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Fiat to act fast

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Improvements' started by On wheels, May 1, 2016.

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    I am a Fiat car enthusiast too, but with out owning one. The reason behind not owning a Fiat car is Fiat itself. This is purely Fiat's negligence on the part of poor dealer and service network. I would like to share my experiences in brief.
    1) Test drive : I was planning to purchase a car somewhere in the month of June. The options on my list were Fiat Punto, Avventura, Polo, Amaze, Figo. I got a test drive in all the makes except Fiat. The reason no car available for the test drive with the dealer in my vicinity. Had to go to a showroom 150 kms away for a test drive.
    2) Cars in Showrooms : No cars for display in the showroom in my vicinity. Instead the dealer had kept the old model of Punto and not Evo. I was the only customer in the showroom during Sunday at 11 am.
    Whereas, there was a lot of rush in the VW showroom few meters away.
    3) Poor website management : While going through the website, I noticed that there was no information about the dealer near my vicinity. While there was information about a dealer who had terminated his dealership 5 months ago.
    Further, to add, the dealership in my vicinity closed a couple of months ago. Initially, there were 3 dealers in and around my vicinity. But now there are none. The areas I am talking about are Thane and Mumbai.

    These were some of the experiences which stopped me from purchasing an Italian masterpiece.
    It always surprised me that Fiat launches new cars without enough showrooms. I wonder how they can survive in such tough competition without a proper dealer network.
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