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Fiat readies archrival for Ford EcoSport and Renault Duster

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by srida, May 26, 2012.

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    Hey Attaching the Pic for a quick view

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  2. Fiat teases the media with a Crossover SUV from its 500 family

    Another article related to Fiat's Crossover. It is gonna be called as Fiat 500 X. To be Introduced in Brazil against Ford Eco Sport.

    More on this link

    Fiat 500X crossover SUV teased in Turin, Italy


    IMHO, the pic in 1st post is faaaaar better than this one.
  3. But why the 1.3 for the SUV?
  4. sungoa2010


    There is a 105 PS version for 1.3 MJD. Hope that will get it for 500X.
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    Fiat 500 with Ferrari V8 engine from Lazzarini design

    Lazzarini Design Studio has come with an unusual proposal, the current Fiat 500 with a Ferrari 458 Italy engine, good for almost 550 hp. If you ever imagined that Fiat 500 is a “Barbie car”, the Italian brand wanted a little more, transforming into something completely new.

    For the moment this idea is just as draft on the computer, when the Fiat 500 appear with a new bodykit, with new bumpers, rounded wings and side spoiler and the roof is a large air intake that feeds the V8 4.5-liter engine, powerful enough, thanks to the all 550 hp.

    First sketches released by the Italian company, has released a body with 300 mm wider at the back and with 200 mm in front, enough to accommodate the central engine. No original transmission has escaped the changes, being reduced to as little adapt to 500, which increased the wheelbase by 200 mm.

    The Italians from Lazzarini has created a rear suspension identical to that of 458 Italy, and it barrows from the supercar, the radiator and the front to help the V8 engine to cool, thanks to the generous air intakes, tailored to the body, which will provide ventilation and the brakes, but the transmission.

    More details regarding the performances are not known for the moment. The new Fiat 550, hot Lazzarini named the new car, is painted in blue Italian National flag football.

    The estimative price for the model is around 437.500 euros (550.000 U.S. dollars), which is quite much, for this kind of car. lazzarini-design-550-italia-img1-66.jpg lazzarini-design-550-italia-img2-99.jpg lazzarini-design-550-italia-img3-75.jpg lazzarini-design-550-italia-img4-93.jpg lazzarini-design-550-italia-img5-96.jpg lazzarini-design-550-italia-img6-55.jpg
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    Look at the tire. I am sure sachin will live with it instead of leaving it, if Fiat present it to him.
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    Some highlights from ET - Fiat eyes UV segment; Jeep, 500X models on radar for India - The Economic Times

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    Lets hope that this time Fiat puts its best foot forward. Even a company like Renault which hardly sells any cars has managed to pull in more than 6000 bookings within a week of Duster launch

    With the correct product portfolio and its own sales and service network, Fiat should also be able to create magic
  10. Latest Rendering and Details about the FIAT 500 X

    The 500 X looks more masculine and macho except for those below the bonnet Line. I was looking at the 2nd picture and was womdering did they develop this SUV from a Punto ? and when I read the content, Yes it says it is made from widened punto platform. This News is a Turbo boost to the Eagerness .



    Fiat family will grow soon with the addition of a fourth model called 500X, that will go against the MINI Countryman. The 500X, just as the 500L is based on the widened version of Punto hatchback’s platform and will be offered in both front-wheel and all-wheel drive configurations.

    Current 500 range has a strong female following and with the 500X, Fiat hopes to appeal also more to male buyers. Even though the 500X looks tougher and more masculine, it is easily recognisable as a 500, with similar styling, like headlamps and tail-lights.

    Engine line-up will include a range of diesel and petrol units. Entry level model will likely use the 93bhp 1.4-litre TwinAir petrol, while the flagship models could use the 104bhp 1.0-litre two-cylinder.

    Fiat 500X Concept is expected to debut next month at the Paris Motor Show. Production model is likely to be priced from £14,000 when it arrives sometimes in 2013.

    Source : gmotors.co.uk/news/fiat-500x-new-details-renderings
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