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Fiat tries hard to shift gears

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by rakesh8051, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. amit

    amit Superiore

    Navi Mumbai
    Couple of points where this article went wrong.

    Fiat, honestly, has done more then enough in their Linea / Punto innings to allay these fears and they have done a good job. If people are going to keep repeating lack of service back up like parrots when it comes to Fiat then there is nothing much anyone can do. The concern of trained technicians could be a fear but surely as of now there is no lack of comphrehensive back up. The key word here is comphrehensive.

    Poor Mileage?! Where did Business Standard get this idea from?! Those were the Palio days guys! Neither the Linea nor the Punto have any mileage issues. Even petrol owners are more then satisfied with the mileage.

    High maintainence? I spent 5K for a 30K kms service. Funny that people find that high maintainence but don't utter a word when VW charges 10K bucks for the first 'free' service!

    The problem that Fiat is facing is customer disconnect with it's brand. How many new car buyer's even consider a Fiat when they are surveying new cars in the market? How are you going to sell your cars if you cannot pull buyers into your showrooms? Why don't Fiat & Tata get this simple fact in their heads?

    The idea of Fiat cafes to enhance customer connect is a good idea PROVIDED it is executed well. We all know how good Fiat is in executing ideas!
  2. sid_10000

    sid_10000 Regolare

    I dont see FIAT's retort to these allegations... When many auto mags go and scream the same lie again and again it seems to sound like truth in some days.... People do read these mags before they buy cars and 1st impression is formed by the reviews these mags print or whatever crap these publications dole out.....

    I am pretty sure most of the people are drawn towards FIAT by friends and family... not by these articles or FIAT's limited advertizements...
    That explains the low sales for FIAT.....
  3. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    I wonder from where, the baboons who write such stuff, get their data from?

    Or , who is deliberately paying them to write such stuff intentionally. Unbiased journalism died out long ago and its evident everywhere now.

  4. kailashnj

    kailashnj Amatore

    I think there is so much that the FIAT could have done. First and foremost I believe the marketing team for FIAT is not upto the mark and do nothing to improve the sale of the car. When NANO goes to 500 units a month, Tata pushes it by the marketing team bringing out slew of different adv to improve the image of the nano and now its doing 3000 units per month. The adv that FIAT has on its cars are not worth even looking like the beggar caught in the Punto 90Hp and then handed over to the police with a call from blue tooth Blue and Me. Well that is wrong timing FIAT

    For example: World cup is just over and India has won it with Yuvraj Singh being a hero of the cup. But tell me why were the yuvraj ads not used. It could have created a better adv which would have been something like - the hero of the CUP drive's the FIAT - Driven by Passion by a person who is the Hero at the moment. There are so many things that could have been done. Hope they do something about their adv soon and also about their other policies. And yes move away from TATA - the service stations are also spoiling their names.

    Today during the camp - I saw that TATA have CSI at 98% whereas FIAT's CSI was only 51% they are not doing a good job at the service station. FIAT hope you are listening.

    You are very right about the professionalism in journalism has just gone.
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  5. nk4FIAT

    nk4FIAT Superiore

    For Fiat, however, the JV did nothing. For example, while the industry recorded a stellar
    growth rate of almost 30 per cent in the fiscal year ended March, 2011, Fiat was the only company whose volumes actually fell 15 per cent to 21,112 units, giving rise to murmurs that the joint dealerships are pushing Tata products more than Fiat cars.

    It is 100% true for most of the dealers.

    We now have dedicated people for each brand wearing different uniforms so that the customer knows whether he is talking to a Tata Motors guy or a Fiat guy.

    I have not seen in Uniform but yes seperate FIAT team is there.

    To enhance customer experience, Fiat is also opening several cafes to establish a personal 'connect' with buyers. Starting with Delhi and Pune next month, Fiat's cafes would welcome guests to experience its rich auto background and Italian heritage and will also host private events.

    Very very good initiative by FIAT. Do implement few of my suggestions.

    We hope the utilisation of our plant in Ranjangaon goes up this year because we are working on a lot of different projects. The more we utilize, the better would be the profitability. We are going to do about 60 per cent this year .Kapoor adds

    Hope out of 60% at least 10% will be Lineas/Puntos and not Indigos, manzas:D

    While changes are being made to the sales and distribution approach, the JV has also seen new talent coming in.

    Please allow new talent do things innovatively, aggressively and consistently. The way Tata Advtz bombards at every place viz. Banners in City, TV channels, newspapers, magazines, Buses, radios etc. FIAT Advt should be bombarded with similar force and consistancy.

    I fully agree with above quote. FIAT would have showered the old Advt of Punto with Yuvi, but they are so dumb and ineffectve adn got a habbit of doing things late when 100% chance is over, what you can expect from them.
    Hindi me " Soye hue ko jagana aassaan hai, lekin sone ka natak karnewale ko jagan bahot mushkil hai"
    With so much ineffectiveness in marketing still Linea and Puntos are selling 2000+. Kudos Salute to their style, performance and durability. And of course "three cheers" for the people who strongly believes that FIAT cars are one of the master piece of engineering and keep faith in them!!!!!!!
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  6. Tata plans to open exclusive showrooms for Nano

    Tata Motors, one of the largest car makers in the Indian market, is gearing-up to open exclusive showrooms for its small wonder Tata Nano in the smaller towns of the country. The decision has been taken after a runaway success of its mini truck Ace, which is currently sold at 600 standalone stores of the company besides the normal Tata dealerships.

    In a statement given to PTI, Tata Motors Spokesman said, "We are exploring appointing full-fledged dealerships, only for the Tata Nano, in small towns." The company is however yet to announce the timeline of launch and the number of these upcoming exclusive standalone Tata Nano outlets in the country.
    While further elaborating the company’s approach behind these exclusive showrooms, the company official said, "The general approach of taking a vehicle closer to where the customer is, was a learning from the Tata Ace, which too, since its launch has been made available through dedicated outlets, in addition to our regular commercial vehicle showrooms."

    At present, the Tata Nano model is available through company’s 617 regular outlets. Besides this, the car is available at 151 Tata Authorized service centers and 210 access points of the company.

    Courtesy : Cartrade India

    If TATA can do this for Nano, what stops the JV from opening FIAT exclusive dealerships ?
  7. Read this article on the making of the Tata Manza ad.


    All of Tata's ad are good. This one on Manza is excellent though taking a dig at the rivals, it clearly explains the features of the car.
    This is what TATA should have done for the Linea and Punto.

    This is where i think the JV has failed. TATA need to own FIAT products and start aggressive marketing.
  8. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    I think they tried to tell about Palio anf Uno time.

    Some positive points though -
    And finally the cafes/boutique is coming next month.
  9. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    If Fiat is banking solely on Small car for turnaround in fortune, it can do it at its own risk. Small car alone would not do it. In India, Fiat currently has 2 of its most successful products worlwide. And if Linea & Punto with "n" number of new models one after the other (including Punto 90 HP & Linea T Jet) can't do it, how can a small car do it. In fact, Punto sells in the range of 1000-1100 units. And if we argue that its a premium hatch, then in the same segment i20 sells 7,000-odd units. That's the difference Fiat needs to cover first. Linea is still ok at around 800-1000 units but thats due to lesser competition in C Segment Diesel Sedan in the range of 8-10 Lacs. Now with Vento & Etios coming in, even Linea has started feeling intense heat & even T Jet could noit revive the sales. It all comes to the same old things repeated multiple times on the forum:

    1. Fiat has to ensure that all niggles have been taken care of. There must not be small small niggles. Even after 2 years, though there are improvements, still there ARE small niggles here & there.
    2. Spares availability- Improved but still long way to go
    3. Customer service experience - has to be impeccable, Always, without exception.
    4. Advertising & Marketing - Fiat needs to increase its Ad budget & Quality of ads

      All the above have been discussed several times earlier hence not going in details. But these are the issues which are still haunting Fiat & there are no short cuts but to overcome these items to succeed. If Fiat can't sell 2500-3000 Punto, how can it sell 6000-7000 small cars? At current state of affairs, at best, it can sell 2000 small cars against 10-20K figure of competitions. That would not bring success.

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