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FIAT Spares from 99rpm

Discussion in 'Fiat OEM Spares & Accessories' started by GirishRaghu, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. Akshay4384

    Akshay4384 Superiore

    Afaik fiat's OEM is not syndicate

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  2. me_at_fiat

    me_at_fiat Regolare

    Mumbai, Pune
    OEM are VALEO i guess!!!
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  3. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    Punto's rear wiper is of Valeo make. I can confirm that. Not sure about the front ones.
  4. Nadeem Ahmed VR 46

    Nadeem Ahmed VR 46 Esperto

    Oh i missed to read your review on syndicate wiper blades..i ordered them on wednesday morning..they are of lowest quality to price it less..yes the OE ones are imported from Germany..FIAT imports spare parts for new cars only and for existing car owners who need spare parts,for them it's produced locally and quality is compromised little..lets hope for the best..the present OE ones on our Punto is cleaning glass properly like how it used to clean when car was new and now right wipers rubber has came off..i needed them urgently bcoz rainy season has started and these TATA FIAT SC guys still didnt got spare parts from FIAT..Bosch blades have superb quality..it would have been nice if Bosch wipers were available for Punto/Linea..
  5. Nadeem Ahmed VR 46

    Nadeem Ahmed VR 46 Esperto

    Received Wipers from 99 RPM.com on Friday Morning..Quick service delivered in 2 days..Today will be installing these on Punto..


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  6. Installed Syndicate branded wipers in my car,during slight drizzling wiper leves multiple marks on the windshiled.thus little tricky as one need wiping to clealy see the road.
    Too early to say but this wiper may create scratchs on the winshield glass in above said condtions.
  7. pdash

    pdash Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Use glass cleaner. There could be oil residue on the glass.
  8. fiatlover

    fiatlover Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.4
    When buying the OE wiper blades from KHT, I asked them if the OE is Syndicate brand. He said sysndicate is not the one recommended by FIAT and is made in Delhi. A spare parts dealer on sarjapur road also confirmed the same(he called in made in kashmiri gate :D ). So I decided to go for the OE one and it does a very good job. I have used it continuously for hours last week during my trip home. Yes, it was raining and raining all the way. It cleans the windscreen thoroughly without leaving any marks.
    As mentioned earlier, the OE ones cost 1234/-
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  9. rohit tunga

    rohit tunga Amatore

    After seeing lots of good reviews on this forum about 99rpm.com, I decided to try out some stuff for my Linea. My earlier brake pads were almost shot after 21000 kms. So instead of going in for OEM brake pads which cost like 3200 bucks plus fitting, I thought of ordering it from 99rpm.com and get it installed from a friendly garage.

    Since my pads were of the newer type, this was the parts ordered by me

    Fiat Punto & Linea Brake Pads (New Model) by Gemco in Aftermarket standard quality

    It costs Rs 1046 and arrived within 2 days of making payment which is quite remarkable :up

    Now here are the pics of the brake pads and the installation of them on my car.





    It was a very easy task to do as the new ones fit in the slot quite snugly. After a couple of hard braking so that the new pads bed in properly, I find the difference between this and OEM to be quite small. I'd say the aftermarket ones are about 90% as good while being almost one third the cost of the originals.

    While I was at their website, this caught my attention


    At just Rs 200 this deal was too tempting for me and so along with the brake pads, I also ordered the Absolute edition's chrome strip. It looks rather elegant. Have a look


    This was a simple DIY job yet I still managed to mess it up slightly. The chrome strip is inclined to the right.

    So overall a nice experience from them !
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  10. vj_v1

    vj_v1 Superiore

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