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Fiat to upgrade ground clearance for older versions of Linea and Punto

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by abhinav, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. sid_10000

    sid_10000 Regolare

    Pandit Auto Pune has no idea about these upgrades & the associated parts or costs....
  2. Italia-Linea

    Italia-Linea Staff Member Janitor

    Fiat on FB is telling its customers that they are selling the upgrade kit at consolidated pricing.
    This is a clear cheating.
    According to them
    The kit includes front shock absorbers (L & R), Rear shock absorbers (L & R), Rear Spring (L & R) for a Linea. For a Punto - it incudes the above plus Front Bump Stopper (L & R) and Front Stabilizer Bar.

    the market MRP of parts is as below

    Front Shock Absorber Right 1 1 Rs. 1,990.00
    Front Shock Absorber Left 1 1 Rs. 1,990.00
    Front Bump Stopper L and R 2 2 Rs. 1,630.00
    Front Stabilizer bar 1 1 Rs. 2,899.00
    Rear Shock Absorber L and R 2 2 Rs. 2,390.00
    Rear Spring Left and Right 2 Rs. 1,000.00

    So quite evidently they are charging us MRP and cheating us by calling it as consolidated pricing,

    I would clearly suggest everyone to stay away from this.
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  3. vIjAy_kHaSa

    vIjAy_kHaSa Esperto

    For Punto price is consolidated.
    I have to change two shocks Right Front and Rear anyway so going for the upgrade. Car had jumped 2 speed breakers in speed over 120 km/hr.
    If my two shocks were not bad I would have waited till my old shocks went bad and manage car breakers as I had for past 2.5 years.
    There is .1 metre decrease in the turning radius too. It's 5.4 m now which earlier was 5.5m for linea. Won't be noticeable though
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  4. Tarun

    Tarun Amatore

    Bhiwani, Delhi
    this is the post on FIAT india FB page

    Hello everyone, we have the prices for the Ground Clearance Kit upgrade as below:

    Linea Ground Clearance Kit – INR 10899.60
    Punto Petrol Ground Clearance Kit – INR 11900.30
    Punto Diesel Ground Clearance Kit – INR 10899.60

    The above is the cost of the parts kit reqd to do the modification for ground clearance. Labour charges will be in addition to the parts cost. Any other misc cost, may also be applicable in addition to the above costs if reqd.

    Note: Above mentioned cost may vary or change without any prior intimation. The ground clearance upgrade kit will have to be ordered specially by the service centers.


    it seems fare price to me .. i'll wait till sumone gets his/her car's GC upgraded and comment about the turning radius too ..
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  5. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Prices looks to be reasonable.
  6. kaps

    kaps Superiore

    New Delhi
    New Delhi
    Linea 1.4
    Reasonable price. I for one will go for upgrade. MRP or not, I am happy that this has even been offered to older customers. I guess Fiat is always between devil and deep sea. If they had not offered upgrade kit, they would've been slayed. They have offered upgrade at MRP (I am not sure about correctness of calculation be members), and they are still being flayed. We are like this only :)
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  7. Viny

    Viny Esperto

    whats the guarantee of kits getting installed the way they should be, will it be done at factory or will it be done under technical experts.
    I had a long horrific experince during AC upgrade that to in pressence of zonal technical head, i would not touch any upgrade kits which requires some extensive works.

    Best of Luck to those who are going for this upgrade kit.
    Also would like to know what will they do with the parts that are replaced, any buy back offer ?
  8. marvin patrick gray

    marvin patrick gray Amatore

    I would like to hear your horrific experience during AC upgrade.
    What was the issue ?
  9. vIjAy_kHaSa

    vIjAy_kHaSa Esperto

    Viny ASS open suspension of more than 5 cars per day, have you got the elastic pad changed if yes your whole front suspension was opened and put back. By now ASS have become PRO's in handling suspension of Fiats
  10. sungoa2010


    I am afraid this offer will be painted as fiat's supension problem by others. People are waiting for any chance to point fingers against Fiat.

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