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Fiat To launch Brand Stores, Without TATA!!!

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by Grandeur, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. nk4FIAT

    nk4FIAT Superiore

    I feel Karthik, FIAT should hire 1-2 Engg+MBA guys, just to read all the feedbacks on tbhp and tfi for 1st half of the day and then present important suggestions to middle level management in 2nd half of the day. In every week end all the discussions throughout the week should be heard by top level management and every week they should seriously implement some of the decisions.
  2. not only t-bhp and TFI, i expect them to take feed back from public directly. they can target IT companies and employees by offering special Discount, special loan Scheme or other offers. that is what Hyundai did in the year 2000-2004 and Honda in 2006.
  3. Ranjan

    Ranjan Novizio

    Navsari, Gujarat
    This is good News. But I expect a good One stop shop! A place where we can get total solutions to Fiat Vehicles. Service should also be an integral part of this Showroom. If one has to go to Tata Fiat Service center after buying a vehicle from a specialized showroom then it would be like disowning the customers after selling the cars. The main reason for opening these showrooms would be to prevent the bad experience of the customers (stepbrother treatment) then this experience is at the service section too.
  4. manojnambiar

    manojnambiar Novizio

    FIAT BRAND stores

    hi all.....

    gd to hear that FIAT is finally launching their own Brand Stores in metros & other major cities initialy, with gradual expansion. This should surely boost up the sales of the Fiats...heard that tho thy gona put cars on displays only with enquires and promotions, along with sales of accessories, merchandise items, & an italian Coffee shop, the sales & service shall be solely done through TATA........ but in any case it should turn-up as a gd place for FIATIANS to chillout......

    best wishes.....
    Safe driving........ cheers.....................
  5. Sumit

    Sumit Superiore

    good concept but Fiat has to do the hard work of connecting to the people.
  6. Good news :dancing ..
    In fiat’s exclusive stores,they should give option to customer to build their car. All newest accessories must be available there.

    Fiat should also relaunch Fiat500 and 500C @price range of 7 to 9 lac. range. Panda will also make difference. Imagine Fiat500 convertible :car @9 lac and Panda AWD @8 lac.on Indian road, a treat to watch :cool .
    Panda a small SUV and good choice over expensive Suvs.
  7. puntobihari


    well fiat r concentrating their efforts on the metros but they r selling well there only.so i think they shud put more emphasis on non metros and tier-II cities which will churn up the numbers for them. presently i am in a small town of gujarat, himmatnagar pop. of 3-4 lacs but i can see dozens of figos and even more i20's. only 1 punto in this place. 2nd one is mine.
  8. arulvr

    arulvr Amatore

    "Tata Stores can be at the back end. As far as possible Fiat SHOULD NOT expose customers to a tata showroom. Take the bookings at these "brand stores", arrange for test drives etc and then the Fiat sales personnel handles all the work with Tata. "

    Amogh - Spot on with the above comments. This probably is the major area where the new customers are put off !!
  9. ind_madhu


    Thats a good idea and FIAT will get to know the pulse of Indian Customers. Well, you can send in your suggestions to CEO corner at FIAT India website.
  10. Dear Vinay, isnt your expectation too high for Fiat in Indian market at present? let them come up step by step, no hurry. i dont want them to fall down again.

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