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Fiat to upgrade AC in Petrol Linea and Punto!!

Discussion in 'Engine Compartment' started by Arun1100, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. Thanks Arun. Now I will go for the upgrade !
  2. ninads123


    This was my review about the AC upgrade. (It was posted in orkut in May)

    Finally AC Retro Kit upgrade was done in my linea.

    Cooling is superb now. Did 550KM in 41 deg with 5 people in car and I must tell you that I didn't feel the heat. This was not the case earlier prior to upgrade.

    Only problem I had is Fiat don't have any FASC in Nasik. So after exchanging few emails with FIAT India and waiting for 2 months, I got it done.

    They took my car to Dhule and took 4 days to complete the process. Also second servicing was done.

    I had to give them petrol expenses and toll tax :(

    My car was the first car in North Maharashtra on which this upgrade was done :)

    No difference in pickup or mileage. Fan noise is very loud now but you don't hear it in cabin so no issues.

    Overall very happy with FIAT Linea :)
  3. nmp

    nmp Amatore

    Thane, Mumbai
    You got it upgraded from my native town Sir. Its really pathetic, that Nasik, being the biggest town in North Maharashtra, don't have FASC.

    I agree on the part of fan noise - inside its almost nil.
  4. ninads123


    They have started new FASC in nasik last week :) . I had gone to their service center to verify if they have all equipments...
    They don't have any equipment yet and no spare parts available for 20-30 days due to fire in their pune plant....

    It seems I am the only FIAT customer in nasik who is worried about the service center... :eek:

    Baki log toh bas.. gaadi chal rahi hey toh chalne do... bhale hee woh kitne bhi alert dikhaye :redcar
  5. tewarishishir


    How to check linea AC kit has been upgraded or not?

    Last week I got a call from fiat India to upgrade my LineaAC kit. After up gradation dealer didn’t give me bill for this and told me it’sfree to him and there is no need to give separate bill.

    But after complain in fiat India I got the bill. So I am indoubt whether he has upgraded my AC kit or not? Please tell me how can I checkthis?
  6. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    1. Open the bonnet & check various pipes, hoses, sticker on radiator fan assembly. Pics available in this very thread.
    2. Check Date on MID (if TASC has not updated it to current date) else If you've ecoDrive working, check the date in ecoDrive. If it shows 2007 or 2008 (do not remember which year it shows), then AC kit was upgraded.
  7. niranrao

    niranrao Timido

    Hello Everyone.......

    Iam from Bangalore and trying to do this AC Upgrade from past 2 month. My Service guy is tell me a story of a fire in Pune plant and hence the AC kit and other spares are falling short. Do anybody have any more detail on this? Is this really true? Also till how long is this AC Kit replacement gona stay? is there any last date for this upgrade? I took my car from KHT moters Bangalore.
  8. HI, Fiat linea Petrol A/c complain was and is very much in my car, Bought car inEnd Dec, 2010, in jan mid i fist complained for a/c cooling to service station at Kandivali, they said the filter is chocked and they cleaned it & said now cooling is ok same issue every 45 days, i am fedup with linea's a/c. During summer days i could not understadn if a/c is actually working? as soon as the car is stopped at signals you can feel the heat cannot understadn if a/c is working or not.

    recently another problem i find is the rear vent if temp set is 23 degree then the rear vent blows just normal air but when you set temp below 22 then the rearvent blows cold air, i cannot understand what could be the reason.

    Asked service station Guy at Wasan Kandivali but he didnot give me satisfactory reply. I think there is some problem with my car aircon,

    Guys can you reply me where do i send complains.

  9. sreedhara_bj

    sreedhara_bj Amatore

    @ niranrao,

    Did you check with Concorde Motors ? It doesn't matter where you purchased , Just go and ask there once. I purchased my 1.4 Dynamic @ Hubli, but got AC replaced @ Concord, Dairy Circle. 2 weeks back I have seen vehicle with AC upgrades done.

    By the way which model you have?
  10. niranrao

    niranrao Timido

    I have Emotion 1.4 which I picked on Feb from KHT motors Bangalore. I will try with other Franchise and let me see what response I get. Thanks Sreedhar for that input.

    By the way the Fire in Pune plant? Do any1 have any clarity on that or is it just a Diversion Tactic adopted by the Service rep’s?

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