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Fiat to expand its presence in India- To launch Chrysler's Jeep,Alfa Romeo & Maserati

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by saharsh, Jan 21, 2012.

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    Do u think service is only the reason then why Tatas selling so many cars with similar network.Mahindra has one of the worst service but still they r selling in great numbers.Skoda also has poor service and so do Chevrolet.In fact I would rate TASS service better than Mahindra and also TASS is more cooperative when comes to honoring the EW or warranty.I think few TASS dealership r spoiling the name.
    The real reason is Fiat running away from India twice abandoning their customers and nobody likes to be orphan .If this time they want to grow thy need to hold for some time to generate customer satisfaction.They also need more publicity for there cars and of course more variants to change the Indian customer mind that this time they r serious. .
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  3. What transpired between PAL and FIAT is not clearly known, it could be either FIAT or PAL or both of them. FIAT 1100,UNO,Body for 118NE(Not sure about Deisel) were sold by PAL.PAL also did the same treatment to Peugeot Remember lovely Peugeot 309 any one.

    Since the introduction Palio FIAT is still there,not run away but albeit with spares issue. FIAT again made the same mistake of joining TATA to change it's fortunes!!
    I think for FIAT india is not in focus,they just want to sell 2500 cars a month(that is what was their target) and TATA was meeting the target some times.

    Now the many complaints about service quality drove them to have exclusive service and sales may brand taking a beating is also a reason.
    They were repeatedly bitten by JV with PAL now with TATA,think what would be those investors thing about inidan business ethics sitting tin Italy?
    Looking at slow pace they are moving feels nothing much have changed about their mindset. They just let every body else to gain the market at their own expense.

    To me FIAT looks like wants have some hold in India but not ready invest a whole lot to make themselves more competitive .

    From Wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Premier_Automobiles_Limited
    Premier Automobiles is an Indian automaker which flourished in the so called[by whom?] 'sudhakar'- bribe - licence- monopoly period from the 1950s till the early 1990s when India was closed to the world and imports. The company was established in 1944 as a result of successful negotiations with Chrysler Corporation in 1939, resulting in licenses to build a Plymouth car and a Dodge truck, sold under the Dodge, Plymouth, DeSoto, and Fargo names starting around 1949. In the early years, quality was considered good by both Chrysler and the Indian Department of Defense. In 1949, parts were being made in India, starting with simpler components and gradually building up to more complex pieces. Two companies made parts: Premier and Hindustan Motors of Calcutta. The early years of Premier and Hindustan were marked by very low sales, due to the size of the market; only about 20,000 vehicles per year were made in India, in 65 different models. To prevent foreign companies from dominating by mass-producing parts to be assembled into cars in India, the government set up steep import duties on imported parts in 1954, allowing Indian parts-makers to survive.[4]

    Premier also made a licensed version of the Fiat 1100 which later continued almost unchanged into the late 1990s as the Premier Padmini with a 40 hp (30 kW) 1100 cc engine and built at their now defunct Kurla factory in sub-urban Mumbai. Later models included the Premier 118NE (named after its 1180 cc Nissan A engine and transmission from the Nissan Cherry), a version of the 1960s Fiat 124 built in a then-new (but now defunct) factory at Kalyan, considered a luxury car in India till the influx of modern cars in the 1990s. These cars were

    With market liberalisation Premier tied up with Peugeot to build the Peugeot 309 in India. Initial demand was high but labour problems and poor dealer service led to problems which were compounded when Premier also tied up with old partners Fiat to manufacture the Fiat Uno. Peugeot pulled out of the venture around 2001 with only a few thousand cars sold. Labour and service issues also plagued the Fiat venture and a massive strike finally caused the plant to shut around 2001 with Fiat left to fend for itself with its reputation marred. Not only Fiat, but also the Premier Automobiles Ltd., faced severe criticism in media. There were various criminal cases against its promoters. The Consumer Courts of India were flooded with complaints for non-refund of the car booking. The Promoters of Premier Automobiles have also been confronted with Criminal cases in various consumer courts of India under section 27 of Consumer Protection Act. A customer Association based at Gujarat - Rajkot called Pal Car Customer Association has made various representations against the Premier Automobiles Ltd. CNBC channel also aired an interview under the crime story program called "UNCOVERED".

    Today, Premier Ltd. is on a constant growth curve, rapidly gaining stature in both its segments : Engineering and Automotive. The Engineering segment has two activities - CNC Machine Division and Engineering while the Automotive segment consists of Light Utility Vehicles and Sports Utility Vehicles. Originally based in Mumbai, Premier Ltd. relocated to its present, ultra-modern, ISO 9001 certified plant at Chinchwad, Pune. Spread over 27 acres, this plant now serves as the centralized research, development and manufacturing for all activities.</ref>[1] In November 2004 Premier restarted operations by building a small diesel powered van called the Sigma.[5] It is based on an old 1980s Mitsubishi Varica design licenced from China Motor in Taiwan, with the Peugeot engine from the 309.

    In October 2009 Premier re-entered the Indian passenger vehicle market with a compact SUV named RiO.[6] Rio is assembled from CKD kits of Zotye Nomad I made by Zotye Auto of China.
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    All these years European market was the bread and butter for fiat, that may be why they gave less importance for a small market(compare to European) like india but now the europe is under big economic slow down. By reports last year italians(major market for fiat like india for suzuki) bought moe cycles than cars due to this slowdown. In US also fiat is just in the growing stage, yes the sales are increasing but still the reputation of past is a matter there also. As Indian and Chineese market is growing like anything fiat naturally shift their concentration to these markets. That may be the reason why they are more keen in brand revival. Sure they will be here for long as they cant avoid the huge potential of indian market.
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    The Japanese and the Korean are a hardworking lot and are sticklers for process. Add to that perseverance and it is very easy for anyone to understand how they got to where they are today.

    OTOH, the Germans are perfectionists and the Americans have a penchant to start with a big - no expenses barred - approach.

    On the contrary, the Italians are a dreamy lot. The have great ideas, artistic mindset, but are never down to earth and are just big dreamers. I can very confidently bet that the state of affairs with FIAT today, is because of this. After all these years, FIAT has not yet understood, or made any efforts to understand, the thought process or the mindset of the average Indian car buyer. Poor after sales service, lack of spares, lack of publicity are all secondary. The primary and the most important thing FIAT has to do is to wake up to reality in India, if they are really serious about the Indian market. Else, both parties - FIAT and the odd FIAT-buyer - are much better off if they just close up and go home.

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    Grande Punto 1.3
    This pic was shared by our member VARUN LAXMAN in fb...The package of fiat spares now.
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    The thinking is indeed changing. One of my friend whose Dad drives a City has now booked a TJet.

    He agreed for fiat because they have a service center and fiat caffe at pune which means the company is looking to stabilize in India

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  8. hpmadan

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    Manza production to move out of Ranjangaon to make way for Jeeps?

    According to a report on Overdrive.in today, the joint venture between Fiat and Tata Motors could be reduced to just engine manufacturing as the Indian auto maker has reportedly planned to move production of the Manza sedan out of Tata-Fiat JV plant in Ranjangaon to its fully-owned factory in Pimpri, Pune where other Tata models are manufactured.

    Why? Because Fiat could be making way for the assembly of Jeep models in Ranjangaon.

    Fiat India confirmed yesterday that it will hold a press conference on the 6th of December in Mumbai to discuss the future roadmap for Fiat-Chrysler in India.

    The Overdrive report adds that component vendors have been notified about the shift in production site and components would start shipping to Pimpri in the coming months. To accommodate the Manza in Pimpri, production of Tata’s slow-selling vehicles would be shifted to its Pantnagar facility where the Ace and Magic roll out of.

    The joint venture on retail was dissolved after Fiat decided to establish its own network of dealers starting with 20 main cities. The servicing of Fiat cars at Tata-authorized workshops will also be discontinued next year.

    Both companies however will continue manufacturing Fiat petrol and diesel engines at the Ranjangoan plant to be fitted on to cars from both brands, for India, as well as export markets. Tata brands Fiat’s Multi-jet technology as ‘Quadrajet’ and the FIRE petrol engines motor Tata cars under the name ‘SAFIRE.’

    Read more: Manza production stops at Ranjangaon to make way for Jeeps?
  9. hpmadan

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    Fiat gets ready to launch the iconic Jeep brand in India

    Fiat gets ready to launch the iconic Jeep brand in India

    If the chaps from TopGear India are to be believed, Fiat India is getting ready to introduce the iconic Jeep brand in the Indian market. The Italian automaker is expected to announce formal plans in the following weeks.

    Jeep-Cherokee-front-300x225.jpg Jeep-Cherokee-rear-300x214.jpg

    The on and off rumors about Jeep coming to India are around since mid-2012 when Fiat India sent out a few press releases with a Chrysler logo on it. The Jeep brand is owned by Chrysler which in turn is owned by Fiat.

    In fact our good mates at Motorbeam are also reporting the same information claiming Fiat-Chrysler’s COO of Asia Pacific Region, Michael Manley will address a press conference so there must be some substance to these claims.

    Fiat India will announce an India-specific plan next month which will contain all the details of Fiat India’s future for the next year.

    Coming back to the Jeep brand, the decision to introduce this SUV-specific brand was taken in mind to satisfy Indian consumers appetite for SUVs. Recent jump in demand for diesel SUVs in India is something almost every manufacturer is capitalizing on.

    Jeep has five models in its stable – Patriot, Compass, Liberty, Grand Cherokee and Wrangler. In all probability, Fiat India will start the Jeep operations with brand builders such as Grand Cherokee and Wrangler (that looks like a spruced-up Mahindra Thar). Initially, we believe that both models will be CBU operations until the brand is successful in India. Soon we could see more mainstream models such as the Patriot reaching dealerships.

    We will definitely be a part of this ‘Fiat India plan’ announcement. So stay tuned and start saving for your Jeep today!

    Read more: Fiat gets ready to launch the iconic Jeep brand in India
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    Dear hpmadan, if you had read atleast last page of this thread! whatever you have posted is already available on page 9!!
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