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Fiat Service Camp Experience Rating

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by amogh, Apr 24, 2011.


How was your experience at the Fiat Service Camp?

Poll closed Jun 8, 2011.
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  1. dr vangili

    dr vangili Timido

    just came back from TAFE Reach Chennai camp. happy overall. two of my major problems were rectified. the SA said he had no spares even after waiting for 45 days. i said am going to complain to FIAT india. somehow mysteriously he found the spare after a hour.
  2. fiatlover

    fiatlover Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.4
    I took my car to the service camp today. Overall, it was a good experience. Washing was not great. I mentioned that in the feedback form. Front bumper still had dirt and mud. Pointed out to them and had second round of cleaning and wiping. There was a small bent in the back part of the rear wheel arch. This was fixed, though not to my satisfaction. They said I need to go again to get this done as this will take more time to remove the rear bumper and set it right.
  3. royj

    royj Esperto

    I got a call on the evening of Tuesday 26 April for the Camp from Mohandas Motors. I asked them to book me for Saturday 30 April. On Wednesday morning I got a call again asking for booking time with out wondering why they are calling again and not informing that I had been booked for Saturday, I asked them to book me for Friday 29 April thinking let me see where this leads to.. :p
    On Thursday morning I got a call informing that the booking for Friday is shifted to Saturday as Friday will be a holiday due to a strike. There goes..

    Saturday morning 9:00AM, I was at the service center and nobody was there. Well almost nobody and no 'special' arrangements. I was asked to wait in the lobby, very few lights were on and AC was not yet switched on. I am not complaining as I know I am the early bird. Then a SA approaches me and I tell him I came for the FIAT CAMP. He said as soon as people come we will start and left. Within five minutes he was back with a writing board and papers and started checking out my car noting down the odo readings and asking if I have any complaints. I said I have nothing specific to report other than request replacement of the plastic CSC to metallic one if possible.
    Then TFI member Roshin drove in and parked next to my car. While we chatted, the SA went in, came back and started checking out Roshin's car. Roshin asked the SA to check out the rear bumper alignment as the paint was getting rubbed off where the boot door comes in contact.

    A few more cars arrive by this time and the parking area starts getting congested, then a senior staff comes an asks us! to drive the cars into the workshop! where the checkup can be done. That was a bit unusual since they never allow us the drive the cars within their premise and especially so into the work area. Roshin drove in first followed by me and when we went into the workshop the technicians started gaping at us wondering how we manged to drive in there without being stopped. :)

    We stayed with our cars while the technicians went through their checklist and topping up battery and windshield wash tanks. I asked about the CSC replacement and the technician directed me to the supervisor. When we asked him about replacing the plastic CSC with metallic one he refused the request stating that there is no directive from Fiat to do that.

    While we were there watching them go about their work, someone came with a bunch of T-shirts and started distributing to them. Two minutes later.. magic! all the technicians who were wearing navy blue shirt and pants suddenly transformed to 'Fiat' technicians with navy blue pants and black T-shirts with FIAT printed on it. :D Well nothing really wrong with it, but shows a little lack of planning, organizing and preparation for the camp.

    We went back into the lobby and waited where we were served coffee/tea. Around 10:00AM we decided to check the progress of the work and went out and saw our two cars parked near the gate ready to be driven off. So we went back in and asked for the papers. The senior staff member who earlier asked us to drive into the workshop was running this way and that trying to find out the status of our cars when we found both our cars being driven back into the workshop! The senior staff then told us that our cars were not photographed and so they were being taken back in, but that sounded silly as Roshin's car came right back out from the workshop while mine went into the service bay. May be they missed doing some checks. ::O
    About 10 minutes later a SA came out with the gatepass and papers for Roshin's car and he left. I waited for another 30-40 minutes at the lobby where I met another TFI member Prasanth. Then I saw my car taken out of the workshop and soon the SA came with the gatepass and papers. The car was not washed but I was give a free coupon for Body Wash and a 5% discount on labour and spares. I really wish they do the wash at the time of the camp itself. That would mean I wait for another hour or so, but coming for a body wash in future will mean wasting nearly four hours more. The SA said there is a tuk tuk sound when the car is turned to right right? Not knowing what to say I just nodded. He continued.. RH front strut elastic mount is to be replaced, that is noted in the check sheet, you can come some time next week for the replacement. Since this issue was a known issue and Pran had done the replacement before, I didn't think much about it. I collected the papers, thanked the SA and left.

    On the way back I was wondering about the sound and so switched off the AC and stereo, rolled the windows down and kept my ears alert for any sound. At one point when I was negotiating an acute right turn I thought I heard a "click" sound, other than that I didn't hear or feel anything till I reached home.. may be it was due to the city traffic noise.

    So that is all with my experience on the camp. I am satisfied with technical part of the checkup done. It would have been great if someone from FIAT was available for explaining and clearing our queries. Organisation of the camp could have been better.. I would give them an 8 out of 10 for a job well done. ::T
    Voted as per expectation.
  4. karan desai

    karan desai Superiore

    Morbi, Gujrat
    hey ravi my car too has hard gear shifts. when i showed it to them they said its okay but its not. can you tell me what they did to your vehicle. gears better now??
  5. teky

    teky Esperto

    Myself and other two TFI'ans were at Tafe reach, which car where you in?

    Our service was okay, we had to tell them what to do. Met someone named Vickram from Tata motors. On referring bnzjon's name we got a Fiat mug exclusively. Some more thing were unearthed about TAFE. I'll let ramjn and Soundar do the rest.
  6. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    No idea. But they were talking to lubricate some cable.
  7. dr vangili

    dr vangili Timido

    @ teky. the red punto with TN reg was me. really? is he famous?. then i will use his name in future (only with his permission)
  8. bluepunter

    bluepunter Amatore

    I got a call regarding this free checkup camp from Concorde motors last week. I was mentioned that a couple of Fiat engineers would be available at this camp to address our issues. So I was very excited about this camp & I was really looking forward to this weekend. So I had booked for the camp for today morning 10'o clock.

    My experience with the camp was very good untill I found out that no other issues will be addressed, & I will have to come back to get these issues rectified in the next week. So here stared the excitement killer.

    I convinced myself when I saw the 44 point check list. I handed over the vehicle at 10:15 n i was told to come back at 12:15. A fellow TFIan puntom(Hemanth), also a colleague of mine :) we both waited for our vehicles to come out of the workshop.

    Alas!!!!! the wash quality!!!!!! I never expected such a worst wash quality......

    First of all, my issues were not addressed; second, wash quality was poor; third, the scorching sun at 28deg was sufficient to raise my temper....

    I called up the service advisor to show the wheels which still had loads of brake dust. So he admitted it n took it for another round of wash....
    Meanwhile our other Puntom's vehicle was also had the same issue with washing n was sent back to re-wash....

    Overall this free checkup camp had let down my expectations.....
  9. I took my Punto to TAFE, few minutes before 10. Teky and Ramesh welcomed me. My self, Teky and Ramesh planned couple of days before to meet at TAFE. My Punto is infected with some rust. Though, I do not want to report it to TASC now; as I want to finish the meet guys, finish the check-up, and head home as soon as possible.

    My Punto was attended immediately and taken to perform a "30-point-check". I wanted to get back to home soon. I requested the SA, not to wash the car.

    Car was ready and back after an hour. They pointed out 3 faulty points in the car which needed to be fixed soon. Front suspension mounting bush or some thing like that is one and other two insignificant things.

    Mean while we meet a Punto user and discussed about retro-fitted A/C in fiat petrol cars and CSC. Then we happen to meet Vikarm of Tata Motors and an official from Fiat. We discussed about CSC, noisy retro-fitted A/C, spares, customer service, and my Punto's new boyfriend - rust. After the discussion Vikaram ordered the SAs to inspect CSC in all the Fiat cars there. Ramesh's car got busted and taken for CSC replacement. Fiat official with another SA inspected my car for rust and clicked lot of pictures. Vikaram told me that they will treat my Punto for rust and re-paint it again. As I was in need of my Punto badly, I requested them to pick my Punto next week end.

    Finally my self and Teky left TAFE, leaving Ramesh alone. @Ramesh-ji: Please give your feedback about CSC replacement.

    Gifts: We got a mini pack of wet facial tissues initially after the check-up. Later a Fiat mug. Fiat mug is awesome and I used up half of the tissues already.

    Sir-ji, there were quite a few red Puntos for us (atleast for me) to notice. We will sure meet next time.
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  10. He is !!!!! :p:p:p

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