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Fiat to upgrade ground clearance for older versions of Linea and Punto

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by abhinav, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. Italia-Linea

    Italia-Linea Staff Member Janitor

    yeah, but here too our forum member has booked the upgrade kit for 11k. thats also costly if you see. we just need to wait for official prices and list of parts from fiat itself now.
  2. darshak


    i would also like to get the upgradation kit details so that we can study what exactly is going to be done to get more ground clearance.
  3. Yesterday...i went for first service of Linea...i was very much exicted..and the reality is..Pathetic Service by Tata...not at all satisfied with the service..
    they ruined my seat covers with grece..so that..i'll spend some bucks on interior cleaning...and the worst part of it is..they were not even ready to accept it.
    then it was time to give them grades..i marked it on very poor..and then they cleaned my seat covers...and just toked my sign. and said to me that ki sir jb mumbai ya italy se call aye to bahot accha boliyega...well waha to said yes..but im ready with answer:firey . Tata pe jane se laga ki it was much better to do to a nukad wala repair shop rather than Tata's..
    When i asked about GC upgrade ...they all are standing with blank dumb faces..and were asking me sir upgrade Gc..??kya..
    but i am happy with Fiat that they are now concerned about us..about Tata service..and accha hua now Fiat is going to open there own service center..so the good news is ..that was the last time i visited that junkyard..!!!
  4. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Dont spare them dude, Hit them hard, If you receive the call from Pune or Italy....
    The same thing i did, the next day itself the Tata ASS called and apologized for it and requested to get the car back so that they can have free inspection. I said no thanks for your concern as the inspection will end up in damaging something else......
  5. Wait why are you jumping the gun. My point is the alloys are now sourced from china instead of brazil and are substandard for the price they are being offered. My comment has nothing related to chinese manufacturing etc. Price revision is going northwards is what I have heard..
  6. Yo Bro...I am Ready with my answer...i am going to screw them..
  7. narayankg


    Thats just ridiculous...Dont leave the guys, specially if they have ruined your car with grease....That is not acceptable
    Also, I wouldnt expect TATA guys to be aware of the GC upgrade....If they were so clued on about whats happening with FIAT, they would have sold the product better

  8. Your Right Brother...but why they will get concerned about italian products ..as tata is enjoying Fiat best engines and one of the major factor why Fiat is not concerned by tata is because if Tata will concentrate on Fiat sales then who will buy there boxy Vista and Manza..!!
  9. Got the info from PUG, not sure on whether it is official or not. More details in the below link:

    Roughly: 10990 parts+ 1500 labour =12490 approx,

    Yahoo! Groups
  10. Fiat India (Facebook)
    Hello everyone, we have the prices for the Ground Clearance Kit upgrade as below:

    Linea Ground Clearance Kit – INR 10899.60
    Punto Petrol Ground Clearance Kit – INR 11900.30
    Punto Diesel Ground Clearance Kit – INR 10899.60

    The above is the cost of the parts kit reqd to do the modification for ground clearance. Labour charges will be in addition to the parts cost. Any other misc cost, may also be applicable in addition to the above costs if reqd.

    Note: Above mentioned cost may vary or change without any prior intimation. The ground clearance upgrade kit will have to be ordered specially by the service centers.
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