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Fiat Punto Active 1.3 vs Ritz VXI(ABS) - Booked Punto Dynamic 1.3

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by adi231189, Feb 10, 2013.

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  1. adi231189


    New Delhi

    Well before i even kick start my query, my sincere thanks to everybody on TFI. I have been following TFI for quite sometime quietly, since i have been long researching on buying my 1st car.

    Before i start , i would like to tell that i had plans of buying the Punto last year in september but i decided to skip the purchase due to some financial constraints.

    Now coming to my requirements

    My daily usage or say monthly usage - 800-1000 kms City (Delhi) (might stretch if it is a diesel :p)

    Mileage - Important (But here again the petrol vs diesel debate comes in and i think the 2 cars are very much within a price range were for me they may not make too much difference)

    Maintenance cost/service : Lower is always better, but atleast spares should be available (To be true i don't really worry that much, since i bought a Suzuki GS which made more sense to my heart than mind & still in love with it)

    Features: I think virtually same except ERVM or a few others like MID etc

    Cars shortlisted : 1) Ritz Vxi (ABS)

    2) Fiat Punto 1.3 Active :D

    Budget : Since i will be taking a loan partly, i think Under 6 will be great.(Will not like to stretch on the budget)

    I am 6'0 feet tall hence i shortlisted both these cars, Ritz will cost me somewhere around 5.3 lacs i suppose(not enquired yet) and Punto(after discount) should cost a bit more(but it will be under 6 after discount i suppose)

    I have driven Fiat punto about couple of months back when i was considering buying it, well truly underrated car. It has best handling, gorgeous looking eyes a decent enough comfort(Rear Passengers)

    Now coming to my main dilemma, Should i go for Punto Active?...it doesnt have ABS and dynamic will be costing me i think almost 70k more way over my budget.

    While Ritz is a nice car....i really don't like its looks & also my heart says Punto but since i will taking a loan even though the difference might be 50k i think, should i go for the Active Variant (Diesel)?

    I mean in terms of features Active doesn't have Defogger, wipers(rear), ERVM etc....but except ABS can i install atleast some of these after i have purchased the car?

    Moderators, my real apologies if i have made a lengthy post
  2. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    May be slightly OT, yea ritz rear looks like horribly sliced/chopped ass :p
  3. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    adi, there should not be any comparison with Ritz Petrol vs Punto Diesel.
    Drive close to 1000, does justify the diesel.

    Do check the Punto Dynamic, compare the prices with discounts etc. Active model also is good option.
  4. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Really, the Punto is the better car. And i'm not saying that because we're a FIAT forum. Ritz is just not Punto's competitor in any measure. Jazz, i20 etc are the ones competing against it.

    Thoroughly compare both Active and Dynamic , even if your budget doesn't allow. So that you can have a fair idea of what the Dynamic is offering over and above the Active.

    I like the barebones Active model too. Has all the usual bells and whistles including central locking. Since last year it's been coming with factory fitted ICE so no need to get an outside fitment. Check out FIAT's website too.

  5. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    Since your taking a loan 50k is not going to hurt you much at all when you calculate in terms of EMIs.
    My only suggestion is Dont think of the 50k hike but think of what you will get for just a few thousands more (over EMIs) ...

    The reason why i'm telling you is when i bought my car I had the same notion and didn't want to spend extra money and buy the Emotion + variant so decided to buy the Emotion variant (now its called Dynamic) ..
    And all through my 3 years of ownership i have felt bad about my decision and tell my self, if only i was ready to pay that 50k more ...

    So think about it in terms of EMI and make the decision.
  6. mayank

    mayank Amatore

    Chandigarh, India, India
    @adi:- talking about features :D i dropped the idea of buying a petrol punto emotion and went on to buy multijet active variant...and except fog lamps(which i later got installed from TASS although through hardwork) i never felt anything missing in my gp...and what i believe is that as long as you are not going above 110km/hrs speed abs/ebd doesn't really make a "must have" necessity..in the end whatever decision you make..i would suggest you to opt for which one you like the most..because none of them is gonna make you regret..but ya if you buy a punto...you may never turn your head when a ritz will pass by..infact very much chance is that the ritz guy will be turning his head to have a glimpse on your punto :D
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  7. adi231189


    New Delhi
    @everyone ...really thanks for such quick replies...my heart is set on Punto, and i asked Fiat Caffe for a quote and it was as follows:

    Active Variant

    On Road Price
    (White or Red) 5,91,000 (2012 model)
    (Silver) 5,98,000 (2012)
    (Blue) (I really love this color) 6,05,000 (2012 model)

    The dealer says Red, white and silver are in physical stock hence they are cheaper and Blue is not with him and will be ordered from the Factory (Should i believe him, since he says the model will also be 2012) does fiat factory still make 2012 model?

    Also below is the bifurcation properly

    Ex showroom -5,73,000
    Loading charges - 3500 (what are these no idea)
    Extended warranty - 5100
    Tax 37000
    Discount 16000 (2012)
    Insurance + RSA

    Should i really pay almost 10k-13k premium for the blue color that too (2012 model), also 2013 model blue is costing 6,24,000 on road
  8. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    If you are fallen for Blue, then let it be Blue, as i remember once it was discontinued and more n more enquirers were floating towards the Blue color, as of now the Medium Grey color is also stopped.

    Congrats once again..
  9. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Adi as people said Punto and Ritz should be matched that too Petrol vs diesel.

    Looking at your budget you should opt for a diesel car. 50k extra than the diesel Ritz is a negligible amount you will be getting a diesel car that too Punto :up.

    As you are going for 2012 model then I will suggest you to check with other dealers in your city and bargain a lot,may be you will get better deal than this one.
  10. adi231189


    New Delhi
    @kedar thanks buddy, yes currently trying to get in touch with few other dealers, since even i feel the price quoted by Fiat Caffe is a bit steep. Just a quick question, what kind of maintenance cost i will be looking at? since this will be my first car.

    Also there are few things that i would like to know, the active doesn't have rear power windows, can we install them from the dealer? Also what about silver grill and body colored ORVM ..how much will these cost me extra?

    If anyone can tell me what accessories that i can install first hand if i book the vehicle will be great. Since if i get a good deal will book it by next week :D
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