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Fiat Punto Facelift - EVO - Launched

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by kedarbendre, Feb 12, 2014.

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  1. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    New punto is smashing. thinking to exchange,but but i'm in love with my old punto :(


    Grande Punto 1.3
    I have been using KIWI Shoe polish since two years :D
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  3. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    SCOOP!! Presenting The New Punto : The Punto Evo . Exclusive Pics!

    Few Exclusive details -

    • The new Punto is EVO.
    • New color looks smashing.
    • New Alloy, the above pictures are of 90HP model.
    • Interiors are similar to new Linea, but in Sporty Black color.
    • Look closely, so many things will be on Avventura as well.
    • At the rear, new Punto gets new tail lamp assembly.
    • Front lamps are revamped (Projector would have been better :smile:).
    • Front Grill is totally changed.
    • Rear AC vents
    • 195/55/16 - Wheels size

    Here is a short report & my impressions after spending a lot of time with the car yesterday

    • If you like this car in the pictures you will love it in person. It is difficult to change the looks of something that is already so good looking but FIAT has managed this extremely well (just like they did with the Linea.) This car actually is a "Bold New Drive". It has a much stronger personality, an imposing presence but suave at the same time.
    • It is now shod with 195/55/16 alloys. Another segment first from FIAT.
    • The interiors are top notch. The all black finish is classy and has a nice soft touch. For those (like me) who don't like beige this is a welcome change. Thankfully the awful grey from the existing Punto is nowhere to be seen
    • The dashboard, central facia, USB port etc is all carried forward from the New Linea. No change there.
    • Ambient lighting looks classy. They have not overdone it. Just a nice line over the glove box
    • Rear AC vent is another segment first (Please correct me if I am wrong)
    • The spare wheel is not an alloy. It is a 195/60/15 profile steel wheel
    • The improvements in clutch are highly welcome. Those who drive cars from 2009-10 will find the clutch in a different league altogether.
    • The engine was noticeably more silent. The NVH has certainly been brought down. Maybe better components? The level of damping under the bonnet was the same.
    • The chrome inserts on the door handles remain the same as the ones on the existing 90 HP
    • The car featured in the pics here is the top end 90 HP Punto Evo. There will be some changes in the variants. Wait for the formal launch till they are announced. However for those who still like the look of the old Punto don't loose heart. It will probably stay in some form.
    • The P U N T O badge on the rear should have been below the FIAT logo. Would have looked good!
    • No indication on the pricing yet. But if you want a clue take it from the pricing of the New Linea vs the Old Linea ;)
    • The alloys look much better in person. And even if you don't like them here is a good news for you : there are going to be three different alloy designs to choose from.
    • The glove box has a smooth release mechanism. Again a welcome change! FIAT has finally managed to get the glove box right :D And yes : the glove box does have a light
    • No change in the cabin and boot space
    • No DRL's and no projectors

    I will be honest : I was trying hard to find faults with the car. But I could not come up with many. FIAT has managed to get things right with this product. I not only see new prospective buyers heading to the showrooms to check out / buy this car but even existing Punto owners who do no want to upgrade to a sedan are going to take a serious look at this car.

    Now only if FIAT manages to come up with a solid ad campaign and hires a good brand ambassador. They need to do what Honda has done with Kapil Sharma for the Mobilio. This car has what it takes to achieve sales figures. Now it's a matter of how FIAT goes about achieving them.









    punto evo 2014 ambient lighting.jpg

    punto evo 2014 rear fog lights.jpg

    punto evo 2014 tail lights.jpg

    punto evo 2014 orvm turn indicators.jpg

    punto evo 2014 rear ac vent.jpg

    punto evo 2014 spare tyre.jpg

    punto evo 2014 alloys.jpg
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  4. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
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  5. shashanknathani

    shashanknathani Superiore

    This is the 90hp variant. The normal emotion will have different alloys design and black-beige interiors
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  6. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Yes Shashank, looks we will have at-least couple of more options for Alloys.
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  7. shashanknathani

    shashanknathani Superiore

    Spotted few of them today. The red and white shades... they were equipped with different alloys and beige interiors like linea. Another point to note is that it does has the rear AC vent although the arm rest was missing above it. I spotted the emotion variant for sure. Happy to see the beauty in flesh.. it will look amazing in black.
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  8. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Whoever managed to get these pics, hats off to them :clappingThough in few pics i wish the watermark was embedded at the corner of a pic, but yes i understand the downside of it.
    Any info on the tyres ? The alloy isnt impressive as the current punto has :(
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  9. multijetter

    multijetter Regolare

    stylist Italian beauty but this time, with attitude.... :clap
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  10. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Its looks great. I would like to see this all black dashboard across all variants. If its beige like in Linea, I would prefer to get Black leather wrapped over it if possible.

    Lucky those who bought the current Punto alloys in the Fiat offers few months back. I would personally not like to retain these new Punto Evo alloys. Those Linea Active wheel caps (that look like TJET 16" alloys) with 15" steel rims look 20 times better than these alloys.

    Last time, our "exclusive" photos (sourced by TFI) were stolen by someone by simply cropping the images and removing the TFI watermark at the bottom and putting his/her own watermark in the center.
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