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Fiat to upgrade AC in Petrol Linea and Punto!!

Discussion in 'Engine Compartment' started by Arun1100, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. Ranjan

    Ranjan Novizio

    Navsari, Gujarat
    Re: Fiat to fix faulty AC in the linea and punto!!

    Today went to the TASS at Surat ( Autopoint Car Division). I was surprised to see a complete makeover in the reception and work done in this center. Well it is for the good of course. Had received this kind of treatment only when the fiat officials had come a few months back.
    Well got to know that the up gradation would take a whole of one and half days. So will have to leave the vehicle there. Have scheduled this upgradation for next saturday and sunday. Lets see if all goes perfectly. The person looking after the AC section told me that they had received hands on training from Fiat people who had come there.
  2. shashanknathani

    shashanknathani Superiore

    Re: Fiat to fix faulty AC in the linea and punto!!

    My car is August 2009 make.... I bought it in October 2009.... Ya, even i heard that it will not be done on cars manufactured after July 2010... they are already equipped with the upgrade... But it is still always good to send out a mail to FIAT with the chassis number and get the confirmation...

    I actually received a call from Concorde motors, Hyderabad regarding the AC Upgrade Kit and they fixed the appointment for Monday morning. I insisted on the loner vehicle and they agreed.... My baby met with a small accident also and the left rear door needs denting and painting... So I will get it back on Wednesday evening...
  3. nitinkumardba

    nitinkumardba Superiore

    Re: Fiat to fix faulty AC in the linea and punto!!

    I got my car back after accidental repair. Front bumper, both headlight, both grills and condenser was replaced. This time I am getting better cooling.
  4. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    Re: Fiat to fix faulty AC in the linea and punto!!

    Yesterday, when I went to Concorde Motors, Dairy Circle, Bangalore, to buy a spare 4 litre can of Selenia K petrol engine oil and windscreen washer fluid, I enquired about AC kit replacement. I was informed that the kits are already received by them and they are fitting in all petrol Lineas and Puntos that are brought for servicing. They checked my Linea's VIN and confirmed that it needs AC kit replacement. I was suggested to take an appointment and bring my Linea any time from the next week. But, I have decided to wait, watch and then take the plunge.
  5. Maxtor

    Maxtor Amatore

    New Delhi
    Re: Fiat to fix faulty AC in the linea and punto!!

    Got an appointment with ABS Motors in Gurgaon last Friday and took the car to their workshop at 10 am. Although there was a huge rush my Linea was attended to almost immediately by Ms Madhu. The Supervisor Yashpal made a job sheet and I was told that I will get the car back by 5:30 pm. Yashpal insisted that I get anti-rust coating done on the silencer which cost Rs 2500 which I declined. He pushed for it but I said I will think about it. Even without my agreement he had already written it down in the job sheet but when he saw that I was not agreeing he cut it out. There were a couple of other odd jobs like fixing the inside handle of the left front door and the windshield frame coming off at the corner which he noted down.

    After leaving the workshop I had a rethink about the anti-rust and I tried supervisor Yashpal's no. 2-3 times till afternoon since I though I will speak to him about it. There was no response. I tried the landline of the workshop but the receptionist was unable to connect me to Yashpal or Madhu saying they are very busy on the floor. I left my mobile no but I did not get a call back. Then I called up ABS showroom and when I started talking about anti-rust they promptly gave me the number of Nasir from 3M who they said sits in the workshop. Called up Nasir and told him that my car is in the workshop and needs anti-rust on the silencer, so could he check the car and call me back. I did not get a callback from him either. Till 5 pm I had no idea whether the AC fitment had been completed and whether my car is ready, is it getting delayed etc etc. I finally reached the workshop at 6:30 pm but my car was not ready. The AC fitment was being done at the time but the other odd jobs were complete. Washing was also left. While waiting for my car I called Nasir the 3M guy to speak about anti-rust. He lied to me and said he had called me back but I did not pick up the phone(I got no call, no missed call). Anyway he said there is no need of any anti-rust and said he had examined my car's silencer and that 'woh chal jayega'. Got back to Yashpal who bitched about Nasir saying how can that be , he is never at the workshop so he could not have seen your car. Said he will call me back the next day after speaking to Nasir.

    They replaced the entire AC unit and tested it for a good 15-20 minutes. Unfortunately, since Delhi is in a cold wave I just cannot comment on how much difference the new AC fitment must have made!

    Yashpal never called so I called him instead. He said he spoke to Nasir and there was no need of anti-rust on the silencer!
  6. arun25


    Re: Fiat to fix faulty AC in the linea and punto!!

    Hi guys,
    The guys at wasan motors, kandivili is totally ignorant about the ac cut off issue of punto and says that they have not encountered any cases like that. Can any one suggest other service centers where I can go and rectify this.
  7. capt_slow


    Re: Fiat to fix faulty AC in the linea and punto!!

    arun ,

    Bharati Auto (located on the intersection of JVLR / WEH) /Fortune Cars (Saki Naka) are accepting Fiat cars for the ACC upgrade . Call them up and schedule an appointment.

    Hope this helps
  8. kaps

    kaps Superiore

    New Delhi
    New Delhi
    Linea 1.4
    Re: Fiat to fix faulty AC in the linea and punto!!

    I had spoken to Concorde motors sometime in end Dec regarding mod kit for ACC. They had no knowledge about them. Fair enough. They regardless took my car and did some cleaning-shleaning and returned it with no apparent changes in ACC performance.

    After going through this thread, I wrote a mail on Fiat India site with my VIN regarding ACC performance. The mail was replied to by Mangesh Koladkar within three days. After three days of getting this mail, I got a call from Concorde motors.

    Thw works manager said he had received the mod kit and asked me when I could bring the car. I have booked the car for Monday 24 Jan and it will be picked up by rep from Concorde. The car will stay with them for two days.

    Will comment further after I receive the car back.
  9. anish_707


    Re: Fiat to fix faulty AC in the linea and punto!!

    done the ac retro fit in my linea petrol active from him motors,delhi....
    6 parts changed in all...
    kit ac linea----- rs 2832
    kit cooling module---- rs 7027
    ac gas----1428
    compressor oil pag---- 4250
    ac upgrade kit

    all done in warranty...so not a penny paid...
    took 3days for same.

    verdict : when u put on the ac ,u will feel the difference...fan speed is more.silent and the cooling is good.since i am in delhi and its winters here i couldnt say how good the cooling was but the cooling did increase thats for sure...
    will update about the cooling later on...

    got door visors for 1700 bucks...looks cool on black linea...must for every linea according to me....did try on the spoiler as well but didnt look so cool..since its a lip spoiler....

    admiration guranteed !!!
  10. ansal11

    ansal11 Esperto

    Re: Fiat to fix faulty AC in the linea and punto!!

    Lip spoiler for linea....when did that became available in India ????

    Are you sure it was a lip spoiler or was it the normal one availble.

    Was it something like this ??


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