @ med /high levels for persons sitting @ the back. don't think you have to add some new

    How is infinity woofers bass any diff from JBL, is it clear thud or heavy thud ??
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