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FIAT to supply its multijet engines to Maruti, Now to Premier also

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by nkrishnap, Aug 18, 2011.


Should Fiat Supply its multijet engines to Maruti

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. gurus

    gurus Amatore

  2. gurus

    gurus Amatore

    now Premier Rio also joins the club. Rio get MJD.
    Should be a compact SUV for city use I guess.
  3. Srini

    Srini Regolare

    BRO - Still FIAT has to supply spares correct?

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    Kedar, they cannot tell no. Maruthi already has licence to manufacture engines and I am sure that contract would run for ages. Also, there is more to Maruthi;s sales. Does everyone know that which engine powers Maruthi. They buy it because it is Maruthi. They know how to sell cars in India.

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    I wrote comically earlier in this forum that FIAT is using it as a strategy to generate revenue in India which still holds good. I voted Yes, because if FIAT does not supply engines to maruthi, their revenues will further dwindle and they have to close shop. This will ensure that we will not be able to lay our hands on the few Punto's and Linea's which we have today and the ASS might get worser.

    Let me narrate a real incident which happened couple of days ago. My friend was sourcing a diesel hatch and we were test driving almost all vehicles. He was hating Maruthi always and was refusing to go for swift. One of my collegues pressurized him to take a TD (that guy owns a Ritz) and asked for a TD. The showroom guys told us that they have stopped given TD at either residence or offices and if we are serious he asked us to come down to the show room.

    We have driven a Punto the earlier day and even though everyone felt the car is (i did not give my Punto to him for driving) great they also felt that the car is more than heavy and they have to put some effort to drive it. I was explaining them how it eases on you after couple of days from where you will start enjoying it.

    Now coming back to maruthi TD part, we decided to go to the show room and I offered him my Punto to drive up to the showroom. My friend was telling that the car is good but felt heavy again. We took the test drive of Swift - DDIS - ZDI out there in the show room. You guys would not believe, everyone were amazed at the performance. I could not belive how the maruthi engineers have tuned the engine with different gear ratio's than our own Punto. In fact Maruthi has an FGT compared to a VGT in my 90 HP. We never felt the turbo lag at all. The car was a breeze to drive in the city traffic. Here I have to admit that the car could have been driven spritdely as with all TD cars and hence the revving could have been better. But still the ergonomics and the handling is very smooth which I need to accept. My friend was immediately impressed. Having driven a heavy car (??) as well could have helped him in driving a light weight swift. We could not locate any panel gaps and the central control seized from Kizashi is amazing. The a/c is a chiller and the car performed well.

    You will be astonised to hear the final part of this story - I noticed that the braking is not so good and also the car is not handling well in pot holes. I complained about the same and everyone started checking for the brakes and suspension handling and agreed unanimously that they are not up to the mark. When I insisted that this type of car has to have good (the one which we drove is top end and had ABS as well) brakes, my friend told me that Srini - we are not going to drive the car as we drove today and brake this hard, we should be able to manage with this. I was dumb founded. This is the kind of impact the car had on him which made him ignore a vital (of course I did not agree with his logic) part not functioning efficiently. He also mentioned earlier that Punto does not require air bags as even if a vehicle rams you, the car will stand its ground jokingly. Verdict - Maruthi has under stood the mechanics of Indian public mind and are acting according to it and making millions. FIAT's decision to either sell or not sell its engine to maruthi will not affect this. They might go elsewhere and source the engine and still will be able to sell well. We have to note that 50% of Maruthi's sales is driven by Alto which has an engine built by itself.
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  4. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    While I agree that people believe in Maruthi. There is no guarantee that they will succeed without the MJD. If so, their earlier diesels, Zen and Esteem should have done trick for them. Diesel version of both miserably failed.
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  5. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    70 % of people dont know that Diesel maruties are running on FIAT's Multijet Engine, My Uncle has a swift desire and he was surprised after knowing that his car is running on other brands ENGINE..
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  6. jayadev

    jayadev Esperto

    Kannur, India
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Engine ,cars, business.

    If Fiat could produce "better" cars than Suzuki ,what could be the reason to worry?

    at present fiat cars comes with niggles,not so competitive performance,poor service support.
    If fiat can set basics right, then they will sell cars ,sell engines as well as they will do good business.

    Presently nobody wants their car,then what will they with engines? and what about the business.
  7. Relativity

    Relativity Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    So does that make the Maruti Swift a better car compared to the Fiat Punto? It has the same engine, less weight, better A.S.S., better resale value, smoother cluth and gearshift.
    For me, the Swift lacks exclusivity and I really don't like the looks. The issues with a Punto don't bother me but and in all probability I will still go ahead and buy a Punto.

    My question is about market response and perception. One of the things I hear Fiat owners tell Maruti owners is how superior their Fiat engine is. That divide just got plugged.
    At least, the Swift makes better sense to the head now. The Punto is still a matter of the heart.
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  8. mescotc

    mescotc Amatore

    Boisar , Tarapur
    Hi all ,

    My viewpoint is ,

    It really doesn't matters if Fiat sales engines to maruti at a Premium cost , for Financial Compulsions & mantaining sustainability , but in that case they can Leverage some of profits from engine selling , to further lower costs of their Cars in India & gain Competitive advantage & in turn account for higher sales.

    It can make a good business sense...

  9. gurus

    gurus Amatore

    I think this is a good opportunity for FIAT to learn how Suzuki is doing Quality checks. They should be open to this learning and if possible apply this across world. Even in Europe there is some compliant of quality issues.

    Also, will FIAT and TATA come to know for which cars Maruti will use these engines based on tuning? Or that tuning will happen in MS factory?


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